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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 179: The Prelude Of A Beatdown Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

“I think it’s time to drop this damn farce.”

The Wendigo seemed just as surprised as I was to hear that voice, both of us turning at the same time to see who was the owner of said voice.

“Mark…” I choked, rather glad that he was actually not eaten by the Wendigo already.

But for him to show up in front of the monster like this… He should have just ran and alerted the Elders instead of trying to rescue us. The twins tried it, and they’re most probably dead or dying right now.

“Run… Mark…” I gasped through the Wendigo’s strangling.

Unfortunately, Mark must have not heard my words since he strode forward instead of running away.

At least the Wendigo seemed to be more interested in the newcomer than killing me through strangulation at the moment, its grip on my throat eased a little and allowed me to breathe somewhat.

Mark raised his hand, revealing that he was holding three pills of some kind between his fingers.

With a deft flick of his hand, the pills flew in three different directions, each of them depositing itself cleanly inside Sylphy’s, Chris’s and Kris’s mouths.

Like a miracle, their wounds began to heal visibly. Even the gaping hole in Kris’s stomach was closing up at an astonishing speed. Is that some kind of godlike pill that he received from a powerful being?

“Must feel very proud of yourself huh? Bullying a group of kids?” Mark said, mocking clear in his voice. “Bet your ugly wrinkled butt can’t even get laid so that’s why you’re here to pick on kids like this? Or maybe you just like bullying kids that much?”

The Wendigo dropped me, leaving me gasping for breath on the ground.

“Heh, yeah, that’s right. I said your butt was ugly and wrinkled. Oh wait, that’s your face. Seems like I mistook your butt for your damn stupid face.”

The monster roared and charged towards Mark in a fit of rage.

I thought Mark might take this moment to run but contrary to my expectations, he just smirked at the monster and stood his ground.

I was expecting an Elder or even the Sect Master to pop out and subdue the Wendigo by how confident Mark was, but seeing nothing come up even when the Wendigo was within arms reach of Mark concerned me.

My fears were soon revealed to be unfounded when Mark ducked under the Wendigo’s claw swipe smoothly, standing up almost immediately after that to give the monster an uppercut in the jaw.

Having borne the brunt of the monster’s weight just moments before, the last thing I expected that punch to do was launching the monster five feet up into the air before crashing back on the ground a good distance away.

The Wendigo leapt back on its feet quickly, snarling at Mark.

“I see your vocabulary is quite limited,” Mark snarled back. “Ah, but then again, you weren’t really that eloquent in your human form either. Not sure if it has something to do with your host’s intelligence or you’re just that stupid.”

The Wendigo roared again, this time opting to gather another lightning bolt in his fist to throw at Mark.

Mark’s grin grew wider, slowly strolling up towards the Wendigo without a care in the world.

Passing by me, he tossed me one of the pills that he had pulled from god knows where, letting me catch it with my good hand.

“Eat that, you’ll feel better,” He informed me with a full faced smile before continuing his stroll towards the Wendigo.

I didn’t even have time to look at the pill before the Wendigo fired off the lightning towards him.

Mark’s response was to just casually bring up his arm and smack the lightning away with the back of his fist. The lightning struck the ground a distance away harmlessly, dissipating into nothingness.

“Amateur,” Mark sighed. “I’m guessing your Technique proficiency is reliant on your host’s. Too bad your host was kind of crap in that department too.”

Mark’s figure blurred before appearing in the air above the Wendigo, his fist pulled back above him.

I watched in fascination as the young man brought his fist down on top of the monster’s head, smashing it into the ground with a loud crack.

He landed in front of the Wendigo’s head, his right arm reaching down to grab one of its antlers while bracing his foot against the top of its head.

With a sharp pull, the antler was ripped right off, the monster screaming out in pain while thrashing about on the ground.

“Huh, I didn’t actually think that would hurt for you,” he remarked, tossing the horn in the air and catching it in an underhand grip. “You want it back? Here.”

He stabbed the antler into the monster’s left palm that had been reaching for him, the supposedly impenetrable skin broken easily by its own horns.

“Ah, whoops, wrong place, my bad. Hahaha,” Mark laughed awkwardly.

His other hand reached up just in time to catch the Wendigo’s right wrist, holding the giant limb away from him without any evidence of strain.

Using both the Wendigo’s wrist and the impaled antler as leverage, he lifted up the foot that had been stepping on the Wendigo’s face before smashing it down again. The impact enough to create a crater in the ground at where its head had been.

“In case you haven’t realised, I’m quite pissed. All I wanted was to just have a simple school arc where I get to face slap some upstart young master and what did I get? You. And you think you can go eat what I made without any consequences? Huh? You bet your damn face I’m not going to stop beating you until I’m satisfied.”

That… Is not something I thought I’ll hear from someone facing an Elder Wendigo.

And eat something he made? What is he talking about? Was he cooking something this late in the night?

He smashed the Wendigo’s head one more time with his foot before reaching down to grab its other horn.

This one was broken quickly and stabbed into the Wendigo’s other arm even more quickly. The action was so smooth that I almost missed it.

The Wendigo reared upwards, throwing Mark away from him as it roared out in pain.

Mark flipped himself in the air and landed on his feet in front of me, taking the time to look back at my utterly flabbergasted face.

He nodded towards my open palm, “Still not eating the pill yet? It’s a healing pill, don’t need to worry.”

I looked down and quickly tossed the pill in my mouth, swallowing it without a second thought.

Almost immediately I could feel all my wounds healing, something that I had no idea possible even with the most expensive of healing elixirs.

He nodded at me before gesturing to the other unconscious students, “If you’re free, help me move those guys together will you? The Elders and Sect Master should be coming soon and I still have quite a lot of anger I’d like to vent on this guy here.”

He turned back to face the Wendigo, rolling up his sleeves as he strutted towards the monster. The Wendigo was now hunched over while staring at Mark, two of its larger limbs hanging loosely by its side with its antlers still stuck in its palms.

If I didn’t know better, I would have thought the monster here was Mark…


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