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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 18: Fake Transitioning Bahasa Indonesia

(Eris POV)

“This is Eris, I rescued her from some bandits that was holding her captive.”

I stood rigidly slightly behind my new target as he introduced me to the three girls in front of him.

He had already cut my long dirty hair into a bob cut, my fringe stopping just above my eyebrows. My tattered clothes were changed to a set of clean shirt and pants found in the bandit’s store. The clothes hung loosely around me as I was still too thin to fit in it.

Their stares are honestly quite intense.

Do they know I’m acting?

I think the two older girls are this man’s disciples? And the little girl who is clinging to his leg is his daughter?

“Master? Is she our new sister?” The golden haired one asked.

“Yes and no. She’s not a Practitioner, but I’ll be teaching her some skills to protect herself.”

I quickly bowed to them, “Umm! Umm! My name is Eris! I am Master’s servant! Please take care of me!”

“Mmmm… I am Lian Li, Master’s first disciple. Nice to meet you,” The golden haired girl greeted.

“My name is Manami, Master’s second disciple, pleased to make your acquaintance.” The fox youkai bowed.

“I am Cai Hong!” The little girl said simply while grasping on to Master’s leg with a dainty hand.

“Master, do you mind us getting to know our new sister better?” Lian Li asked.

This girl definitely knows I’m faking my submissiveness… I need to find a way to escape…

Master smiled at her question, “Mmm. Go ahead. It’s good to get along.”

That smile… Don’t tell me this guy knew I was faking as well?!

That can’t be! No man has ever discovered my ruse before! It’s true that some women has uncovered my mask before but that was in the past where my skills were still lacking!

Who are these people?!

Lian Li reached out her hand to me, “Come with us. There are many things we need to… Educate you about…”

I didn’t even get to choose whether or not to hold that hand.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting down on a chair and a leather bound book with an intricately designed cover was placed on the table in front of me.

“‘The Holy Words of the Divine Being, Our Lord and Saviour, Most Benevolent and Eternal Master’?” I read the title aloud.

“We’re still working on the title, but the content is good enough for now,” Lian Li explained.

Well, I don’t know about this. That guy’s food was heavenly after all but I think it might be a little far-fetched to call him a Divine Being just because of that.

But still… Mmm… That plate of rice was nice…

No! Now’s not the time to think about food! How do I get out of here?!

“Master has chosen you to be one of us. As his Apostle, you must be more familiar with the Holy Text as compared to anyone else,” Manami stated.

I looked towards Cai Hong who was sucking on a lollipop that guy had given her.

Sensing my gaze, she pulled out the lollipop from her mouth with a ‘pop’.

“Papa’s the best! Cai Hong wants everyone to know Papa is the best Papa!” The girl announced proudly.

Somehow I felt there was a subtle threat behind her words.

I initially only wanted to get myself attached to him to get protection and food, but I didn’t expect to be involved with this too…

Could these girls be influenced by his food?

“Umm… Is his food really that good for you to do this?” I asked.

The three girls stopped moving.

“His… Food?”

“Master’s… Cooking?”

“Papa’s… Yummy?”

Eh? What’s with that reaction?

Lian Li leaned close to me, her hands gripping the armrest of the chair.

“You’ve… Eaten Master’s personally cooked food?”

“Eh? Umm, yes?”

The armrests were torn off, the table got pulverised and the lollipop was crushed.

“Manami… The Holy Text needs revision.”

“Agreed… Cai Hong?”

The small girl nodded, “Cai Hong will ask Papa to cook.”

The three girls turned to me with bloodthirsty eyes, I was sweating a lot by now.

“We shall initiate you first,” Lian Li announced before the three of them advanced upon me.

What did I get myself into?



“This… Is… Heaven…”

“Master… My mate… Bliss~~”

“Papa is the best…”

“I’m so glad to be alive… Master truly is Divine…”

I stared at the four girls’ blissful faces.

That Eris just had to blabber to them about my cooking didn’t she?

I thought I could take a break after reporting to Markus about the dead Adventurers, he had even told me the bandits turned themselves in as well.

But Cai Hong had came up to me with teary eyes, pulling on my robe while sucking on a finger.

“Papa? Cook?”

