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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 327: Bringing A Nuke To A Knife Fight Bahasa Indonesia

(Diao Chan POV)

I raised an eyebrow at the tree in front of me.

The tree itself seemed normal but all over it was scrawled with various kinds of carvings and decorations that seemed very bizarre in nature.

There were sticks arranged in some weird star like pattern and even some of the scratchings of said pattern were present on the tree itself.

Hmm… Looking closer at it, the sticks seem more like the outline of a stick man than a star. I wonder what this particular symbol means?

Right behind the tree was what looked like a log cabin, weathered with age and barely visible in the night’s darkness. The orb of light I had summoned shining above me was only enough to illuminate the front part of the building, albeit barely.

I looked behind me, contemplating the trail of destruction I had wrought on my way here.

Trees had been uprooted and tossed aside while dead animals of various sizes lay burning or skewered all around.

It was weird that they kept on coming at me and each of them seemed to have some sort of malformity on them. Like that bear with two heads and that giant snake that had giant human hands attached to it.

I would have taken them as my prizes for Master’s barbecue, but I don’t think anyone would find their mutations palatable so I refrained from doing so.

Now that I’ve reached where I believe the quark blast to have originated from, these stick things were what I’ve found.

I’m not entirely sure if these are meant to be ‘keep out’ signs but sending all those mutated animals didn’t stop me from coming here, what makes it think I would be stopped by these sticks too?

Thus, I casually set them all on fire and walked past them.

As I made my way towards the house, I caught a flash of movement at the corner of my eye. Something seemed to have ducked back into the house in one of the second floor windows, the outline resembling a somewhat human figure.

Ho ho… So there really is something in there?

“So you’re here eh? I’m a generous person so I’m going to give you one chance to get out of there to explain yourself before I go there and make you suffer!” I shouted at the house.

Silence reigned for the next few moments.

I shrugged, it had its chances.

“‘By the power invested in me, I call upon the seven seals. Release the four that shall summon my servants, bring them forth under my will. Cast away the shackles that bind you as I call upon the Four, bend yourselves to mine will and serve me as I command. Answer your calling and bring my enemies to heel! Scorch the earth and rend flesh from bone, by my will bring apocalypse to this domain!'”

The moment the last words were uttered, four spectral figures riding atop of different coloured horses appeared behind me.

I pointed my finger towards the house, causing the four riders to rear their horses before charging forward, roaring out war cries.

Seeing their spectral forms, one might think they would just pass through the building harmlessly. Contrary to that fact, the lead rider had raised his bow and shot at the door, the spectral arrow crashing straight through the building and leaving a gaping hole.

The second rode through said gaping hole, slashing his sword in a circle around him.

The wood of the house groaned before the entire building collapsed into itself, revealing a multitude of various deformed animals that had been hiding inside.

The third rider simply rode near to them, his presence causing all the animals to have their bodies shrunken into malnourished forms before toppling over, dead.

Right in the centre was a creature with long limbs and pale skin, its naked form suggesting it to be female, albeit a deformed one. Her hair was long and thin while her eyes were sunken into her skull which she used to glare at me.

I smirked at her, “I win.”

She opened her mouth as if to scream out something at me, but the last rider hooked his scythe around her neck and pulled, cutting her head clean off.

Just as her head spun a full three-sixty in the air, there was the loud crack of a glass being smashed and my surroundings changed, putting me back in the forest.

My summons looked just as confused as I was until I felt the blast of Quarks that clearly belonged to Master a distance away.

Could that mean that Master was involved in something big over there?

There was no hesitation in my movement as I immediately hopped behind one of the riders, spurring them to send me towards that direction.

If something happens to Master… I would definitely bring apocalypse to the rest of this world!


(Kiyomi POV)

I smiled.

It’s been a while since I smiled a genuine smile without Master around. After leaving my elder sister for my journey, I found little reason for me to smile over the years.

But looking at the entire forest that was frozen before me, I could not help but break out into a grin.

A few months ago, such a feat was completely beyond me, where the most I could do was probably just freezing a section of the forest. But with Master’s guidance in just this short period of time… Such a thing was already relatively easy for me.

I moved through the snow that had fallen upon the land, admiring my handiwork.

All the dolls and mannequins that had been in the forest were frozen solid, not even the ones that had been hanging from the trees were spared.

Reaching out my hand, I touched one of the frozen mannequins with a finger, the figure shattering to diamond dust upon contact.

This sparked off a chain reaction as everything around me began to shatter, all of them disintegrating into tiny particles of ice that were carried away by the wind.

It didn’t take long before I was the only one left standing in a large circle of snow, even the trees had disintegrated as well.

The moon overhead shone down on me, illuminating snow with its light on this flat, empty plain of pure white snow.

Huhuhu~ If Master was here, I would not have minded rolling in the snow with Him.

While lost in my thoughts, I was surprised by the sudden echo of a glass breaking in the air. That was also when my surroundings shifted to change back to the forest, undoing my creation of the winter wonderland.

My smile evaporated as I considered my next move, only to feel Master’s Quarks exploding from the centre of the island.

My body was already moving before I could think, the only thing in my mind now was to reunite with Master and ensure His safety.

Surely if he were to unleash such a big blast, it means something serious had happened.

I highly doubt anyone on this island could harm Him but on the off chance that someone did… I will make sure that freezing would be the last thing that person would have to worry about.


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