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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 164: It’s Tough To Be A God Bahasa Indonesia


“I’m sorry… What?” I asked again.

Sylphy frowned at me, “You’re a Fallen God aren’t you? I’m guessing one of the Nature ones? You’re a victim of The Fall too right? Or did you do something else to end up here?”

I glanced around the courtyard, the rest of the new students were fully concentrated in their own meditation and Elder Gong was specifically avoiding looking in my direction.

I turned back to her, “Look… Sylphy, I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about right now.”

Instead of being offended, she just smiled at me, “I see. A curse of silence is it? I understand. I just wanted to let you know that you have a fellow comrade here at least. My ‘fall’ took place quite a long time after the events of The Fall and judging by your current body’s age, you should be the same too, right?”

I wisely kept my mouth shut and just stared at her. I really hope she’s not a chuunibyou like my little sister Elaria���

What? I can’t be too sure nowadays alright?! First Diao Chan… Then Elaria… Then my entire hometown. What’s stopping this girl to be the next one huh?

For all I know, she may have been a resident there and moved here.

She continued her monologue on her own accord, “From what I know, I think there might be a second ‘fall’ happening soon and this is just the beginning. I don’t even know how many more Gods would ‘fall’ at the rate that things are going. Don’t suppose you have an idea why this is happening?”

I shook my head slowly.

“I see… Oh well… Let me introduce myself again, I am Sylvestris, former goddess of the air currents of the God Realm. One of the overseers of the passage between worlds. May I know your respected name?”

Without thinking, I answered her, “My name is Jeff.”

Her eyes widened, “Geof? You mean… You’re Geoffrei Godefridus?! The Nature God of Life and Bloom?! Forgive my rudeness, sire! But… What happened to make someone like you ‘fall’?!”

You have a god named ‘Jeff’?

I think at this point I’ve already dug a hole too deep for me to shimmy myself out of and I think I’ve already learnt some things that I most likely shouldn’t… So right now, I think it would be wiser for me to keep up the ruse of whoever she thinks I am.

Thus… I just stared at her, keeping my mouth shut.

She slaps her forehead, “Ah, forgive me sire… The curse of silence. My apologies. But that means that… She was the one who made you ‘fall’ in the first place right? Could this be related to the events of The Great Loss?”

I could only stare at her blankly before shrugging my shoulders. I hate it when they play the pronoun game and I can’t ask who they are talking about.

She scratched her chin, “This is strange… This body used to be just a vessel I used to inspect the world from time to time. But a few days ago, after one of the reincarnators I sent here was killed, I was immediately made to ‘fall’. Was there a new rule about transmigrators?”

Godamnit woman! Are you sure these are things that I ought to be hearing?! Why are things getting more and more complicated?!

Of course I didn’t say that out loud but just shook my head.

“I see…” She nodded. “In that case… Please, if there is anything you need from me, do not hesitate to say. I will assist you to the best of my abilities.”

I nodded my head slowly and she turned around to head back to her spot, joining the rest in the cultivation lesson.

Ok. Let me take a moment to think.

I just found out that for some reason, plants start to grow around me when I focus on circulating my quarks while my consciousness is within it. This has never happened before so it must be something recent that caused it.

Secondly… Sylphy is actually a ‘fallen god’ or so she claimed, though there is still no proof that whatever she said was true and she wasn’t just being all chuuni about it.

She did mention about a ‘God Realm’ which I have not even heard nor read about before, so I don’t even know if it exists or not.

But then again, there’s already giant, black, oozing, slimy, multi-legged, hundred-eyed tentacle monsters in existence so I wouldn’t be surprised if what she was saying was fact.

So that brings me to the next question, what do I do with this knowledge?

Why, the most obvious thing of course.

Absolutely nothing.

Is having a nice, quiet life where I have my disciples take care of me while I just relax and spend my time teaching them too much to ask for? Did I do something that is making this harder than it should be?

You know what, don’t answer that.

Oh well, this Gods’ business can remain as the Gods’ business, I shan’t concern myself over this thing as a lowly mortal. Yes, that sounds like a plan.

That’s good right? Not concerning myself with such problems? That would help put a semblance of normality back in my life right?

Well putting that aside, I’m still unsure as to why the plants started growing so crazily during today’s meditation. This is the first time such a thing has occurred to my knowledge… Even when I had cultivated in the middle of a forest during that day I was farming for Monster Crystals, the plants remained completely normal.

Was this because of Sylphy then?

I guess I’ll just have to try it out when she’s not around to make sure.

Then again… Maybe I should just try again to see if it’s not a one off thing?

I settled down in my seated position and closed my eyes once more.

Letting my consciousness drift back into my Cultivation Point again, the stars started to blink and hum at my return.

Sucking in a deep breath before exhaling slowly, I started the circulation of my Elemental Quarks.

Like before, the stars started to hum along and the humming got louder with each circulation. I waited until the humming reached a significant volume before I stopped the circulation abruptly.

Looking down at myself, I found vines had already started growing and curling around parts of my body.

The ones that I had torn off previously had also somehow started growing again and doing the same thing.

I looked around and this time, no one had paid any attention to me, all of them still concentrated in their own cultivation.

Deciding I didn’t want to end up being stuck in a vegetation cocoon, I pried the newly grown vines off of me and stopped my cultivation for today.

With nothing else to do, I decided I could do with a nap.

And so, I closed my eyes again, and went straight to sleep, right there in the corner of Elder Gong’s courtyard while in the middle of his lesson.

I’m sure that no one would mind, right?

After all, this is the perks of me being me after all. Heh, heh, heh.

Speaking of which… The question of what I should do with Brendan’s potential as a future villain still remains.

I mean… I never really cared for the Bei Family but they seem to be doing a fine job in ruling this continent right? Maybe I should ask what exactly his beef is with them to make him want to overthrow them.

Yeah, I’ll probably just ask him later when we go back to our rooms.

And as for Sylphy, or Sylvestris… Well. I guess she can just continue doing whatever as long as it doesn’t concern me.

Gods are the least of my problems now anyway.

But seriously though… How did a side job of rooting out bullies transform into this?


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