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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 413: Breaking The News Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

“Well, it’s a request by the Queen, so guess I’m going there.”

“A… Alone, Master?” I asked, a little baffled by the sudden news.

Master nodded, “I will be going as an emissary of our country and not as Master Lin, so yes, I will be going alone.”

“Eh? Wouldn’t Master need an escort? As a former resident from Dong, I can be your escort! Let me go with you!” Diao Chan volunteered enthusiastically.

“Ehhh?! No fair! I can be Master’s escort too! Let me go!” Eris protested.

Elaria pouted, “Booo! Of course Onii-sama will take his most adorable imouto along, right?”

“Ara, ara? Considering everything, I would be the best escort for Master no? Master can rest his weary self on my tails during the journey there~” Manami giggled, waving her tails around.

Master raised His hand, “Ok, ok. I know you’re all excited but I unfortunately have to go alone this time. That means no escorts either.”

All of our faces fell disappointedly, “Ehhhhhh…”

“Oh come now, I’ll probably only be away for a few days. Would you girls really miss me that much?”

I clung to Master’s arm, “Of course Master! Without Master around… It’s like my entire being loses the meaning of existence!”

Oh? Ehehehe~ Master’s patting my head~

Mmmm~~ After almost two weeks of us abstaining… Any affection from Master is just so, so , so intoxicating…

“It’ll be fine, Lian Li. I’ll only be gone for a bit. Can you all wait until then?”

Uguu… Not fair Master… When you make a face like that, how can any of us say no? It’s taking everything I have not to push you down again, you know?

Kiyomi tapped her chin thoughtfully, “Mmm… Master is going to the enemy’s territory alone… If Master requires our help, please do not hesitate to call for us.”

“Yes, the most important thing is that Master takes care of your own health,” Brendan agreed, pulling out a few bottles from his storage ring. “It may not be much and Master might not need them, but I made a few stamina and regeneration pills.”

Cai Hong hugged Master’s leg, “Papa come back fast?”

Master chuckled while patting Cai Hong’s head, “You all make it sound like I’m going to leave today, I’m not you know? I’m probably only going to leave the next week or so once everything is prepared.”

“Ohhhh~~” All of us sighed in relief.

Master gave all of us a head pat each before stepping back, “Alright, you guys can go back to what you’re doing, I need to inform Sect Master Qing about it too. Don’t wait for me.”

“Yes, Master.”

All of us bowed as Master left the courtyard, leaving us to our own thoughts.

I looked behind me, “Mmm… Manami?”

My fox sister nodded, already trying to contact Guiying through telepathy.

“Should we send some people to follow Master?” Eris suggested.

“If Master finds out… It might be quite troublesome… Especially since we’ll be moving in unknown territory,” I pointed out.

Elaria frowned, “Would Onii-sama not even take a servant?”

“Judging from Master’s attitude, it seems He really intends to go alone,” Brendan commented, keeping the pills that he had brought out back into his storage ring. “I don’t think we can convince Him to take even Sophia.”

I hummed, “Mmmm… Besides, they’re still undergoing the teachings, so it wouldn’t do to send them yet.”

After Master had rooted out the assassin, we had started working on introducing our servants to Master’s glory almost immediately, introducing them to Master’s true divinity.

All of them took the teachings to heart and quickly accepted the gospel of Master. It was not that difficult since we were already quite acquainted with one another.

Although… Sophia was the only one who refused it, stating that she would be loyal to Master in her own way and such things were unnecessary for her.

Seeing as how Master trusted her and how she had helped us come out of our own slump, we decided to let her be.

“Ah, Guiying. Yes, it’s me. I assume you know why I’m calling you?” Manami called out suddenly.

She raised her hand and gestured to us, extending her telepathy Technique to all of us as well.

Guiying chuckled, “Ah ha, I suppose our darling Master has already told you about his upcoming trip?”

Manami raised an eyebrow at me, an indication that I should take charge.

“We just want to know why we weren’t informed of this beforehand?” I asked.

“Oh, sorry, sister Lian Li. But I wanted to confirm with Master first before telling you. It would be a waste of everyone’s time if Master was not ok with it.”

“Hmm… Still, a heads up would have been nice.”

She sighed, “You are right, I deeply apologize for that.”

“What’s this about Master going alone though?”

“Oh! That was Master’s idea. He said it would be better if he handled it by himself and that there’s no need to trouble anyone of you for such a small matter.”

Ah Master, you truly are too good for us.

Although… If I hadn’t known that Guiying was just as smitten about Master as much as we were, I would have suspected her to be plotting something against Master. But we can know that even as Queen, she would sacrifice this country for Master if she had to without a moment’s hesitation.

She has been working hard on purging all these dirt stains from Master’s land, after all.

“Oh! Dear sisters, there’s something I need to tell you as well,” Guiying added on. “Do not, under any circumstances, send anyone to follow Master across the border. They could implicate matters there and make it harder for Master to negotiate.”

Diao Chan clapped her hands together, “Ah… They might see it as an attempted assassination, is that it?”

“Teehee~ Sister Diao Chan does know her stuff!” Guiying giggled. “If we inconvenience Master any more than this, I wouldn’t know how to begin apologizing to Master.”

All of us shivered involuntarily.

“In that case there’s no problem then,” I decided. “How are things on your side?”

“Oh, everything is fine. All those heretical Houses have been ousted and taken care of. We won’t be needing those non believers for Master’s perfect world.”

“Ara, ara~ Guiying is working hard indeed. Is there anything your big sisters can do for you?”

“Teehee~ If… If sisters could erm… Send me some of Master’s clothes or pictures… This Guiying would be very satisfied.”

“Ufufufu~ That can be arranged~ I’ll be seeing you.”

“Ehehe~ All for Master~~”

“All for Master.”

Manami cut the call after that.

I sighed, “Mmm… Seems like we’ll just have to be Master’s good disciples and await His return.”

Cai hong pumped her fist, “Muuu… Cai Hong will play with Papa lots! Then wait for Papa come back!”

“Cai Hong is right,” Diao Chan giggled while patting her head, “Let’s make the most out of the time now before Master departs. Then we can take the chance to inspect the others while Master is gone.”

Yes, a good plan indeed. I just hope that we can at least sleep with Master before He has to go…


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