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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 326: The Roles Seem Reversed Here Bahasa Indonesia

(Cai Hong POV)

Cai Hong misses Papa… Cai Hong hopes Papa will give Cai Hong candies…

The super bad man tasted nice, Cai Hong was still munching on a piece of his leg.

Cai Hong thinks the super bad man was crying while Cai Hong was chasing him. He kept looking behind him while Cai Hong was following him, then he would trip and fall before running again.

Super bad man was weird.

Cai Hong wants to eat Papa’s ‘bar bee cue’! Papa’s cooking is always yummy!

Maybe Cai Hong can catch big bear for Papa to cook, then Papa will say Cai Hong is a good girl and give lots of headpats!

Ah!!! Oh noes… Cai Hong forgot to find big sis Manami… Umm… Maybe big sis Manami is this way? Cai Hong should find big sis before going back to Papa…

Muu… Cai Hong went this way? Forest too big and weird… Super bad man kept running around in circles…

The forest was very quiet too. If Papa was here, Cai Hong and Papa will hold hands. Cai Hong likes to hold Papa’s hands~~

Mnn? Cai Hong found super bad man’s body again.

Super bad man had ran here under this tree and hid here, thinking Cai Hong couldn’t find him.

Super bad man didn’t know Cai Hong was above him, so Cai Hong jumped down and bit his head off.

Stupid man didn’t bring Cai Hong to big sis Manami, super bad man bully Cai Hong.

Cai Hong bit another part of super bad man’s leg, the bones are very crunchy~


Muu? Something broke? Like glass… Smash smash…

Mnnn?! Super bad man’s leg disappear? Big tree also disappear? Waah! Super bad man’s body also gone?!

Buuuu!! Who steal Cai Hong’s snack?!

Cai Hong will beat the baddie up! Then pull out their–

Mnn? Papa? Cai Hong feels Papa!

Papa! Papa! Papa!

Aauu… Should Cai Hong go to Papa first or find big sisters first…

Muuu!! Papa comes first! Cai Hong will go find Papa!


(Eris POV)

The long haired girl raised her hand with all her fingers spread out, as though waving a greeting to me.

I immediately rushed towards her but the little bitch was faster, dropping herself down into the well even before I managed to get close to her.

Bringing my sword up, I smashed it down mercilessly while it was clad in an aura of fire.

My sword cut through the stones of the well like it was made of butter, unleashing the fire deep into the well.

The fireball exploded inside it, causing the inside to collapse.

“Ha! Try to hide in there now! Bitch!” I yelled aloud.

I don’t think she’s there anymore… [Eris]

Like I give a goddamn flying fuck! That little bitch been runnin’ us round in circles using these stupid ass wells! If I get my hands on ‘er… [Bait]

Calm… Think… [Laverna]

This one humbly thinks that doing this so violently will make it harder to draw her into the open… [Denna]

Heh, once we destroyed all the wells, she wouldn’t have anywhere to run off to! [Bait]

And do, pray tell, exactly how many of these wells are there? [Eris]

Eh… It can’t be that many right? [Bait]

We’ve seen her a total of five times now and we’ve destroyed all five wells she ran into, she doesn’t seem to be interested in stopping us either. [Eris]

Meaningless resistance…? [Laverna]

Maybe, but this ain’t gonna stop me from wrecking her little hidey hole just because I can! [Bait]

If this one may humbly interrupt, she is in front of us right now by the thin tree. [Denna]

I looked up and sure enough, there she was, standing right beside another one of her stupid wells.

At this point, I was pretty sure she was calculating where she should appear since the distance between us was not something I could cover before she threw herself in the well. It was also only because she had some sort of ethereal glow around her that we could even spot her easily within this darkness.

This time she lifted up both her hands, her left hand with all her fingers and thumb outstretched while the other hand only had a single finger held up.

Before I could decide if I wanted to go ahead and decapitate her, she had let herself fall headfirst into the well.

ARRRGGHHH!!! I hate this bitch so fucking muuuuch!! [Bait]

I rushed towards the well with my sword raised again, smashing the stone construct to pieces without hesitation.

Calm yourself… [Laverna]

Calm?! I’m calm! I know for sure that you’re just as pissed as I am! We’re finally ‘aving a nice time on the beach with Master and this just had to come up!! [Bait]

Mmm… This one wants to be embraced by Master again. [Denna]

You’re drooling. [Eris]

I reached up and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, finding a smudge of clear liquid on it.

This one humbly apologizes. [Denna]

Finish fast… Return to Master… [Laverna]

At least we can agree on dat! [Bait]

I continued my way forward, my eyes and ears peeled for the slightest hint of the girl reappearing.

Crossing over a fallen tree, I emerged in a clearing to find the entire place filled with wells.

The whole place was a flat, open field where every five steps away was a well of the exact same design, each of them illuminated clearly by the moon overhead.

You were saying? [Eris]

Shut up. [Bait]

As if on cue, the long haired girl began crawling out of one of the wells in the middle on the field, her long hair completely obscuring her face from view.

This one senses killing intent from her… [Denna]

Seventh meeting… [Laverna]

That means she ain’t running anymore right?! Then let me at her! [Bait]

I sheathed my sword and leapt forward without any hesitation, my right hand pulled back behind me.

She was most likely not expecting my charge as her body shook slightly from surprise, right before my fist met where her left cheek should be.

I punched her into the ground before straddling her waist, raining a flurry of blows on top of where her face should be.

She tried to grab me with her hands but I merely caught her wrists before slamming my head on to hers, smashing her right back down into the ground.

Using a hand to pin her wrists above her head, I continued to pummel her with my free hand, determined to beat the shit out of this bitch.

She tried kicking her legs to shake me off her but I held firm. I grabbed a fistful of hair, using it as leverage to smash her head into the ground repeatedly.

Satisfied with the beatdown, I leapt away from her before drawing my sword once more.

I held my sword at an angle, concentrating on my breathing before swinging it in an arc.

A windblade was sent out from my sword, cutting straight through her neck while she tried to get back up on her feet.

She stopped for the briefest of moments before standing back up as though nothing had happened.

I was just about to think that my attacks didn’t work when I heard the loud crack of a well collapsing somewhere in the clearing.

You don’t think… The number of lives is the number of wells? [Eris]

Possibly… [Laverna]

Heh heh… In that case, let’s do that! [Bait]

I hopped back to the edge of the clearing, sheathing my sword while keeping my eye on her even as she continued to shamble towards me.

It took a few more seconds before I was ready, my figure blurring forward in a burst of speed to reappear at the other side of the field, landing in a crouched position with my sword outstretched to the side.

Fire, lightning, wind and water exploded out in my path, utterly destroying all the wells that had been there.

For the kicker, that woman’s head had flown off her shoulders, her entire body wrapped in crimson flames.

I watched in fascination as she burned away into nothingness, though I was also a little upset she didn’t scream out in pain at all, not that she would be screaming much since she had lost her head anyway.

Right at that moment, the sound of a glass shattering could be heard in the air.

While I had been wondering what happened, I felt the unmistakable feeling of Master’s Quarks bursting flood through the forest.

There was no hesitation, all of us coming to the consensus that finding Master was much more important than anything else at that moment.

Sheathing back my sword, I immediately ran as fast as I could towards the direction of where I remembered the Quark blast was.

Wait for me, Master! We will definitely find you!


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