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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 405: Breaking The Slime Bahasa Indonesia


It took me about an hour.

Just about an hour later before she finally cracked.

“Please… No more…” Zhiyang cried. “Enough… I’ll talk… I’ll talk…”

I stepped away from her, lifting the feather I had been using to tickle her away from her body.

What? You thought I was using pain as torture? Well, there’s that as the alternative if this fails but..

Do you know how annoying the cleanup for that is? Not to mention the fact that having them in a half-conscious state of pain doesn’t really help their thinking process either. So unless necessary, I wouldn’t really resort to it.

Therefore, tickle torture to start first.

Oh, in case you are wondering, yes, I kept Shizuri around since she’s actually quite useful. I did not use the tickle torture on her since it wouldn’t be as effective on an undead. So she’s different.

I did however, manage to break her fixation on gutting me for blood so she’s at least a little bit less crazy now.

How? Oh that… Well… I suppose all I can say is that being constantly killed and revived over and over again does some weird things to people, especially when death isn’t a means of escape anymore.

Then again… Maybe it’s chaining her to a pillar and sending her to a nightmare dimension the reason for her change in character.

Or maybe giving her a little bit of my blood every now and then made her more compliant?

Or was the power draining thing I did on her draining her mental capacity too? No, that can’t be it. With how much I did that, she would’ve turned into a vegetable if that was the case.

Oh whatever, I don’t really care about the details.

Well, at least Zhiyang’s feeling cooperative now.

I gestured at the slime girl, “So, go on. I ain’t got all day.”

She took some time to regain her breath before glaring at me, “What do you want to know?”

“Let’s start with why you’re trying to kill Elder Feng and I? I mean, I can understand trying to kill me, but how does killing Elder Feng help?”

She chuckled, “The original target has always been you. But since Heaven Sect was going to merge with Phoenix Sect, having the former Sect Master assassinated would create a rift between the two Sects’ members, ensuring that they won’t be united for decades to come.”

“Hmmm… I could debate with you on that. But well, let’s move on then. Who sent you?”

She pursed her lips shut.

I reached for the feather again.

“Wait! Wait! I… I can’t say… I… I was cursed not to reveal it in any circumstances. I can’t even say it if I want to… I’m telling the truth!”

Oh? Interesting. To go so far as to curse their own people just to protect themselves. Can’t say that I didn’t expect this.

“Hmmm… Must be one nasty employer if they didn’t even trust you to complete the job. I’m just going to guess you had no choice in this matter?”

Again she kept her mouth shut.

I reached for the feather once more.

“No! No! Please! It’s the same!”

I raised my eyebrow at her, “Your employer would really keep you quiet about your own circumstances?”

“To prevent any captors from helping me out of pity, of course.”

“Hey, Darling… Why are you even bothering with her… Can we play yet? Hey, hey, I wanna play~~”

I shoved her away, sending her sprawling on the floor.

“Ahnnn~ I like it when you’re rough~ Maybe you can send me back to the play room again? Hey, hey, Darliiiiiing~~ Play with me~~”

Did I say that Shizuri’s fine now? Sorry, I meant she still has quite a few screws loose somewhere in that head of hers.

By the way, the ‘playroom’ is actually a torture cell I had used to keep draining her back then. She’s honestly worse than Diao Chan and I will admit I learnt most of what I did to Diao Chan from experimenting with this crazy girl.

Also, no reason for me to be kind to Shizuri either, considering our history.

“Go back to your room and maybe I will consider it later.”

“Ehehehe~ Oh but I want to play now, Da-ar-liiing~ Should I just cut of this girl’s head for you?”

I shuddered, sometimes I wonder if the current her is even more insufferable than before. Then again, she does have her uses…

I stabbed my hand into her abdomen, draining her until her body became a dried husk before pulling it out. In my hand was a very familiar Monster Crystal that I immediately put into my storage ring.

I could see that Shizuri had a smile on her face before she faded into dust to reform later on. I anchored her to a chain in the torture room where she will always reform there and she will need to spend time to break out of it if she wishes to be free.

Zhiyang stared at me with open mouthed shock, her mind still trying to comprehend what exactly happened.

I looked at the space where Shizuri had been before turning back to her, “Sorry, did that overturn your expectations of me?”

She nodded her head slowly.

“That’s good, because now I can tell you that I am tired of your bullshit. You? Cursed? Do you really think I can’t sense curses? The only reason why I haven’t yet ripped that information out of you is because you’ll most likely end up as a vegetable after I’m done with you and I’m giving you the chance of the alternative.”

Leaning forward, I steepled my fingers in front of me, “I suggest you start telling me the truth, or I may resort to… Alternative methods of torture.”

She gritted her teeth, “Kill me then. You will get nothing out of me.”

I picked up the feather, watching her flinch the moment I held it up into the air before burning it into cinders.

“Some people say that I am too kind,” I sighed. “And I can see why they see me that way. But truthfully, the real reason is that I just can’t be bothered most of the time. Life is tiring enough for me, no reason to take it any more seriously than I have to.”

I leaned forward, “But if there’s one thing that can make me go serious… It’s when my disciples are involved. If my disciples were actually hurt after your stupid stunt… You and I wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

She gulped, “What… What are you planning to do with me?”

I ignored her question, “I will give you one last chance to give me the answer I want. Or else what happens next… Well, let’s just say that even I wouldn’t know how you will end up after experiencing it. You might just end up as a completely different person.”

I leaned back again to give her space, stretching my arms to the sides to emphasize my point, “So… What will it be?”

She took a moment to look at me, took a deep breath and said, “Do your worst.”

I snorted, “Very well then.”

My body glowed white and I grabbed her by the throat, the entire room darkened into blackness and stars winked into existence all around us.

This will be an interesting experience for both her and I.


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