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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 346: Night Activities On Vacation Bahasa Indonesia


I smiled at the little dragon who had just drifted off to sleep, giving her a kiss on her forehead while materialising a silence inscription around her.

As soon as I did that, the door to the room opened, letting my disciples enter into the room all fresh out of the bath. I noted that Brendan was the only one missing so he must still be in the bath.

Then again, I suppose he should be the last one to go in since the girls would take their baths before him.

“Ara, ara? Is little Cai Hong already asleep?” Manami chuckled upon seeing me tucking her in.

My attention, however, was drawn to something else that I noticed each of them were carrying.

“Are those… Alcohol?” I asked, looking pointedly at the bottles in their hands.

“Ehehe~ That’s right Onii-sama! I don’t care what you say but we are getting wasted tonight!”

“And what brought about this sudden interest to drink?”

Eris pouted at me, “Mou… It’s not fair that Master only drank with the maids! I want to get dead drunk with Master too!”

Diao Chan nodded enthusiastically, “Then have Master take advantage of me while I’m passed out! Or maybe, I’ll take advantage of Master when Master is passed out? Ehehehe~”

I raised an eyebrow at them, “And you know that happened because?”

Lian Li poked her fingers together, “Well… I… May have tried to go to your room to sleep last night and… Umm… Saw the maids there…”

Ah, I had thought I heard something. But since those four were also making quite a lot of noise I thought it to be one of them making it instead.

Kiyomi looked at me with anticipation, “Mmm… Can we, Master?”

I sighed, “Oh alright, don’t go too crazy though. I wouldn’t want the maids to come in here in the morning to find the place completely wrecked.”

“Fufufu~ We will be careful, dearest brother~” Odriana giggled.

Well, even if anything happens, I’m already mentally prepared for it anyway so it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

We moved towards one of the unoccupied beds in the corner of the room, all of my girls settling themselves around me.

Manami moved to sit at my side, pouring out a glass for me without me asking to.

All of the girls looked at me expectantly as I brought the cup close to me, enjoying its scent before taking a sip.

The taste was surprisingly sweet yet it still gave quite a comfortable burn on its way down my throat.

“It’s good, where did you get this?”

“Ufufufu~ It’s a secret Master,” Manami giggled, pouring out a cup for herself. “But I’m very glad that you like it~”

She took a sip out of her own cup and the other girls did the same, a few of them making sighs of content as they did so.

“Mmm… Well I guess since we have the night, the mood and the drink, anything you girls want to do?” I asked.

“Onii-sama!” Elaria called out, her eyes sparkling. “Your cute imouto wishes to know who your favourite disciple is!”

I almost choked on the wine I was drinking.

All eyes were on me, staring at me intently, maybe even too intently, like I was about to announce something entirely life changing for them.

“To be completely honest,” I started, a little amused by how all of them leaned forward a little more just from that. “I never actually thought about it. I love you all the same.”

“Oh come now, Onii-sama! Let’s say all of your disciples are stuck in a burning house, who will you save?”

“I will just put the entire fire out,” I deadpanned.

“Ugh… That’s true… What if they were all dropped into the ocean and couldn’t swim?”

“Split the entire ocean apart.”

“You can do that?!” She screeched at me.

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Pretty easily actually.”

“Gunununu… Kidnapped to different parts of the world?”

“Teleport them back to my side.”

She puffed her cheeks at me, “With the teleportation part being blocked?”

“Bend reality to bring them back.”

“That’s cheating!” She whined.

I shrugged, “You underestimate me, little sister.”

Well the last bit was more of a theory anyway, but I should be able to manage it now to a certain extent with the Star Power I have under my control.

“Ufufufu~ Master’s love is infinite, after all.” Manami giggled, leaning her head on my shoulder while entwining her fingers with mine.

“Yes… Master’s really, really gentle…” Lian Li nodded, a prominent blush on her cheeks as she cuddled on my other side..

Eris smiled at me, “This one is forever grateful for Master’s care. Master’s benevolence is truly inspiring.”

“And very, very generous. Ehehehe~” Diao chan giggled, giving me the usual ‘punish me please’ look that she likes to tease me with.

“Huhuhu, Master is definitely the most ideal mate for us,” Kiyomi chuckled while staring at me with her bedroom eyes, her tails swishing slowly behind her,

“How about we move on from that topic instead?” I suggested, trying to change the topic. “I’m sure that there are some games we could play?”

“Alright!!” Elaria was quick to raise her hand, almost spilling her wine. “With a time like this, there can only be one thing to do! King’s Game!!”

“King’s game?” The other girls repeated, clearly not knowing what it is.

“Ehehehe, everyone will draw sticks with numbers on them! There will be one stick that determines who the ‘King’ is! The King will be able to order around the numbers to do something and the King’s orders are absolute!!”

“Oh~ Then if I’m the King… I can get Master to spank me and Master would do it?” Diao Chan squealed in excitement.

I wanted to retort that she didn’t need to have the king’s game for me to spank her but kept my mouth shut.

Odriana chuckled, “Technically… You wouldn’t know which number is who. That’s the fun part about it.”

Diao Chan’s face fell, “Oh… I only want Master alone to spank me…”

“Ufufufu~ This sounds very interesting indeed,” Manami giggled, taking another sip of her wine. “Shall we play this game, girls?”

All eyes turned back to me as though wanting my permission.

“I don’t see why not,” I shrugged.

“Yay! I already prepared the sticks!” Elaria declared, pulling out coloured sticks from her sleeve proudly.

Right then, the door opened again to reveal Brendan fresh out of the bath, a towel still hanging on his shoulders.

He noticed the bottles and all of us seated in a circle, “What did I miss?”

Odriana smiled, “Come join us Brendan, we were just about to start~”

He approached us a little warily, depositing himself in the most safest spot he thought he could be which was furthest away from me.

“What are we doing, Master?” My alchemist asked.

“King’s game!” Elaria announced again enthusiastically, explaining the rules once again.

Brendan gave me a worried look after knowing what it was and I mirrored his look in return, shrugging my shoulders to indicate he should just play along.

“Alright then! Let’s start the first round! Pick one and no cheating or it won’t be fun!” Elaria grinned mischievously, holding out the sticks.

Resigning myself, I reached out to pick one of the nine sticks at random just as the others did the same. I hope nothing extreme happens tonight but knowing my disciples, it probably will.


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