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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 385: Tea And Fluff Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)

“Ufufu~ Once the water is boiled, you would first wash the tea leaves first,” I explained, cutting off the Fire Technique I had been using before pouring the kettle out.

Elizabeth watched me attentively, committing everything I was showing her to memory.

I filled the tea bowl up to the brim, soaking the tea leaves that I had prepared beforehand.

These leaves were specifically grown by me back in my home village. I had taken them with me and grown my own batch after I had followed my beloved Master.

It was extremely lucky for me that Master actually liked the tea, or else I might have needed to cultivate a completely new batch to suit His tastes.

Master does not know this but the tea prepared with these leaves possess a slight aphrodisiac effect. It was not potent enough to make Master addicted to sexual activities of course, but just enough that our advances on Him would never be denied after he had some of it.

Oh, how I loved to take advantage of that fact after Master had drank the tea, He never seemed to care when my hands would roam around Him in the most sacred of places while He enjoys my tea~

Of course, I always take into account the time and place to do such things, I am no harlot.

Now, with the tea leaves properly soaked, I replaced the lid back on the tea bowl before pouring out the water into Master’s tea cups, rinsing them as well.

“Now after that’s done, pour in the water and let the tea sit for about two to three minutes. Master prefers the tea light and not too dark.”

I filled up the tea bowl again, knowing from experience that within that stipulated time frame, Master would be coming out of the room for His morning tea.

“Understood… Anything else we should prepare for most Honoured Master Lin, Honoured Mistress Manami?”

“Ara, ara? Eager to please, are you?”

She curtsied, “For most Honoured Master Lin, such things should be natural.”

Ufufufu~ This is why I like this girl, she’s so polite. I’m sure she would serve Master well if I train her~

At that moment, the door to Master’s building opened, revealing Master in His Divine glory with Diao Chan accompanying behind Him. On top of both His shoulders were the two stray foxes He had picked up.

I immediately set to pouring out the tea into Master’s waiting cup, finishing my pour just as Master sat down at the table.

Diao Chan and her servant seemed to have gone elsewhere, the Witch probably needing a quick bath from her activities last night.

“Good morning Manami, Elizabeth,” Master greeted us with His usual dazzling smile.

Elizabeth did a perfect curtsy, “Good morning most Honored Master Lin.”

“Ufufu~ Good morning Master. Did you have a good rest?” I greeted back, setting the tea bowl to its original place and placing Master’s tea cup in front of Him.

“Mmm… As good as it can be. Though Diao Chan was quite a handful last night…”

“Ara, ara? You’re making me jealous, Master. Ufufufu~”

Master picked up the tea cup and enjoyed its aroma for a moment before taking a sip.

No matter how many times I see this, watching Master enjoy the tea I made with my own hands sends a pleasurable tingle down my spine.

It felt like Master was taking my whole being into Him, enveloping me with His Divinity!

Ahhnnn~ How I want to embrace Master right now!

Master placed the tea cup back down, “Your tea is perfect as always, Manami.”

“Ufufufu~ Thank you for the praise~”

Master switched His gaze to Elizabeth, “I see you are learning from Manami on how to make tea as well?”

The girl curtsied once again, “Indeed I am, most Honoured Master Lin. As unworthy as I am, I hope to be able to serve tea that is to Honoured Master Lin’s taste one day.”

“My, how polite,” Master complimented.

“Ufufu~ She is, isn’t she?” I giggled, subtly moving myself closer to Master. “I thought you might like her.”

Slowly, I moved one of my tails to Master’s lap, laying it there without moving.

One of Master’s hands instinctively started stroking it, sending shivers of pleasure down my spine.

I looked down to see the red fox, Akairi, staring up at me with a weird look, like she was inspecting me for something.

Remembering Master’s words that they did not like to be touched by others, I refrained myself from petting her despite how tempted I was.

Seeing that Master’s cup was now empty, I shifted my sight towards Elizabeth.

“Ara, ara? Master’s cup is empty, Elizabeth.”

She understood my hint and picked up the tea bowl, filling Master’s cup with the poise of a noble lady.

Placing the now empty tea bowl back on its saucer, she looked towards me for permission to refill it.

Ufufufu, how considerate. I nodded and glanced towards the kettle, Elizabeth taking my hint and picking up said kettle to refill Master’s tea.

I watched her carefully as she filled the tea bowl, just in case she tried to slip in anything.

Right now, all of us are still suspecting the servants of being the assassin and though it might be a simple thing of torturing or wrenching the information out of them, Master would have found out about it with how often they would meet.

Of course, none of us want Master to hate us, we wouldn’t be able to live if such a thing were to happen.

Satisfied that Elizabeth had not tried to poison Master, I went back to enjoying the sight of Master enjoying His tea and the feeling of Master stroking my tail.

Master let out a sigh of content, replacing His empty cup back on the table and allowing Elizabeth to fill it again.

“I will be taking care of Elder Feng today so you girls will have the day to yourselves again. If any of you need me for anything just send me a telepathy call.”

I bowed, “Understood, Master. Have a safe trip~”

Master downed the cup once more, standing up from His seat to pull me into a kiss before letting go with an extra peck on my cheek.

I licked my lips, enjoying the remnants of Master’s taste. Without the tea, Master might have just left without kissing me.

I watched Master leave the courtyard before turning back to Elizabeth, “Ufufufu, we have the whole day to ourselves. What shall I teach you?”

She curtsied, “Anything Honored Mistress Manami has in mind, I will do my best to learn.”

“Ufufufu~ Then I shall drill into you the proper way to brew Master’s favourite tea until you can do it with your eyes closed~”

Of course I wouldn’t teach her everything I know, but if I have an assistant, that will give me the chance to play with Master while someone else handles the tea brewing. Ufufufufu!

I’m sure that under my tutelage, even Master will be impressed by her and I will gain His favor~

I hope she is prepared, because I will not go easy on her!


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