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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 375: Heaven Sect’s Branch Sect Bahasa Indonesia


Since our new Heaven Sect branch had an anti-teleportation barrier around it, we had to teleport a distance away and make the rest of the journey on foot.

“I hope this won’t complicate the merger?” I commented.

Sect Master Qing sighed, “Normally, we would be worrying about the merger being called off under any other circumstances. But because they were the ones submitting to you, they should be the ones worried about such a thing instead.”

“Does it actually work that way? I thought they would mention that we failed to protect their emissary or something and level some kind of disadvantage on us. I even thought they might have orchestrated this entire thing themselves.”

Sophia shook her head beside me, “What Master Lin said might normally be the case. But for this instance, it is Phoenix Sect being desperate for the merger. If they heaped some conditions on us, Master Lin could always just reject the merger and their position would be no different than before. They will not risk it.”

I guess that makes sense, never really was in an overwhelmingly advantageous position during these kinds of agreements before.

“Well, we at least still need to come up with some kind of apology right?” I checked to make sure.

“Master Lin’s personal care was enough of an apology. In fact, I would say they even owe us now,” Sect Master Qing chuckled.

That’s kind of pushing it don’t you think? I just healed him with that healing pill and that was it, didn’t even give him anything else. Then again, what do I know, it seems like I’m completely out of touch with the norm on this plane already.

“So… Who do you think is behind this?” I asked.

“The most likely culprits would be the remnants of the Dark Sect. But with most of the big shots already dead, I doubt they could arrange something like this,” Sophia replied easily.

I raised an eyebrow at her, “I take it the arrows are something you are familiar with?”

She shook her head, “Not at all. The arrows seem to be organic in nature, melting into the target’s wound to poison them from the inside. The Dark Sect have their fair share of poisons but nothing of this sort that I know of.”

Sect Master Qing stroked his beard thoughtfully, “If it wasn’t the wretched Dark Sect… It might be the Hawk Sect since they do have bow and arrow type Techniques. Otherwise… Since it was a Slime monster, perhaps a group of Youkai dissenters?”

I shrugged, “Well, whatever the case, we don’t have enough evidence at the moment to accuse anyone. Since they were targeting Elder Feng, increase the security around him for the coming days.”

“You were also targeted, Master Lin,” Sophia pointed out.

“I can handle myself well enough,” I told her simply.

That answer seemed to satisfy her since she said nothing more.

It took us a few more minutes of walking in silence to reach the entrance of Heaven Sect’s new branch Sect.

Hmm… It really feels weird to say that, perhaps they will come up with a new name.

The guards at the gate bowed upon seeing us.

“Sect Master Qing, Master Lin, we bid you welcome to our humble branch of Heaven Sect,” one of the guards greeted.

Huh… News of the merger definitely didn’t have the chance to travel here yet, so I’m guessing Elder Feng had already given the order for the former Phoenix Sect members to treat themselves like it was our branch Sect.

Not sure how I should feel about that, to be honest.

The guards let us pass easily enough but Sophia did not seem to be on their guest list since a guard had reached out to stop her.

Sophia slapped the hand away before the guard could grab her, her head turning to glare at him.

“I belong to my Master, you have no right to touch me,” She sneered, turning up her nose at the guard.

Wow, didn’t think she had that attitude on her.

“She’s with me,” I explained, stopping the guards who had already drawn their weapons.

All of them immediately sheathed their weapons and bowed, “Forgive our impudence, Master Lin!”

I waved to show it was no big deal before following Sect Master Qing through the gates.

Entering the main courtyard, I took a look around the inside of the Sect. Though I came here during the Sect Showcase Festival, I wasn’t exactly familiar with this Sect’s exact layout nor the people here.

I turned to my companions, “Who are we supposed to be talking to?”

“I believe the second in charge after Elder Feng was supposed to be Master Xiao. We should be able to find him in his courtyard. This way,” Sect Master Qing pointed.

I guess that’s a real Sect Master for you, Sect Master Qing must have already done his research about this Sect before we came here. Or he’s just way more familiar with inter-Sect politics than I am.

Sect Master Qing led us through our branch Sect, passing by several other Practitioners on the way there.

Unlike back in Heaven Sect where the Sect members we meet would bow respectfully at our presence, most of them simply stared at us in bewilderment as we walked by, a few of them whispering amongst themselves.

Such is the normal response I suppose, since the people here aren’t used to my presence yet.

Sect Master Qing did not seem to think so, muttering under his breath, “Uneducated and rude… We have a lot of educating to do here…”

Not sure what he was talking about but I guess I should be happy he’s already thinking about these Sect members as our own, since he wanted to teach them and all.

A short climb up a hill later brought us to a rather spacious looking courtyard that was a little separated from everyone else.

“Here we are,” Sect Master Qing said as we stepped into the courtyard. “Master Xiao? Are you in? It’s Sect Master Qing and Master Lin from the main branch.”

A head poke out from amongst the flowerbeds, “Ah, I’m here. Please hold a moment.”

We watched a rather young man step out from the flower bed, a pair of garden scissors and a basketful of flowers in his hands.

He looked only a few years older than me though his hair was entirely white in colour. Similar to me, he was clean shaven instead of having the full length beard everyone else favoured.

Big points for me.

Master Xiao dropped off his basket and scissors on a nearby table before approaching us and cupping his hands together, “Master Lin, Sect Master Qing. What can this humble one do for the two of you? Could I take this as formal acceptance of our two Sects’ merger?”

Sect Master Qing nodded, “You may, but there have been some unfortunate complications… There was an assassination attempt on both Elder Feng’s and Master Lin’s life after the merger was declared.”

He made a rather complicated face and turned to me, “Oh… Err… I do apologize for the inconvenience… Is… Is Master Lin looking for compensation from us to go through with the merger?”

I frowned, “What? No, we’re just here to let you know the merger is official but Elder Feng is currently being protected by us at the main branch.”

Master Xiao sighed in relief, “If Elder Feng is being protected by Master Lin, there should be nothing to worry about. Is there anything else for both Master Lin and Sect Master Qing to come all the way here?”

“Well yes, since Elder Feng was not able to go through the finer details of the merger, we would like to go through them with you instead,” I explained.

“Ah, very well then, this way please,” Master Xiao bowed, gesturing to his quarters.

Good, let’s just get this done and over with so that I can return to my disciples and hopefully back to my normal, hopefully easier, daily life.


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