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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 285: Got To Go, Talk To You Later Bahasa Indonesia


“Who dares murder a Celestial?! I, Arch Lector Kyril shall cast Divine Judgement upon the transgressors! For such a despicable act, I shall personally make sure to send you to the darkest depths of the abyss and let you suffer for all of eternity!”

I narrowed my eyes at the elderly bearded man rambling on.

All of them were wearing their patented Celestial togas with their chins tilted up to look down on us.

Seriously though, if someone managed to kill one of you who is supposed to be unkillable, why would you still come here and act so high and mighty when you might just get killed yourself?

Well, seeing that Lilith managed to do it in this state… Does that mean I can too?

I reached out my hand and tried to pull that old man over to me.

Surprisingly, it actually worked.

The old man gasped when my fingers tightened around his throat, his own hands grabbing at my arm in a futile attempt to shake me off.

Holding him felt a little weird, like I was holding something that was there but also not there at the same time. It was like the feeling of putting your hand into a thick layer of fog.

“Arch Lector!” The rest of his posse screamed, obviously panicking from the fact that someone could actually touch them.

“Un… Unhand me this instance!” The old man gasped, struggling against my grip. “Do you not know the consequences of going against a Celestial?!”

Ah yes, I had forgotten about how arrogant they were. I’m still wondering why the other one became so scared after Lilith grabbed him but not this one?

I’m pretty sure I can kill him right now but that’s not my main purpose at this moment.

I tossed the old man to the side, just in time to see Lilith already standing on her feet, her wounds all healed up.

Great… She has high speed regeneration too? Not sure how long I can keep this form of mine up before I get too tired to continue. She seems to have much more experience with it than I do so that’s already a disadvantage for me…

“For you to actually put me on my knees… You have guts, Fallen one…” Lilith whispered, her voice somehow carrying over to me over every other sound. “The only ones I had ever knelt to were my dear parents, to cleanse this humiliation, every witness here shall perish…”

The busybodies finally noticed her when she spoke, all of them freezing up in fear when they saw her.

“Mo… Mother Lilith? How… Why… Why are you here?” The old man stuttered, his entire body visibly shaking.


These guys are simp for her too?

How in the world did I not know about her before all this then? There should have been some records or something if she’s that big of a deal right?

Even the Dark Sect in the Earthen Plane knew about her too, how did I overlook such an important person? I’m pretty sure I’ve read every single book I could get my hands on back at the Royal Spiritual Family’s archives and nothing even mentioned about someone named ‘Lilith’.

Even the Primordial Divine Dragons were mentioned briefly in a half burnt book, though it only talked about the looks of one and not anything else. At least that let me know who killed me back in my previous life instead of making me think it was some unnamed dragon.

From her wings and horns, she must be a demon of some sort, but I do not recall any demonic beings from anywhere within the levels of the Abyss having her name.

Unless ‘Lilith’ is not her real name?

While I was still wondering about her origins, she had already begun slaughtering the busybodies without mercy, going so far as to freeze them in place to rip them apart with her bare hands.

“Mo… Mother Lilith… Mercy… We did not see anything! I swear!” The old man begged.

Lilith sneered at him, “One of your members had the audacity to spatial shift me here! The fact that I am granting you all death is mercy enough!”

Is that really big of a deal? It’s just teleportation right?

“I can’t even go back to that Plane anymore! Could any of you send me back, huh?!” She continued, tearing another of them to pieces.


She can’t go back? Is this like a demon thing?

Like she can’t go to other worlds without being invited or something?

“Which… Which Plane is it? I’m… I’m sure if our best shifters worked together… We would be able to send Mother Lilith anywhere she wanted!” The old man squeaked.

Lilith tossed another corpse of a busybody away while she glared at him with burning eyes, “If I can’t go there myself… Do you think you can shift me in there?”

“S… Surely if… If we can work together with Mother Lilith…”

“The Earthen Plane,” She growled at him.

Everyone went silent at those words.

“The… The Earthen Plane?” The old guy parroted.


I’m really confused now, is our Plane that special? Is it because it’s so weak and fragile that they would destroy our entire Plane if they weren’t careful?

Oh, didn’t that Dark Sect guy mention something about the fabric between worlds being the thinnest for a specific time? I guess if strong beings like them came through the barrier will break and destroy our Plane?

Yep, this sounds like the most plausible thing since that would also explain why I crippled myself when I tried to ascend too, one of the mistakes of my youth that I shall not repeat.

Anyway, if what she is saying is true, how did that busybody guy show up in front of Elaria in the first place? Is he like a permanent resident of our Plane or something?

Lilith grabbed the old man by the collar, “Even you damned Celestials can’t transfer yourselves there if you wanted to, resorting to using fragments of your pseudo-divinity to influence the world there! And the amount of effort you need to just do it once, you think you can actually attempt an actual complete spatial transfer there?!”

Ah… Nice exposition. Guess that explains it. Thank you Lilith.

That would also explain why she managed to pull that guy out of wherever he was without much trouble.

Wait no, why can we even touch these guys? Is it because of the Star Power? Then again, I still have no idea what this Star Power actually is anyway, seems to be quite important seeing how Lilith made such a big deal about it.

If my memory still serves, that tentacle monster also mentioned something about it as well, though I didn’t know he was talking about this back then.

Anyway, I think I’ve heard enough, this might be the best time for me to just slip away while everyone is still distracted.

Hmm? Why can I just hop back to the Earthen Plane you ask?

That can be easily explained by my soul anchor of course! Since I already have a direct link back to the plane, that must be what allows me to travel back to the Earthen Plane freely! So simple.

I focused on my connection back to my home Plane and summoned a portal, releasing my Star Power at the same time.

Everyone immediately turned their heads towards me, their eyes widening in shock when they saw the portal.

“Right, had a fun time with you guys but I got to go now. Leave my home alone yeah?” I waved at them before stepping through the portal.

I only had time to see Lilith’s eyes widened comically, an arm reaching out to me in desperation.

“Wait! Da–“

And then I’m gone. Good riddance.


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