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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 181: The Beatdown Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

I dropped Chris beside his unconscious twin, a short distance away from where Sylphy was.

Mark and the Wendigo had been standing still and staring at each other while I worked, it was rather disconcerting to say the least.

The only thing that has happened between them was the Wendigo pulling out the horns that were stuck in its palms, letting new ones grow out of its head while its palms healed.

Other than that, both of them had just been standing there, silently staring at each other.

“Got them all?” Mark asked, not even taking his eyes off the Wendigo.

I nodded, until I realised that he probably couldn’t see me.

“Yeah, they’re er… Fine I guess?”

“Good,” He cracked his knuckles, tilting his head at the Wendigo. “So, you’re supposed to be some mythical creature huh? Time for you to go back to being a myth then.”

The Wendigo got into a half crouch, its arms spread out menacingly. It was quite obvious that it thinks Mark was an opponent it should take seriously and this was a battle only one will walk away from.

Mark himself just stood still, his posture entirely relaxed and oozing of confidence.

Well, to be honest, if anyone could beat such a monster barehanded, they’d probably have the same amount of confidence, if not more.

The monster roared, swiping it’s left arm at Mark’s head.

I noticed that Mark’s body glowed for a moment before he lifted his arm to block the swipe.

Watching an eighteen year old block a swipe from a monster three times his height was something you don’t get to see everyday.

Unperturbed by its failed attack, the Wendigo raised its other fist and punched at Mark, aiming directly for his face.

That attack was stopped by a raised palm without even a flinch.

As though expecting that attack to fail as well, the Wendigo immediately moved its two smaller arms to swipe at Mark’s torso.

Mark reacted by raising his right foot, his leg kicking out twice to deflect both of its hands away.

With the Wendigo slightly off balance, Mark pulled on the monster’s right arm, bracing the entire monster on his back before flipping it over his head to smash into the ground.

And if that was not enough, Mark went ahead and delivered a straight punch into the downed Wendigo’s head, the impact hard enough to blast a small crater below the monster.

The monster tried to make a grab for his head but the youth merely swatted the arm away like an afterthought before punching the Wendigo in the face again, enlarging the crater.

The monster roared and tried to grab him again with all of its remaining arms.

Most likely just to mock it, Mark punched away each of its arms with his free hand, just so that he could punch it in the face one more time.

Mark released his hold on the Wendigo, stepping back from it to give it a chance to get back up.

The Wendigo did not leave this chance to waste.

Lightning gathered along its right arm, charging up for another attempt at a lightning bolt.

From this distance, I could see Mark roll his eyes before stepping forward, slipping into the Wendigo’s reach.

The Wendigo tried to punch out the accumulated lightning at Mark, only to have the youth slap the fist into the air with the back of his hand to redirect the lightning upwards.

Mark crouched low and buried his fist into the Wendigo’s abdomen, sending it crashing into a nearby tree with a loud boom. The tree groaned before the trunk snapped, crashing down on top of the Wendigo with an even louder boom.

The tree quickly exploded into half, the monster tearing the wood apart like paper as it let out a roar that shook the ground.

It held both pieces of the tree like clubs, swinging the one in its right hand at Mark.

Mark leapt into the air to avoid it, only to have the other part of the tree thrown at him.

He pulled back his fist and punched forward, smashing the trunk into smithereens.

Unfortunately, right behind the smash trunk was the Wendigo leaping at him, the other part of the tree swinging down from over its head.

Mark was smashed into the ground mercilessly, the Wendigo not giving the chance up to repeatedly hammer Mark with its improvised weapon.

At this point, I had erected a barrier of water around my classmates and I. It probably won’t hold for even a second should either of them decide to attack it, but at least I don’t need to worry about the debris that have been flying around from their fight.

Watching the Wendigo continue pummeling Mark into the ground got me rather concerned that no one else had shown up yet. Surely the Elders and Sect Master should be here by now right? There’s no way such an intense battle wouldn’t have woken up the entire Sect by now.

