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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 457: Get Lost Bahasa Indonesia


Yeah… Things did not end that simply after all.

I thought they had given up since a week went by without anything happening.

But now, every other day a new group of people would show up at our door asking or demanding for the ‘Miracle Cure’ from me.

Since most of the prominent members of Heaven Sect have yet to return from Dong, there wasn’t anyone else around who could deal with these people to stop them from harassing me.

Of course, there’s my disciples, but after having to go through that war, I wanted them to focus solely on their training to help them forget about it.

Though it’s kind of scary now considering they are already literal powerhouses.

And since Sophia’s methods didn’t work, I told her to refrain from interacting with them in case she makes it worse than it already is.

And so, for the sixth time this week, there was another group of men standing at the gates to Heaven Sect.

“I don’t know what you’re selling but we ain’t buying anything,” I called out before shutting the gates close.

They started knocking on the door again.

Damnit, the last time I tried to pretend I wasn’t home they tried to climb over the walls to get in.

Maybe I should set up some trap inscriptions around here after all.

Hmm… But if an innocent came along, they might trigger it as well… Not a good idea after all…

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

I threw open the doors to the Sect, letting my irritation show on my face, “What?!”

“Bloody bastard, who do you think you are to make Lord Mu Gou wait outside for you?! Damn commoner!” A big, muscled man roared, gesturing to a fat man dressed in gaudy robes while flanked by other similarly big and muscled, men.

I narrowed my eyes him, “No. Who the hell do you think you are coming to our Sect and disturbing the peace? You’ve never been beaten to death before?”

“You dare?!”

“I dare, what are you going to do about it?”

“Grrr! You bastard! I’ll cut you down right this instance!”

“Yeah, sure,” I scoffed before slamming the door shut again.

There was another loud bang of him kicking the door followed by a crack of the wood splintering.

I threw open the door again, “Bastard! You dare come here and destroy our property?! Pay for the damages!”

This time it was the fat guy who stepped forward to speak to me, “We’re not here to speak to you, servant boy. Do you know who is the one in your Sect that can make Miracle Cures?”

“Of course I know him, he’s me. Now pay up for the damned damages or I’ll break your face in.”

“Ho ho! How daring of you to impersonate your Master. Now step aside and let us go meet him, boy.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “You’re a really special breed of stupid aren’t you? What makes you think you can just go to other people’s homes and act like you own the place?”

“I am Lord Mu Gou, the Head of the Third Greatest Merchant House of Sun. My fortune is worth more than what your ten generations of family could earn, servant boy.”

I stretched out my palm, “Good, that means you can pay for the door. Pay up and get lost.”

“Have you gone deaf, boy? My wealth can literally move mountains.”

“Yeah, so can my middle finger and thumb, big deal. Pay up now before I start shaking some people down. And by that, I mean you.”

All of them started laughing.

The muscled man stepped forward again, “Oh how scary~ What are you going to do, little man?”

I reached into my sleeve and pulled out a pair of chopsticks, “I’ll break your fingers, then smash your face in.”

“With a pair of chopsticks? Ahahahaha! You’re really funny!” He laughed out loud before unsheathing the sword on his waist. “Step aside, this is your final warning.”

I levelled my gaze at him, “Pay up for the front door and scram, this is your final warning.”

He moved to slash his sword at me.

I ducked underneath the swing, the chopsticks in my hand flying out to grab his left pinky finger.

With a flick of my wrist, the loud sound of a bone cracking could be heard.

Not done yet, I moved the chopsticks to the next finger beside his pinky and broke it too.

“Arrrgghhhh!!” He screamed, dropping his sword and clutching at the hand with the broken fingers.

Not giving him time to finish his scream, I reached forward and broke the rest of his fingers in quick succession before storing my chopsticks back in my sleeve.

Reaching forward with both hands, I grabbed him by the sides of his head and pulled him down to smash his face against my knee.

Once, twice, thrice, four times his face met my knee before I let him crash backwards onto the floor in an unconscious heap, his face completely smashed in.

I looked down and grimaced, “Damn, got his blood on me… This is going to be a pain to wash off…”

“Youngster you dare!” The fat lord roared at me.

