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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 3: Geezer Gathering Bahasa Indonesia

“Oh, there are quite a number of promising students this year,” an Elder commented.

“Umu, the talents this time are quite surprising. I believe that group there cultivated the Phoenix Fire cultivation from the Phoenix Minor Sect, the Fire quark I sense from them is quite profound,” another Elder nodded.

“Hmm… I should probably get a new disciple as well. The Heavenly Storm Dragon Minor Sect sent a number of students this year. One of them surely would be able to comprehend the Hidden Thunder Lightning God Cultivation Technique,” a Master whispered to himself.

“Oh, look at that young man, his innate Cultivation Point seems to be quite large and profound for his age. He must have been cultivating since a very young age.”

“What’s this? That young woman there seems to possess incredibly profound Elemental Quark. Could she possess the fabled Primordial Divine Goddess Meridians?”

“Ah, that young man is Elder Jing’s grandson, isn’t it? He would probably pass the selection without any problems. The Piercing Sky Cultivation his family is famous for will definitely ensure his skills in Air Elemental Quark manipulation.”

Why do I feel like I’m in the market and these guys are picking out the vegetables and meat?

I remember I had never been interested in the selections so this scene is quite new to me. The me from the past life would always come up with an excuse to miss it so that I can continue to train myself during this time.

Still, I can’t deny that I’m quite enjoying this atmosphere.

Considering how I never heard of any other notable disciples here in my past life, I was honestly not expecting much from this batch actually.

But seeing how excited these Elders and Masters are, I can’t help but retort all their words in my mind.

‘Phoenix Fire? Boy, I’ve seen real phoenixes and comparing phoenix flames to those group of young pups are like comparing an inferno to a wicker candle flame!’

‘Hidden Thunder Lightning God Cultivation technique? That Cultivation Technique is nothing but a joke cultivation one of the ancestors created in the past! It was meant as nothing but a prank technique to create clouds that produce fart sounds!’

‘Large and profound Cultivation Point? Are you sure you’re not mistaking that for his fat belly? No matter how I see it, that man is just fat with a completely average Cultivation Point!’

‘Primordial Divine Goddess Meridians? Heavens, if someone were to possess such meridians here in the Earthen Plane, they would have ascended past the Cloud Plane long ago much less appear here! Those Meridians are nothing but a cheat! I’ve only heard about one person in existence who has it and it’s definitely not her.’

‘Oh my god, I can’t believe the Piercing Sky Cultivation is still being practised here! It is entirely inefficient for people who are already proficient with manipulating Air quark! Scratch that, it is just inefficient to anyone in general! That technique is like using your Pure quark to convert to Fire, then to Water, then to Earth before finally changing to Air Quark, why would anyone even do that?!’

My disbelief seemed to have shown on my face since Elder Qing prodded me with an elbow.

“Master Lin, did you sense something to be making that face?”

I quickly schooled my features back to an image of calmness, “No… I’m just surprised that so many people came this year.”

Elder Qing smiled, “Hmmm, that’s true, I think there’s twice the number compared to the year you came here.”

I breathed a sigh of relief when he didn’t doubt my words.

A hand landed on my shoulder which made me jerk in surprise. Turning back, I see Sect Master Long giving me a grin.

“Master Lin, why don’t you go initiate them to the test? I’m sure they will be more motivated if they see you there.”

I raised an eyebrow, why would they be more motivated to see a Master as young as me there? Surely they will be filled with thoughts of nothing but contempt and jealousy?

“Me? Why would they? I think my presence will do the opposite,” I inquired.

“Ha ha ha!” The Sect Master laughed. “It seems you forgot what a commotion you caused two years ago Master Lin! Everyone in this continent knows your skills and intellect are unmatched and many sought to learn under you, you know?”

Two years ago? When I was promoted to Master rank? Why would they be happy abo– Oh… This is the Earthen Plane, the people aren’t as petty as they are on the other Planes. I completely forgot about that.

But still, I want an easy life. This kind of responsibility doesn’t seem like someone who wants an easy life would do.

“Umm… Sect Master, I don’t think I’m suited to do it.”

“Oh? What are you saying? You don’t need to do anything other than just wishing them well for the test, then use a little of your Pure quark to suppress them as the first test.”

I pursed my lips, trying to think of another excuse to reject the role but an idea struck me. I could actually use this chance to scope out potential disciples!

Sure there are potential disciples within the Sect I could choose from, but they already have their own commitments and responsibilities to attend to, making them a part time disciple at best. If I were to take a disciple from within this new group under my wing, I could train them full time which let’s them aid me in all my responsibilities everyday!

Can’t believe I almost passed up this opportunity.

I gave the Sect Master a smile of mock defeat, “Very well, I shall go see them.”

The Sect Master nodded with a brighter smile before letting go off my shoulder.

I made my way towards the doors of the Grand Hall, still hiding myself within the shadows to take a look at the gathered potential Sect members out in the Grand Courtyard. Some of them came from obviously well to do families judging by the flamboyant clothes they wore while others are less so from their patchwork clothing and dusty looks.

The crowd seemed to congregate into three groups, the ones from the poorer families in the back, the richer second generations at the front while the rest gathered in the middle.

I shook my head slightly, in the Practitioner world, the wealth of your family does not determine your standing in a Sect. Most sects believe in meritocracy and would put more consideration into Practitioners who show talent. I did manage to get to where I was despite coming from a normal common family after all.

I guess this is the difference in ideals between Practitioners and non-Practitioners.

Speaking of which, I should probably visit my family one day, I wonder how they’re doing now?

That was then I noticed a distinct gap between the poorer people and the common people. Within the gap stood a lone person wearing a tattered dirty long cloak with a hood covering their face. The sleeves of the cloak were torn to reveal extremely thin arms that had scars and cuts on them, suggesting the cloak was there to hide the other blemishes underneath.

Seemingly noticing my gaze, the figure looked towards my direction, a flash of piercing yellow eyes meeting my gaze for a moment before disappearing into the shadow of the hood again.

I wonder where have I seen those eyes before?

Shaking my thoughts away, I sucked in a breath before stepping towards the exit of the Grand Hall to the Grand Courtyard outside.

Time to initiate my plan to an easy life!


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