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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 152: Burn The Bridges Because Who Needs Them Anyway? Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)

I stepped over the burning gates, making my way to the large building that I assumed to be the main hall for the Xi Family.

Curiously, no one else came to stop me this time and I reached the doors to the hall unmolested.

Burning open the doors, I could see why.

It seems like every remaining member of the Xi family was gathered within the hall, all of them armed to the teeth and prepared for my arrival. There were at least fifty of them here, all of them sporting unfriendly faces at my arrival.

I let a smile materialise on my face, “Ara ara? Such a big group to welcome the little me? I’m honored.”

A middle-aged man that had been sitting on an ornate chair at the back stood up, his extravagant clothes and haughty demeanor immediately outing him as the Main Head of the Xi Family.

The man had an arrogant smirk on his face, “Little lady, I’m sure you can see you by now that the odds are not in your favour.”

“Ufufufu~ It seems so.”

The man’s smirk grew wider, “Indeed. So if you would just surrender, I might even be able to spare your life as long as you become my woman.”

Ufufufufu~ Master is indeed right on all accounts. He had specifically told us how the typical male villains will always think with their smaller head when they meet a female opponent.

I gave him a coy smile, “Ara? Interested in me, are you?”

“Don’t assume too much of yourself. I merely grew tired of my other fox concubine since she doesn’t have as many tails as you do.”

“Ufufufu~ I am honored to have caught your attention then. But are you sure you’re man enough for me?”

“Hahaha! I assure you, I take on three girls every night! You will not be dissatisfied!”

What a pitiful creature this thing is…

Master, I sincerely request for another mofu mofu session. Last night’s session was just absolutely heavenly! Ahhh~~ Just remembering his hands brushing through my tails and the face he was making while hugging it to sleep…

UFUFUFUFU! Just absolutely precious!

Did you know that Master sometimes says our name while he sleeps? Ahhh~~ Just make me want to hug him and pat him and kiss him and touch him and… And… Ehehehe~~

“So if you agree to be my woman, prostrate yourself now and swear your life to me.”

A disgusting voice pulled me out from my wonderful day dreams.

I glared at the owner of the voice.

Everyone in the room unconsciously took a step back when they saw the intensity behind my gaze.

“Piece of trash… Do you know how much Master has suffered because of you?” I seethed, my eyes boring into his. “To first send those two pieces of filth to wreck the celebration that Master had put all his heart into planning… Then sully his beloved Sect with some silly brainwashing after he returns… Death is too sweet of a fate for you.”

The man’s face immediately turned ugly, “I gave you a chance to live and you squandered it… Hmph! Don’t think I will give you a quick death! I’ll keep you in the dungeons while I slowly torture you until you break! Men! Deal with her!”

“Hold on.” A voice cut through the air before the men could make a move.

I looked to the side to see a rather young looking man standing near one of the Hall’s pillars, hiding within its shadow.

“Elder Zi Ao… I did not know you were here. Don’t you think it’s a bit overkill to have an Elder from the Dark Sect here?” The old trash remarked.

“Hmm… The higher ups thought that you might be targeted, so they sent me to keep any eye out. It seems that their worries were not unfounded,” The Zi Ao guy remarked, stepping out from the shadows.

He scrutinised me from top to bottom, “So… You’re High Priestess Manami of the infuriating ‘Master’s Church’ yes?”

“Ufufufu~ It seems like my reputation precedes me. Unfortunately I do not know of a nameless trash like you.”

“Hmph. All of you cultists are just as full of yourself as they say.”

“Ara, ara? My confidence is backed up by my strength, could you say the same, trash? Now I need to know if you are combustible trash or not?”

He scoffed at me, “I’m only here to ask if you would consider joining us instead? It is obvious you have power and we can provide you the way to obtain even more.”

“Ufufufu~ You are sorely mistaken. I live and breathe for my Master. Power is just a bonus. Is there any other last words, trash?”

He gestured towards the other side of the Hall where there were more than fifty men still waiting to attack me, “In case you haven’t noticed, you’re still at a disadvantage. I would watch your words if I were you.”

These people really are amusing.

“Ufufufu~ Even if you increase the number of combustible trash, you can just get rid of them all by burning, no?”

To prove my point, I gave a wave of my tail and ignited all the Fire Elemental Quarks in the air.

Most of the men immediately combust into flames, screaming out in agony as they crash against their fellow comrades in an attempt to put out the fire.

The organised line of defense quickly dissolved into a screaming burning mess with the men rolling around on the floor and running into each other.

Flames began licking up towards the walls and soon, the fire spread all around the hall. The Main Head of the Xi Family cowered in his seat, unable to run anywhere as a ring of fire formed around him.

I will not kill him yet, no. He is reserved for a very special session back within the church. I’m sure Delta and Diao Chan would love to have a chance to ‘play’ with him.

“That… You… How?” The Zi Ao guy spluttered.

“Ara ara? Don’t tell me this trash doesn’t even know what happened? And you call yourself an Elder? Ufufufufu~ How worthless can you be?”

He scrunched up his eyebrows, “To think Master Lin has created monsters like you… He is a much more serious threat than we thought… To think we had overlooked him since he was a useless shut in before.”

“Ara? Ara, ara? You dare defame Master? YOU DARE DEFAME MASTER?!”

Rage swelled up within me as I heard this piece of trash’s words.

From deep within me, power began filling up my limbs as I sought to tore this trash limb from limb.

“What? More tails? Who are–“

I silenced him by tossing more fireballs in his direction, there was no way I will let him defile my beloved Master’s name any further!

He leapt to the side to avoid it, but I was already rushing towards him with my hands out in a claw shape

He saw me too late and my fingers swiped across his face, cutting through flesh and bone. There was a small ‘pop’ sound when my middle finger dug through both his eyes, digging them out from their sockets to splatter against the ground.

Not wanting to have my ears tainted by his scream, I pivoted on the ball of my foot before sending a blast of fire towards his chest.

The supposed Master smashed against the wall, hanging on it weakly.

He spat out the blood in his mouth, “Ugh… You are not a youkai… You’re a monster…”

I strolled up to him, grabbing his chin to forcefully wrench him back on his feet, “I am Master’s mate and devoted disciple. Nothing more and nothing less. To think even trash like you dare to harbour ill will towards such a benevolent figure… We really need to do some cleansing.”

“Ha… Ha… Damn… Telepor–“

My hand stabbed into his gut, “Trying to run? Ufufufu~ I don’t think so. You will have to spill everything you know first.”

I turned my gaze towards the Xi Family Head who was now hiding behind his chair, “And you too. Didn’t you want me? I’m coming to you now, ok?”

“No… No! No! Mercy! Please! I just did what the Dark Sect told me! I had nothing to do with anything!”

“Ufufufu~ It matters not. Didn’t I say already? I’m here to kill everyone. You two just happen to be lucky to get to die a bit later than everyone else here~”

I stepped over my fire while dragging the Zi Ao guy by his guts, slowly making my way towards the Family Head.

After I’m done depositing these two to be interrogated, I’ll come back here to thoroughly burn this place to the ground.

Ufufufu~ I wonder if I can get Master to fluff me tonight too? I really need some fluffing from all the stress I accumulated here.


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