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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 313: Morning Greetings Bahasa Indonesia

(Kiyomi POV)

I awoke to the sound of birds chirping outside the room.

Feeling a breeze blow from the open window, I realised that I was completely nude aside from the white stockings that I still wore, the floor around the bed littered with various articles of discarded clothing.

Looking around me, all the girls were in similar states of undress, still asleep.

My dear sister was laying beside me, hugging one of my tails while Elaria was hugging one of hers, mumbling something about marshmallows.

I heard the sound of splashing water followed by the creaking sound of a door opening. Looking to the side, Master had just appeared from the bath, His gloriously toned body on full display.

Licking my lips, I remembered the activities we had the night before, especially how… Virile… Master was.

I admit I thought all the girls together might prove a challenge for Master, but Master had just simply put us in our place, showing who really was the one in charge.

Master noticed me ogling at Him and came to my side with a grin.

“Slept well?”

“Yes, Master.”

Master bent down and I pulled Him in for a kiss greedily, sucking on the bottom of His lips.

We shared the kiss for a full minute before Master pulled back, a bridge of saliva hanging in the space between us.

I licked my lips, enjoying the lingering taste of Master that was still there.

Master planted another loving kiss on my forehead before standing back up and stretching, “I’ll go get changed and check on Cai Hong, I’ll see you girls at breakfast.”

Master escaped from my grasp before I could pull Him back, it was a pity since I wouldn’t have minded if Master wanted to go another round with me.

I felt something shift under the blanket and Lian Li popped out from underneath, yawning loudly.

Seeing that I was awake she mumbled a good morning before laying her head on top of my chest, her cheek resting against my left breast.

“Any plans for today?” I asked the golden haired girl.

She blinked at me, “Mmm… I wouldn’t mind going back to swim again. There is an island off the coast that looked rather interesting.”

“Oh? How so?”

She tapped her chin with a finger, “I can’t say for sure, but I thought I felt some traces of Quarks coming from there. And since it was quite far away, it meant something big must have happened for me to feel it.”

I frowned, “Perhaps we should ask Master about it. I don’t think such a thing would go unnoticed by Master either.”

Lian Li nodded before yawning again, “Ahn… Master said He was going to check on Cai Hong right?”

“Oh? You were awake for that?”

“Mmhmm… Very nice kiss I might say, I was a little jealous~ Do you mind if I taste some?”

I shrugged a go ahead and she immediately latched her lips onto mine, her tongue licking all over my lips for a good minute before pulling away with a satisfied sigh.

“Mmmm~ I need to ask Master for a direct one later~” She sighed contentedly. “Should we wake the rest up?”

“We already are~” Manami giggled while brushing my tail, the other girls smiling behind her. “Won’t my little Kiyomi give her big sister a wake up kiss too?”

Typical of my dear sister but I know she wouldn’t stop until I acquiesced to her so I just leaned forward. She pulled me in and I gave her the kiss she wanted, my sister going so far as to shove her tongue into my mouth too.

Only when she was satisfied did she release me with a moan, “Ahhh~ I could still taste Master on you~~ Thank you for the meal~”

Before the others could start suggesting to taste Master on me, I quickly rolled out of bed, ignoring the groans of protest from the other girls.

“Master said He will meet us for breakfast, I suggest not to keep Master waiting.”

My words brought them to their senses pretty quickly and we made our way to our own room to get changed, making sure to pick up all the articles of clothing we had thrown on the floor the previous night.

Since Brendan and Cai Hong were not in the room when we entered, Master most likely brought them to the dining area already.

Changing our clothes in record time, we made our way downstairs as a group.

The servants were in the midst of serving the food while Master, Brendan and Cai Hong were already seated around the table.

“Oh, good morning girls,” Master greeted us with a smile.

All of us gave our morning greetings before taking a seat at the table, allowing the servants to serve us.

The breakfast was a simple one, consisting of buttered toast, eggs and ham. This was rather surprising since I would have expected a much more lavish spread considering the Jin Royalty would have eaten here.

“I made the breakfast today,” Master said offhandedly. “Took some convincing of the servants to let me do it but well, I thought you guys might like it.”

Our eyes widened and we immediately started digging in.

Huaaa~~ This… This is bliss~~ The buttered toast and the peppered ham were the perfect combination of sweetness and spice! The eggs were also cooked to perfection, the egg yolk and whites so fluffy it almost seemed like a shame to break them…

Eating them together… Mmmm~~ The absolute sense of fulfillment~

As expected of Master!

Alpha came from the kitchen and bowed, “Master, may I know your plans for today so we can better serve you?”

Master fed Cai Hong a piece of bread, the loli dragon giggling as she bit into it, “Hmmm… I don’t really have anything much in mind. Do you guys have something you want to do?”

I glanced at Lian Li, the girl catching my eye with her mouth stuffed full of food.

She took the time to swallow before asking, “Master, did you feel a slight disturbance in the Quarks from an island off the coast yesterday?”

“Hmm? You felt it too?” Master asked, clearly surprised.

Lian Li poked her fingers together meekly, “Ummm… Yes… It was after sundown that I felt something stir there… Though I’m not sure what it was exactly…”

Master took a moment to think, “Since you’re bringing this up, I’m guessing you want to go check the place out?”

The golden haired girl nodded her head.

Master turned to look at us, “What about you all? Up for some island exploration?”

“Ufufufu~ I am fine as long as Master is there~” Manami giggled, dabbing her lips delicately with a napkin.

“Mnn! Cai Hong go on adventure with Papa!” The loli dragon cheered, bouncing on Master’s lap.

“Mmmm… It’s the same for us,” Eris nodded in agreement while cutting up pieces of ham to stuff in her mouth.

Diao Chan was visibly drooling, “Hehe… Bushes… Outdoors… Open air… Ehehe…”

Brendan also nodded his head, “Whatever caused the disturbance that Master and sister Lian Li felt… I think it should be worth checking out too.”

“I am also in agreement. Something that powerful must warrant some amount of caution on our part,” I commented.

Elaria giggled, “Ehehe~ It’s a camping trip with Onii-sama!”

“Fufu~ A little change in scenery would be nice too,” Odriana smirked, though I’m not sure what kind of scenery she could be referring to.

“Umu, in that case, we shall go visit that island.” Master decided. “Would there be a boat here by any chance?”

Alpha bowed, “We do. The Royal Family uses a sloop moored on the other side of the cliffs for their fishing trips.”

Oh? As expected of Alpha to have already scouted the entire place.

“Very well then. We can also take this chance to go fishing too. Let’s go there after our breakfast.”

“Yes Master.”

Hmmm… Something tells me that this would become much more than just a simple fishing trip though…


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