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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 397: Gathering Materials, Lian Li And Eris Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

Master’s first order for us was to set up a shelter big enough to shelter both ourselves and our servants each.

With the exception of not being able to use our storage rings, Master said that we could use anything that we can find in the forest and our Techniques could be used too as long as it’s only for gathering materials.

In addition, our servants could help us but they could not decide for us what to do since this is a test for our survival sense, not theirs.

In Master’s words, “Sometimes you’ll find yourself taking care of someone with no food, water or anything else on your back except the clothes you wear. You’ll be stuck out in the wild where the closest area of civilization is months away and you just need to survive.”

It sounded like Master was speaking from experience, though I do not recall Master experiencing this any time in His life. Maybe it was when he left the Lyndulf Family when He was younger?

Brooding thoughts aside, I still need to get my shelter up, which shouldn’t be too hard since I’ve made things like these back in my slum squatting days. I remember building a crude shelter clobbered together using planks from old crates and half torn down houses, then having to fend off other slum squatters from claiming my shelter after it was done.

Of course, that poor workmanship wouldn’t be presentable to Master in this case, but I have access to better materials now anyway. I’ll definitely make a better one this time!

“What is our plan, Mistress Lian Li?” Keqing asked, looking at me with eyes of interest.

I can tell that it was her first time camping outdoors from her body language. Maybe she hasn’t even left her Sect ever since she joined it, unlike us where Master has brought us around for our training journeys on multiple occasions already.

“Like Master had said, the first thing we need is shelter. We have plenty of wood all around us, but we can just use that fallen tree over there,” I decided, pointing at a tree that looked to be the casualty of a monster’s rampage.

Keqing frowned at the fallen tree, “Are we going to lug back the entire tree to use as shelter?”

I chuckled at the idea, “No, we’re going to cut it up first of course. I need you to use your sword Techniques to cut this tree up. Specifically, cut here, here and here.”

She tilted her head at me before summoning an ethereal sword above her palm, “I never thought my Heavenly Sword Techniques would one day be used to chop trees.”

“There’s a first time for everything. Now, chop chop. We don’t have all day. We can keep the leaves and branches for kindling for our fire too.”

“Mistress Lian Li seems to be quite experienced,” She noted, using her ethereal sword to cut the tree at where I had indicated.

“Mmm… This isn’t my first time camping outdoors if you must know. I have encountered situations where I had to camp outside under less favourable circumstances before.”

“Oh… I see…” Keqing nodded, tactfully avoiding asking for more details. “Is this tree enough for the two of us?”

I looked down at the tree that stretched for at least several hundreds of metres, “This is more than enough. We’re not trying to build a house, just a temporary shelter using the wood as the frame and leaves as the cover. The main thing is to make it inconspicuous so that monsters don’t find your shelter easily, unless you intend to stay up all night to keep watch?”

“Oh… Does that mean we’ll be sitting on the… Erm… The mud?”

I smirked at her, “Is that too much for the young mistress?”

“Eh?! No! I umm… No… I’m fine, Mistress Lian Li.”

“You can cut a plank of wood as a floorboard,” I assured her. “So no need to be that worried.”

“Ah, I umm… I’m fine, Mistress Lian Li.”

“Mmm… Well, that’s good to hear. Now come on, your sword stopped, we still need to carry all this back to camp and we haven’t secured food and water yet.”

“Ah. Yes Mistress Lian Li.”

Hehe, who would have thought my days surviving in the wilds would come in handy like this? I’m sure I’ll be able to impress even Master with my skills!


(Eris POV)

Simplicity… Is Best… [Laverna]

Naaaah, if we wanna wow Master we gotta make the biggest, baddest thing we damn well can. We’re gunna build a mansion! [Bait]

Those in favour of scrapping that idea, say aye. [Eris]

Aye. [Denna]

Aye… [Laverna]

You guys are absolutely no fun! [Bait]

It’s not a matter of fun here, it’s about practicality. [Eris]

Bah! If ya guys ain’t gonna live a little, how ya gonna expect ta impress Master? [Bait]

This one humbly thinks that fulfilling the task is enough to impress Master. [Denna]

Psh! Whatever ya say. Don’t come crying ta me when Master overlooks ours. [Bait]

Come now, this isn’t the first shelter we had to build, so we already have an edge. [Eris]

Bandit days… [Laverna]

Man… Don’t remind me about dat. Stupid bandits threw us outside an’ we ‘ad to do our own shit. Fuck ’em. [Bait]

At least we have Master now. [Eris]

“Mistress Eris? Is something the matter?” Lydia asked, concern clear on her face.

I suppose it must look weird for myself to space out in the middle of gathering firewood.

“I’m fine, just thinking about how to build our shelter later,” I assured her.

“I see. I’m afraid Master Lin had clearly told us we would leave the decision making to you, otherwise I might have been able to help somewhat.”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Oh? You have experience?”

She nodded, “One of our tests to increase our standing within the Sect was to survive out in the wilds with just our sword and shield for a period of time. It sharpened our skills and made us more attuned to our weapons.”

I told ya this girl’s a sword freak! Bet she sleeps with them too! [Bait]

Quiet… [Laverna]

“I see. That seems like an interesting test to be put through,” I commented offhandedly.

“It is. Only the strongest would be able to go through it without breaking.”

“Well, putting that aside for now, I’ve got the things we need, just need to get everything back to the camp.”

We looked at the gathered timber and leaves that would be used for our shelter. There definitely wasn’t enough to build a mansion for sure but it should be enough to make a decent sized shelter for the two of us, assuming we are willing to squeeze together.

“I suppose this should be enough for now, shall we return before it gets dark?” Lydia suggested, hefting the timber over her shoulders.

“You alright with carrying that?”

She scoffed, “Such a burden is easy for me to carry, Mistress Eris. I have borne worse burdens than this.”

I shrugged and picked up the rest of it, confident that our group would be the one to impress Master the most.

Hey, ya think maybe if we made a big enough one, Master would sleep with us tonight? [Bait]

I paused.

My initial plan of building a small, practical shelter was suddenly derailed with that suggestion.

“Lydia… New plan. We need more materials now!”


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