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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 356: The Gender Ratio Is Getting Screwed Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

“I apologize for my earlier misconduct Master Bre… I mean Mistress Brenda,” Gamma bowed her head.

“Please, I still want to be referred to as a male. And this was Master’s idea so such a response was… Well.. Expected I suppose… So it’s all good, really,” I assured her.

“I thank you for your benevolence, Mistress Brenda.”

I sighed but decided not to correct her in case she goes into another round of self-blame and waved her away so she could get back to her duties.

“So this thing is permanent until you guys take the pill with the opposite effect?” Eris asked, making sure that Master was not within earshot.

I looked at Master enjoying the time with the other girls in His female form, the girls seeming to quite like His new form just as much as the old one. I suppose it’s just the novelty of something new.

“Master did say so… I’m not even sure if Master is even aware of how dangerous such a pill is… I mean we are planning to use it ourselves but… Damn I can’t get used to this new voice…”

“Heh heh, I dunno ’bout ya, but I think it’s kinda cute, heh heh heh.”

I scowled, though I’m pretty sure it made me look like I pouted instead, “Please don’t. I do not want to stay like this, despite how much Master seems to be enjoying Himself… Or Herself. This is getting so confusing.”

“Well… This one does humbly think Master looks really gorgeous as a woman. Though that should be expected from someone as Divine as Master.”

I shrugged, offering no comment for her statement.

“Does the potion make the drinker more attractive than normal?”

I shook my head, “Master said it simply switches the person to make it as though they were born the opposite gender from the start. So whatever they become is what they would have looked like if they had been the other gender all along.”

“Oh really?” She asked, looking at me in amusement.


“You look cute as a girl, sure you don’t want to stay like this?”

“Hell no. I’d like to have my manhood back, thank you very much.”

She chuckled, “But you do have to admit that Master is gorgeous, no?”

“No comments.”

She just smiled at my non-answer but chose not to pursue the matter.

Thinking to change the topic, I pushed my own sizable bosoms up, “How do you girls deal with these? I already feel like I have a sore back from just having them dangle in front of me.”

She raised an eyebrow at me, “No bra?”

“If you think just because I switched physical genders I would magically become comfortable with wearing the corresponding gender’s underwear, you might be disappointed.”

She pointed at Master.

“Nope, do you not see how it’s just bouncing around? Manami seems to be greatly fascinated by them, in fact. Makes me wonder if she had been some old pervert grandpa in her previous life.”

“Hehe~ Did Master not let you play with them?”

“I will not answer that question.”

She smiled at me.

I sighed, “We… May have inspected each other’s bodies… But it was all to make sure that there was nothing wrong with our bodies and nothing more.”

“Oh, I can imagine Master doing it purely to check for that reason, but you? Come on.”

“What? You think I actually see Master that way?”

Eris raised an eyebrow, “You can’t be telling me you aren’t at least tempted when Master looked like that? Heck, I’m a girl too and I definitely don’t mind sum’ girl action ‘tween us!”

“That is a different matter altogether.”

“Heh, whatever you say, sister Brenda.”

I decided to drop the matter since anything I say at this point would just dig a deeper grave for me.

Seeing that Master was now occupied by all the girls clamouring over Her new figure, Eris turned to me with a serious expression.


I almost thought she had been referring to me but understood her a moment later.

I raised an eyebrow at her “What? You want to use this on that uncle guy? Kind of unnecessary since Diao Chan can do it already. The production process for this is actually quite impossible for me to replicate at the moment.”


“We did give him Lian Li’s nightmares, you know? And I think he was quite traumatised by it too. You do know he’ll get those for at least a week or more right?”


“Well… If you think he really does deserve more, I think I should be able to sneak off a bit of what Master already made for that.”

“Do that…”

“You girls will need to keep Master occupied then.”

She nodded at my words, though I honestly think that if we were to torture that idiot anymore, that would just be going overboard already.

Of course, Master just had to appear in front of us at that moment. I assume that She had been playing in the water with the girls since her distinctive white robes were now soaked through. Leaving nothing to the imagination.

Eris openly leered at Master who seemed quite oblivious to Her current wardrobe malfunction.

“You two aren’t joining us?” Master asked.

I tried my best not to look as I gestured to Master’s upper body, “Master… You might want to… Change to a more appropriate attire… Or better yet, change both of us back.”

She chuckled, “Well, the girls pleaded that I stay like this for the rest of the day and I don’t particularly mind. Also, it’s not like they’ve not already seen all of me anyway so it’s not that big of a problem. If you want to, you can change yourself back first. I actually already prepared the male gender swap potion while you were changing into those clothes, it should still be sitting in the cauldron so go on ahead. Maybe you can try refining the female change potion into pills while you’re at it? Unless you’re not comfortable with this, I can just change myself back?”

I noticed the other girls scowling at me when Master mentioned the last bit out of the corner of my eye, like as though me doing that would ruin their time with Master.

“I’m… Er… I’m good, Master. I’ll change back when you do. It’ll feel rather awkward if I was the only guy here after all… Though umm… I could try to go make those pills later.”

“You sure? Well… If you change your mind just go on ahead without me.”

“Yes, Master.”

Sensing our conversation was done, Eris leapt to Master’s side, looping her arm around Hers.

“We should go back Master! You have yet to swim with us yet!”

Master smiled at her, “Eager are we, well come on then. Brendan?”

I waved them ahead, “I’m fine, I’ll go later.”

Master shrugged and let Eris escort Her back to the other waiting girls, all of them immediately crowding around Her to pull Master towards the sea.

I watched them while still seated on the beach mat, deciding that once the rest had forgotten about me, I’ll return to the villa to carry out the plan.


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