The Wendigo didn’t let up on its pounding, each smash of the trunk sending splinters of wood and dirt flying around the garden.

With no signs of it stopping anytime soon, I got ready to cast a Technique to distract it, hopefully buying Mark enough time to escape from the monster’s attack.

“Huh, that thing really doesn’t get tired huh?” Someone spoke from behind me.

I whirled around to face the voice, finding myself staring straight at Mark leaning against the tree, rolling a stone in between his fingers.

“I thought I’d see how long it’ll take for it to get tired but apparently its stamina is as boundless as its stupidity.”

“Since… Since when…” I muttered, too surprised to form a sentence.

“Since when I got here? When he tried to hit me with that stupid stick of course. You think I’ll actually get hit by something that simple?”

I wisely kept my mouth shut.

He shrugged before stepping forwards to the Wendigo, tossing the stone at it.

The Wendigo stopped when it felt something hit its back, finally looking down to realise that it had been smashing an empty crater all this while.

It was in the midst of turning around when Mark punched it across the face before delivering another punch straight into the Wendigo’s abdomen.

The Wendigo took a step back, a little disoriented from the hits it just received.

Mark took the opportunity to wrench the trunk from its hands, lifting it up to smash it over the monster’s head.

The impact was enough to completely break the tree apart, raining splinters all around him.

It tried to roar out in rage but Mark just sent an uppercut into the underside of its jaws, snapping its mouth close with enough force to break off a few of its teeth.

The Wendigo stumbled backwards, only to have Mark take hold of its two smaller arms and brace his left foot on its stomach.

His body glowed again before he kicked his foot out, tearing off the Wendigo’s limbs from their sockets.

The roar of pain it gave out was deafening to say the least.

Mark tossed the limbs aside, leaping forward to give a roundhouse kick across the Wendigo’s face.

Without letting up on his assault, he used the foot that he landed on as a pivot to deliver another straight kick into the Wendigo’s knee, breaking the bones with a loud snap.

The Wendigo collapsed on its good knee, its head ending up just slightly above Mark’s height.

He grabbed it by its antlers and pulled downwards, his knee going straight to the monster’s jaw with a loud crunch, breaking off the rest of its teeth.

“Ate the candies didn’t you? You like eating so much, then eat this!”

He reached out his hand and summoned one of the severed limbs into his grasp, stuffing it into the Wendigo’s mouth and giving its face another punch when it struggled to push him off.

Mark reached down and grabbed the Wendigo by its throat, his body now glowing visibly with the light getting brighter with each passing second.

The sound of the Wendigo’s flesh sizzling could be heard from here, the monster thrashing around frantically, trying and failing to throw Mark off.

All of the punches and clawing just rebounded off of Mark, not even moving him an inch.

Slowly, the monster began to burn up, its body flaking away into ashes to be carried off by the wind.

Mark took a step back to observe his handiwork. It took a good minute before the body was entirely burned up, leaving no trace of it behind.

Just as I thought it was over, a spectral appeared hovering in the air, its shape two times larger than the physical body it had been inhabiting.

“Ah yes. When your physical body dies, the spirit gets released to possess another body huh?” Mark grinned.

Well… This must be why Sylphy said we can’t kill it. Even if we burn the body, there’s no way we can kill what is ethereal since it–

Mark’s body glowed again and he reached his right arm forward, grabbing the spectre by its neck.

At that moment, the plants started to grow around him, even the trees that had been smashed and broken started to sprout out of their broken trunks, almost instantly reaching maturity.

“You think I’m done eh? Fat chance! Get sent to the Abyss you little shit! Tell Abaddon I said hi!” Mark roared.

He squeezed and the spectre gave a final howl of pain before it disappeared.

The garden was dead silent.

“All in a day’s work I say,” Mark grinned at me, showing no signs of him having killed a supposedly unkillable monster just moments before.

I am a little concerned now…


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