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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 374: Killers On The Loose Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)

“South west… About five kilometers out. Find them.” Master ordered.

Kiyomi and I immediately leapt into the air towards the direction Master had ordered, trusting our other sisters to protect Master should another arrow be fired at Him.

We reached the location in just a handful of seconds, finding two cloaked figures busy running away from the edge of a cliff.

I dropped down on top of one of them, pinning the person down on the ground and stabbing my tails into their four limbs.

Kiyomi descended on the second one a second later, freezing her captive’s limbs in place.

I reached down and tore off my captive’s hood without hesitation, revealing the back of a distinctly feminine head before it suddenly melted into a puddle of black goo.

I growled in frustration and turned to Kiyomi, finding her sitting on top a similar puddle of goo.

Immediately, I tuned my senses to my surroundings, searching for anything out of the ordinary or even just any sort of movement.

Sensing nothing, I stood up while clutching on to the robe the assassin had been wearing, thinking we might be able to find a clue from this.

“A slime?” I asked, inspecting the torn robe.

Kiyomi nodded, “Seems like it, probably a clone body while the original is elsewhere, maybe underground. It might still be nearby and hiding.”

“Ufufufu~ Should I burn the entire place down?”

My little sister shook her head, “It might not even be around here but somewhere else, there is no point. I say we return to Master with these things first.”

Naturally, I agreed with my cute little sister and I teleported us back to Master’s side.

“You found them?” Master inquired without turning around, his hands hovering over the former Phoenix Sect Master’s wound.

Beside Him, the phoenix that Elder Feng rode here hovered over its owner worriedly.

I lifted up the cloak in my hands and bowed, “Forgive us for our incompetence, Master… They had escaped…”

Master tilted His head up and narrowed His eyes at the cloak in my hands.


“Yes, Master.”

“It’s no fault of yours, your adversary was just better prepared.”

Kiyomi glanced at the former Phoenix Sect Master, “Will he make it?”

Master nodded, “The arrows were coated with some sort of poison but I managed to neutralize it will my healing pill in time. He will be fine.”

Lian Li furrowed her brows, “Who would dare orchestrate this knowing Master is here?”

Diao Chan scratched her cheek, “Honestly, a lot of names come into mind, but none I know could pull off something like this…”

Figurehead Qing stepped forward, “Master Lin, I had already dispersed our Sect members around the place to search for the assassins, if they are still here, we will find them.”

Master sighed, “Thanks, Sect Master Qing. Could we room Elder Feng somewhere safe first? Also someone should inform our new Sect members at Heaven Sect branch of the merger and of what happened to Elder Feng. I fear the assassins might return to finish the job.”

Figurehead Qing nodded, “Of course, Master Lin. And if I may, I would suggest that Master Lin and I do the visit to Phoenix Sect ourselves.”

Master seemed to think for a moment, “That’s a good idea. We’ll go right after we secure Elder Feng.”


We watched Figurehead Qing leave to call out to a few of our followers, relaying Master’s instructions to them.

“Master, I suggest that we relocate your honorable self to somewhere safe as well, the assassins had also been targeting you…” I noted, remembering the other arrow that had been shot at Master as well.

Master turned to smile at us, “Me, I’m not so worried about. It is you girls that I worry the most for.”

Lian Li reached forward and entwined her fingers with Master’s, “You honor us, Master. But please, may I suggest you sleep with us tonight?”

“Ha ha, was that your goal all along?” Master chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’ll stay safe. Sophia, I entrust the merger declaration to you for the moment. Keep it safe.”

Sophia bowed her head, “You can trust me, Master Lin, I will do my duties perfectly.”

I had to bite back the growl that almost leaked past my lips.

For some reason, every single one of this ‘demon lord’s’ actions just pissed me off to no end. It feels like she had been mocking us some way or another.

Who the hell does she think she is to come appearing out of nowhere and disrupting our time with Master?

Does she think that just because she had a history with Master, she can act so familiar and disregard us? Elaria is Master’s little sister and grew up with Master, you aren’t that special!

Why is she looking at us like that? Why are you so close to Master, you harlot? Do you want me to rip your eyeballs out?! I WILL TEAR YOU FROM LIMB TO LIMB IF YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT TAKING MASTER AWAY FROM US!!

I was brought out of my thoughts by someone pulling my arm.

I turned my head to see Kiyomi shaking her head at me, “That face is not something you want Master to see.”

I carefully schooled my face back into my normal, smiling one, using the memory of Master holding me in the baths to perk me up.

“Thank you, Kiyomi,” I sighed.

My cute sister nodded before turning back to watch a few of our followers cart the still unconscious Elder Feng away.

The phoenix cooed at its owner sadly, prompting Master to raise a hand to pat its head.

“Don’t worry, he will be fine, I’ll make sure of it.”

Master truly is benevolent.

To display such an expression full of warmth… This can only come from Master…

This is why… Whoever had orchestrated this assassination deserves a million deaths. No, even that is too much of a mercy, they will suffer for every waking moment of their lives to atone for the sin of inconveniencing Master!

“Is everyone alright?” Master asked, concern clear on His face.

Oh Master… If you make a face like that, you’re really just begging for us to spoil you. Even though you were the one that was targeted, you still thought about us.

“Papa! Cai Hong ok!!” Cai Hong squealed, hugging Master’s leg.

“My fragile heart is not ok, Master… Won’t you comfort me, please?” Diao Chan whined in her sweet voice.

Of course Master gave her the standard forehead flick before picking Cai Hong up into His arms to cuddle.

“No one else is hurt right?”

“No, Master,” The rest of us answered.

“Good. I think that’s enough drama for one day. Take the day off, I’ll need to check with Elder Feng’s condition and pay a visit to our new Sect branch with Sect Master Qing. Could you girls take care of the phoenix in the meantime?”

“Flamy birdy!” Cai Hong giggled, which seemed to make the phoenix flinch back and avert its gaze.

Interesting, maybe it knows of Cai Hong’s true form and is afraid of her?

Master placed Cai Hong in my arms, “In that case, I’ll see you girls tonight. Stay safe. Call me if you need me. Come, Sophia, you will follow as well.”

We bowed as Master left with Sect Master Qing and that demon lord girl, the phoenix cooing sadly as He left.

Looks like we’ll need to entertain ourselves for the time being… And by entertain, I mean searching for and torturing the perpetrator. Ufufufu~


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