Behind her, Lian Li and Manami were watching with sparkly eyes too,

Well, not like I intended to hide it either. All the while when we had been camping out, the girls were the ones taking care of the food so I didn’t really have a chance to try cooking by myself here.

So far, I made a few things I remembered like French Fries, Pork Cutlet, Pizza and Fried Dumplings.

Somehow Eris joined halfway through as well. Her aura feels a bit… Different? Not sure why though. Not to mention that glow I had seen in her eyes seemed to have… Disappeared?

This girl probably has an addiction to food now.

Well… It’ll be easier to convince her to learn how to cook then.

Now that these four are fed, I should do some planning for our future.

I would definitely bring my disciples to the annual Sect Showcase Festival happening a few months from now, before that I would have to bring them back to Heaven Sect to at least acquaint them with the other Sect members.

I would push Manami and Lian Li to be promoted to Inner Core Practitioner as well, don’t want them joining the festival as Outer Core Practitioners and wrecking the low ranks in the Festival. They might become complacent and that would stunt their growth.

I guess spending another month here doing Requests and training should be sufficient enough before we have to go.

Lian Li, Manami and Cai Hong will learn to use their Quarks, while Eris will learn swordsmanship and cooking.

Perfect plan.

I shook the girls out of their food coma and prepared them for their daily lessons.


(Manami POV)

Gathering my Elemental Quarks in my Cultivation Point, I tried to convert them to the elements I am most familiar with.

My Space Quark manifested itself after a few seconds, but the moment I tried to summon my Astral Quark, the Space Quark immediately dematerialised.

It seems like I still have a long way to go, Master’s multicasting was truly a sight to behold.

Master truly is a Divine Being by how profound his knowledge is. The multiple Cultivation Techniques and knowledge he possess seems to be completely out of this world.

A sigh resounded from my side, prompting me to look at my fellow sister. It seems like Lian Li was having trouble learning Master’s profound technique as well.

We were currently seated in an open field outside the city where Master had deemed suitable for our lesson.

Both of us had been making great strides in our cultivation ever since Master took us in, his lessons were easy to understand and his patient guidance was more than what we could ask for.

Perhaps sensing a little arrogance surfacing in us, he showed us this profound technique to humble us.

Even Cai Hong had difficulty mastering it despite her true race as a Dragon.

She had already curled herself under a nearby tree and fallen asleep while hugging her favourite robe.

She was still a child, so it came as no surprise she was easily tired.

Looking straight ahead, I see Master instructing our newest sister in the way of the sword. Master’s mesmerising form while dancing with his blade is truly captivating. Looking at how Eris was staring at Master the entire time, I would wager she feels the same as well.

It’s good that she has understood and accepted Master’s greatness, or we might just arrange an accident for her lies.

Still, for Master to not only be a Master Practitioner and Master chef but also a Master Swordsman as well, I truly wonder if there is something Master could not do.

To have such a perfect being as my destined mate… I need to double my efforts to bed Master.

Oh? It seems like Master is done with Eris and is bringing her here. I guess that’s the cue for our break time.

“Manami, Lian Li. That’s enough for now, take a break. Eris, clean yourself of your sweat.”

“Yes Master,” the three of us obeyed.

Master retrieves a blanket from his storage ring and drapes it over Cai Hong, stroking her head as he did so.

“Master? Shall I massage you?” Lian Li asked.

Ara, ara?

It seems she’s becoming more and more proactive.

She probably feels left out because Master has taken a liking to brushing my tails.


Just imagining his hands stroking my fur is making my toes curl.


It seems Master has given consent for Lian Li to massage his shoulders.

Ara, ara. Lian Li, your face is quite perverted right now you know? Just make sure Master doesn’t see that face on you.

I sashayed my way towards Master, trying my best not to pounce on him when I got close.

“Master? Could I trouble you to brush my tails again?”

Master just smiled at me while patting the space in front of him.




I had to stifle my moans now and then but I couldn’t stop my tails from curling around Master’s arms. His hands are just too heavenly!

Just as I was immersing myself to enjoying Master’s heavenly touch, a rude voice entered my ears.

“Hey! You there! What are you doing intruding on my, this young master’s, turf?!”


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