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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 366: It’s Me, The Hero Bahasa Indonesia


“No, I did them a favour when I was still the Sect Master of Heaven Sect, Master Lin.”

I turned my gaze to Lian Li and she shook her head to show that she had not been aware of this either.

I switched my gaze to Diao Chan, the Witch furrowing her brows in concentration.

“That… Umm… Sect Master Long had been Heaven Sect’s Sect Master for about twenty-four years… The one before him… It was someone named Sect Master Piao who died from an ‘accident’ and stayed in position for sixteen years…”

Sophia smiled a sad smile, “I was the Sect Master another two generations down.”

Diao Chan frowned, “That would be… A hundred and six years ago at least… You can’t be Sect Master Ying?”

“It’s been a long time since I heard that name. Your disciples are indeed impressive, Master Lin. I’ve already changed my name, however, so all of you can just call me Sophia.”

I turned back to her, “You do realise that outing yourself as a former Dark Sect member won’t make you any friends here?”

Her smile widened slightly, “Through my experiences, I have found that it is better to reveal these truths to your benefactors instead of hiding them.”

“Ara? Or maybe an easier way to trick people into believing your lies instead?” Manami suggested, the fireball above her not wavering in the slightest.

I tapped my chin with a finger, “Hmmm… I don’t remember helping you out in any way though?”

“Gufufu~ Have you forgotten, Master Lin? You had helped me break free from my cursed fate.”

Somehow her words were giving me a sense of deja vu.

“Sorry, I’m afraid I do not understand?”

“I think enough time has passed for it to not matter anymore, right, Master Lin? Or do you really intend for your feats to go unnoticed completely?”

Now I’m really confused, “No really, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She frowned before looking around her as though just realising that everyone was glaring at her with hostile intent.

“I suggest that all of you just stand down. If I had meant to harm any of you, I would have done so without revealing my origins. Besides, other than Master Lin himself, I don’t think any of you could stand against me. Maybe Master Lin’s disciples could put up a fight for a bit but only for a bit.”

Ok, now I really, really got the sense of deja vu, where have I seen her before?

Diao Chan gasped, “I remember now… You were the Sect Master who was said to have went on a journey but never returned.”

Sophia smiled, “Was that what was recorded? Quite impressive that you even found such information, actually. Diao Chan, I believe?”

My Witch nodded, though she still remained wary of the girl in front of her, “How did you know?”

“The Dark Sect kept tabs,” Sophia explained simply, glancing at my other disciples in turn before focusing back on me. “You really don’t intend to let anyone else know?”

I sighed, “Lady, I really have no idea what you are talking about. If this is an event that happened a few years ago, I might have most likely lost my memories about it.”

The other servant girls spun their heads to stare at me in surprise, not at all expecting such a fact coming from me.

Sophia furrowed her brows, “You… Lost your memories? That’s… Quite something… Hmmm… It seems I have made things more complicated now.”

“You definitely did.”

She waved her hand, “In that case, could I implore that all of you forget about this conversation? It would be simpler for all of us.”

Eris pointed her sword at her, “You think that you could claim to be a Dark Sect member and expect people not to bat an eye?!”

“Former member,” She corrected. “And besides, I did say that Master Lim helped me out in the past. Thus, I am here to repay my debts.”

Eris glared at her, “How do we know that you’re not lying and just biding your time to get rid of us?”

Sophia shrugged, “I’m afraid you would need to take my word for it, since Master Lin isn’t giving the permission for me to reveal everything.”

“I can’t give you permission if I don’t remember what happened, can I?” I pointed out.

She pursed her lips, “The past you had specifically told me to keep this quiet, you didn’t even let your name be recorded in history when you did the deed. Unless you have changed since then?”

My deja vu alarm is going off the rails right now.

“Specifically… When did this theoretical event you are talking about happen?” I asked.

She tilted her head at me, “Exactly twelve years ago. I admit, I did not actually expect you to become who you are now, Master Lin. You were hard to find.”

No freaking way…

I pointed a finger at her, “Demon Lord?”

She grinned, “So you do remember, Hero.”

I clutched my head in anguish, “What?! I was like ten!”

“Indeed. Imagine the humiliation I felt back then for having lost to you at that age. But looking at who you are now, it’s something to wear pridefully I suppose.”

I could just barely make out Diao Chan muttering “Master was the Hero, Master was the Hero” behind me in shock.

Sighing, I steeled my gaze at her, “Ok, here’s the thing Sophia. I did lose my memories of the event and I only knew about this Demon Lord and Hero thing yesterday. So I actually still don’t know what’s the history between us. Just now was simply me taking a shot in the dark.”

“Oh… I see… I suppose since the fact is now out in the open, I should explain everything?” Sophia sighed.

I gestured to how everyone else was still hostile towards her, “Looking at how everyone is still wary of you and I am quite interested in learning about this, I suppose that’s your only option now other than being kicked out.”

“Mm… Always the logical one, Master Lin. Did you know how hard it was to keep track of you after we left?”

“Really now? I thought I was well known enough that anyone would know I was here?”

She shook her head, “I meant during your childhood, Master Lin. Who would have thought that you would turn into the famed Master Lin those years ago? You had even changed your name too.”

Huh? Don’t tell me I’m like the scrawny, nerdy kid at the corner of the room in the past? Hmm… I don’t think I would be like that looking at how my sisters treated me.

“I suppose I’ll just get rid of this first…” She snapped her fingers and the plain girl that was standing before us morphed into a young woman with blue skin, red tattoos and two horns on top of her head. A prehensile tail swished behind her and a small blue flame seemed to be burning at the tip of it.

She placed a hand on her wide hips while tapping a finger under her full lips thoughtfully, “Now… Where should I begin… I suppose it will be easier to show you all.”

She snapped her fingers again and the entire scenery shifted, my garden disappearing from view to dump us in the middle of an empty plain.

Hey… Remember when I said I wanted an easy life? Me neither.


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