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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 404: The Master’s Secret Pastime Bahasa Indonesia


I teleported myself back to Heaven Sect, appearing right outside of the courtyard where Elder Feng was staying at.

“Oh, good morning Divine One. Are your girls fine?” Shiori greeted me, waiting right at the entrance. Her tail started wagging when she saw me and I had to refrain myself from fluffing her.

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Huh… I thought I sensed two foxes last night. Were the two of you watching?”

“Naturally. Though I highly doubt anything could wound you, your safety is still our top most priority, Divine One. Had your disciples tried to kill you, we would have extracted you from that location.”

Right… So two foxes were watching my small orgy last night. Good to know.

I have a feeling Sophia was there as well though I could be wrong. I believe my face was in between Manami’s and Diao Chan’s bosoms during that time so that might be what I had been sensing.

“So I take it you and Akari had been tracking the assassin?”

“That is correct, Divine One. As you had surmised, she had gone straight for Elder Feng the moment she left us.”

“Ah… Is he dead?”

Shiori shook her small head, “Nay, your inscription worked perfectly. She got trapped in it splendidly the moment she stepped into the courtyard.”

“Oh… And you’re staying out here because?”

“It seems like Divine One did not mark us as an exception to the inscription. Akari was caught up in the trap without Divine One around to neutralise it.”

“Oh… Yeah… Forgot about that, sorry.”

“No fault of yours, Divine One, it would be prudent of you to be safe than sorry.”

I chuckled, “Mmm… Well, I better go rescue her then. Shall we?”

Shiori hopped onto my shoulder and curled her tail around my neck, making purring sounds as I gave her a head pat.

I stepped past the doorway to the courtyard, finding a very curious phoenix poking at what looked like two blue bubbles floating in the middle of said courtyard.

The phoenix stopped what it was doing and came to nuzzle me the moment it saw me, stopping only when I scratched its chin. I gave it a bowl of bird seeds and it happily started gorging itself on them, giving me space to turn my attention to the courtyard.

Floating in one of the two bubbles was a dejected looking fox that was whining sadly.

“Hello, sister,” Shiori purred, enjoying the sight in front of her. “Having fun?”

“M-m-m-Masteeeeeer! Help meeeeee!” Akari cried, wriggling helplessly within the bubble.

I waved my hand over the bubble and it popped open, releasing the red fox from her confines.

Akari immediately hopped over to me and climbed up my shoulder, mewling excitedly as she snuggled to my neck.

“Masteeeer… Why is your trap so scaryyyy…”

Scary? Well… I suppose having a trap sprung on you would be scary even if it’s just suspending them in a bubble.

I patted her head to soothe her before turning my attention to the other bubble.

“So… Zhiyang, I believe?”

The girl inside the bubble smirked at me, “I see you made it out of that trap, Master Lin. I never thought you would willingly sacrifice your disciples’ lives like that. Aren’t they supposed to be your precious disciples?”

I smiled at her, “Well, as good as your acting was, your information gathering skills needs work. My cute disciples’ deepest desire was never to surpass me. All I needed to do was let them fulfill their desires and they were fine.”

Her eyes widened at me, “Im… Impossible! Over these weeks they kept saying how they wanted to be on top of you! Diao Chan was also afraid that you would punish her if you ever found out her desires! Even if the others did not, she must have been wanting to at least surpass you!”

Oh… Well… where do I even start to explain to her?

Diao Chan really did climb on top of me last night, except she did it while being tied in some sort of elaborate bondage wear that she pulled out of god knows where.

Of course, I did my part and punished her for it, since that’s what she wanted anyway.

Hmm? You’re wondering how I could just shrug off last night’s events like nothing?

Well, honestly speaking, it’s not the worst thing I had experienced and since it’s kind of consensual, it’s really not a big deal. Plus the fact that I could help fulfill my disciples’ deepest desire is a big plus so I saw it as an absolute win.

To answer her question, I simply shrugged, “Beats me. I think you simply misunderstood her words.”

“Misunder– What do you mean misunderstood? They are your disciples aren’t they?! How could any disciple not aspire to become as great as their teacher?! Especially yours?!”

“You could say we are the less conventional kind of Master and student, especially because I am who I am.”

“Tch… So not only did I fall into your trap, I also have nothing to show for it after all this time?”

“Pretty much.”

“In that case, kill me. I know you are after information and I won’t give it to you.”

I snapped my fingers and her bubble popped, dropping her down on the ground.

Her bottom half morphed into a gelatinous state before reverting back into what looked to be human flesh.

“We can do this the easy way, or the hard way,” I offered her. “You will not like the hard way, I assure you.”

She smirked at me, “Do your worst. I am prepared.”

“Master, won’t she just kill herself?” Akari pointed out a little worriedly.

I shook my head, “That trap she fell into? It included a failsafe inscription that prevents any action of suicide. So without me lifting it, she isn’t able to do that.”

“Oohh~ Master is really amazing~”

“Well, could I trouble you two to watch over Elder Feng again while I deal with her? Just in case there’s something else lying in wait?”

“Of course Master!”

“It will be done, Divine One.”

The two foxes hopped off my shoulders to allow me to approach Zhiyang.

“Right, let’s take a walk, shall we?”

I grabbed her shoulder and teleported us away from the courtyard and into a cavern of sorts. The cavern had an opening that led deeper into another cave where metal chains and various other torture tools could be seen hanging on the walls and ceiling.

Releasing my hold on her, I gestured towards the torture devices, “You know… I can always just rip the information I want straight out of your mind. But I am no barbarian, I would prefer that you actually give me the information I want willingly.”

She scoffed, “Then good luck with that.”

“Oh, I don’t need luck. Follow me,” I walked towards the opening, not looking back.

The sound of her footsteps was clue enough that she had chosen to follow me, not like she had any choice since there’s no other visible paths.

“One final chance,” I offered, stopping just right in front of the entrance. “Tell me who sent you and why, then I might let you go free.”

She kept her lips closed.

“Very well then…”

I crossed the threshold and into the cavern, looking to my right to see the only other person that existed in this cavern.

“Hello Shizuri. I hope you’ve been well.”

“Ah?! Darling! You’ve retuuurned!! Are we going to play again? I missed our play time!” The undead fox youkai greeted back excitedly, though she couldn’t approach me from where she was chained up to the wall.

Oh yes, I still kept this bitch of a fox around, I wasn’t going to let her go that easily.

After all, she did make my cute disciples suffer.

Now Zhiyang might suffer the same fate as she did.

No one. No one makes my disciples afraid or sad, much less hurt them. Not with me around.

Anyone that does will regret the day they were born.


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