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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 296: This Is Someone Else’s Problem Now, Beach Arc More Important Bahasa Indonesia


The firework the strange old lady had fired off seemed to have caused all the former residents of the city to teleport back into their homes, all of them walking out onto the streets in confusion.

I rolled my eyes, “Ok… Now she’s just showing off.”

“Master, what do we do with him?” Lian Li asked, pointing at the still unconscious second prince that everyone else was ignoring laying on the ground.

“That’s for the Queen to deal with, I do not want to get involved any further than this,” I sighed, squatting down to pick him up.

I also noticed that the inscriptions he had grafted on himself were still there but I chose to leave them there for now.

The citizens started to wander the streets, trying to figure out what exactly happened.

One of them in particular approached Brendan, “H… Hey there, you got any idea if that was a dream?”

Brendan turned towards me, sending a silent plea for help.

Well, I think it’s better to let the Queen handle this, especially since there’s still those Major Houses that want her dead. No need to needlessly complicate things for her.

“We don’t know either, but we’ll go find out,” I answered, beckoning for my disciples to follow me as I made my way back to the restored palace.

Some of the citizens had the same idea and also began making their way towards the palace, hoping that some form of authority could give them the answer they needed.

It’s quite interesting to see no one commenting on the fact that I was carrying the second prince over my shoulder, like it was an everyday occurrence.

We could have teleported there but since I wasn’t sure if the Queen was already there, there wouldn’t be much point if we reached an empty palace while they were still on their way here.

I had honestly expected the place to be empty, but apparently that weird old lady had chosen to teleport the Queen and her procession here as well.

The new Queen worked fast since there were already a couple of guards reassuring the gathering crowd that things will be explained shortly.

When the guards saw us approach, they quickly stepped aside to let us through without question while holding back the curious crowd for us.

Remembering the route towards the throne room, I led my disciples there without a word.

I entered the throne room to find it currently in session, the Queen currently engaged in a discussion with her supporters.

I dumped the second prince unceremoniously on the ground, the sound attracting the attention of everyone else in the room.

“Master! Thank the heavens you are alright!” Guiying cried out when she saw me, rushing towards me from the throne.

The Queen ignored her unconscious brother, stepping over him to get to me. I’m not sure if her lack of attention to him was caused by his normality aura or it’s just the princess not caring about him in general.

Speaking of which, Lian Li seemed to be unaffected by it as well which is rather intriguing.

Ignoring the gazes of all the others in the room she rushed up to me and inspected me from head to toe, making sure I was not hurt anywhere.

“I’m fine, your Highness. I think you should worry about your brother more.”

“My brother?” She asked in genuine confusion. “Who cares about him?”

Ah… This might be a bit troublesome then.

I knelt down and pulled up the second prince’s shirt, inspecting the runes that he grafted on himself while everyone else just looked at me quizzically.

Finding the rune I needed to disable his self grafted inscription, I placed my finger on his flesh and made a cut across the rune.

Li Yong yelped and sat up, awoken by the pain.

Almost immediately, there was the feeling of something akin to a mist lifting up from our shoulders.

I stepped away from him and gestured to the second prince, pulling the attention of the entire room to him.

Guiying looked down, her eyes widening when she saw her brother as though for the first time.

I’m sure by now everyone would be realising what Li Yong had been doing ever since he had the morality aura on.

That’s right, once it gets turned off, people will remember everything you’ve done with it. At least this part of the Technique is still unresolved.

Guiying should be putting him in chains or capturing him to-

“This traitor!” She roared, a golden bolt of lightning blasting out of her hand to pierce through her brother’s torso, burning a big hole through it.

Li Yong could only look down at his destroyed chest in confusion before collapsing back on to the ground, dead.

Well… That was… Unexpected…

I did not expect Guiying to outright kill her brother right there and then…

She turned to me, her face full of regret, “It seems my family has caused nothing but trouble for Master… For that, this Queen deeply apologizes.”

To my surprise, Guiying bowed her head to me. This was not in her role as my disciple’s disciple, but as her position as a monarch of a country.

I expected the others in the room to be outraged or at least surprised by her actions but apparently no one felt that it was out of place.

Just what the hell did Li Yong do using his normality aura that would necessitate Guiying bowing to me?

On second thought, I don’t want to know.

“There’s no need for this Your Majesty, I am merely doing my part as your citizen. Please raise your head.”

She obeyed, showing me a smile plastered on her face.

“This is still not enough for us to repay you. If it weren’t for you, my brother would have done a lot worse things than what he has already done. I must still reward you somehow.”

Well… considering the fact that he did summon a tentacled monster… I’m not sure how much worse he can do. Of course I chose to keep that comment to myself.

She turned to one of her retainers, “Go, announce to the city that the Second Prince’s influence over everyone has been lifted, let them know who the hero of such a feat is!”

The servant bowed and immediately bolted for the door.

That sounds quite important now… Maybe I should actually go find out what he did?


Guiying turned back to me, “Master mentioned that you wanted to have some kind of relaxation, yes?”

I nodded, “And you mentioned something about a beach of some sort?”

“Indeed. The Royal Family has a private summer villa that we use from time to time towards the North. The beach there is quite lovely and the mansion there is well equipped for a long stay. If Master would accept this as my gift to you for your aid, I will gladly prepare the villa for your private use whenever you wish, now and forever.”

I raised an eyebrow, “That is quite a lavish gift isn’t it? Are you sure about this?”

She chuckled, “Master, I fear that the place might not even be suitable for someone of your standing. It is but a modest gift.”

I turned towards my disciples who were looking at me with sparkling eyes.

Well, no reason to deny them of a well-deserved vacation right?

Guess we’ll really get our beach arc after all.

We’ll need to get all the necessary clothing and beach stuff before going there though, and I’m sure Elaria and Odriana will be disappointed if I didn’t invite them so they’ll be coming with us too.

“In that case, I’ll accept this generous gift, Your Majesty. We shall be in your care.”


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