“Huh, been a while since I heard that phrase,” I mused. “I dare, so what are you gonna do?”

He furrowed his brows at me, “So you think just because you know a few moves you’re good… Wu Bai!”

A person wearing the robes of a Master Practitioner appeared from behind him, “You called?”

“Heh heh! I got a Master Practitioner on my side! Do you think you’re big now? Wu Bai! Get rid of this nobody!”

The Wu Bai fellow mumbled something about having to work for his pay when his eyes met mine, the fellow stopping in his tracks immediately.

“Ma… Master Lin?”

I raised an eyebrow, “Oh, so you do know me? Let me guess, you’re a Beiyang resident and they came to your Sect to hire you but never told you what for?”

“I… I… That… That is correct… Master Lin… They merely told me I was to escort them… To help them retrieve something…”

“Really? You don’t even know Heaven Sect is here?”

“I… I’ve never been here personally before… Master Lin…”

I shrugged, “Fair enough, step aside then.”

He immediately stepped aside, distancing himself from the group as far away as he could.

The fat lord was now thoroughly confused, “Hey! I paid you money you know?! Why are you not dealing with him?!”

Wu Bai scowled, “Damned tourists… Do you even understand you’re talking to the strongest Practitioner in our entire Earthen Plane? That giant hole in the Death Mountains was made by Master Lin, do you even know that? Whatever this Miracle Cure is that you’re looking for, he is the most likely one to have it! He took on a hundred Elders and Masters without anyone managing to land a strike on him, I’d recommend you to be careful of what you say.”

The lord turned back to me, fear now evident in his eyes.

I merely reached my palm forward, “Payment for the door, the dry cleaning of my robes and for wasting my time. That should add up to a grand total of… Everything you guys have on you. You’re also no longer welcome here so don’t even think about asking for it before I make sure you’re the last generation of your family.”

The fat guy suddenly tried to act nice, rubbing his hands together, “Haha… Master Lin… That was all a joke you know… Maybe we can talk abou–“

I reached behind and tore the door off its hinges, lifting the thing that was easily three times my height with one hand.

“I think you didn’t hear me,” I whispered, though still loud enough for him to hear. “And look what you did, the entire door’s broken now. You’re going to have to pay for that too. I’ll take all the money you and your little posse have now plus the clothes you’re wearing. You might want to hurry, this door might fall on top of you.”

“Hiiiiieee!! Yes! Yes! I’ll pay! I’ll pay!”

He hurriedly dug out a pouch full of gold to hand over to me.

I jerked my chin at the ground in front of me, still holding the door above my shoulder.

The lord tossed the pouch on the ground where I had gestured to.

I frowned at him, “Is that any way to treat money? Pick that up.”

He obeyed.

“Now put it back carefully you barbarian.”

He placed the bag back down slowly.

“Your guards too. Leave your clothes beside the money pouches. Someone strip the unconscious idiot as well. Also, you guys better be cleaning up the bloodstains on the road.”

“Ma… Master Lin… Is it necessary for the clothes to–“

I glared at him, “Did. I. Stutter?”

“No! No! We’ll do it! We’ll do it! Quickly! Quickly!”

I watched these pathetic idiots drop their money pouches in one pile before proceeding to strip themselves to put their clothes in another pile.

A few of them tried their best to rub the bloodstains off the ground with their arms, making sure all traces of it were gone.

Once they were done, I dropped the door on the ground before burning the clothes and storing the money in my storage ring.

“Now you guys have five seconds to fuck off before I do what I did to your clothes to you. Five, four…”

In two seconds flat, they picked up their unconscious friend and scrambled away out of sight.

I snapped my fingers and the door was restored back in its place without a scratch, the bloodstains had also cleaned itself up too.

“Wu Bai, was it?” I called out to the only person left.

“Ye… Yes, Master Lin… Wu Bai of Spirit Water Sect…”

“You fuck off too.”

He didn’t need me to repeat myself before he flew away.

I sighed, this is really taking a toll on my mental health. At least I have Xun Guan here to massage my shoulders for me.

Now, back to my courtyard to drink Manami’s tea~


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