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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 151: We’re Building It Up, To Break It Back Down Bahasa Indonesia

(Guo Shi POV) [The Xi Family Enforcer]

“Kill her! Do not hold back!” The Elder in charge of security roared.

The fox youkai just laughed, “Ufufufu~ All for Master!”

Hell broke loose.

A part of me wanted to run but there was a tiny part at the back laughing, “Run where?”

So instead, I just unsheathed my sword and stood a little ways back, watching the guards rush towards the fox youkai with their spears and swords.

The fox youkai placed a delicate finger on her chin as a bone chilling smile spread across her lips.

Her tails retracted before suddenly shooting outwards in different directions, the supposedly fluffy tails turning into deadly spikes as they impaled themselves on several of the guards.

Heedless of their fallen comrades, the others who were fortunate enough to avoid the tail spikes continued their bullish charge towards the fox.

Even from where I stood, I could see her smile widen.

Her right hand reached out and a small ball of fire appeared in her palm.

I almost scoffed at her until a giant gout of flame blasted out from it, engulfing everyone that had been running towards her front in a sea of flames.

The men didn’t even have time to scream before their bodies were burned to ash, scattering into the wind.

Her tails retracted and the men who were stabbed slid to the ground lifelessly.

“Ara? Is this the best that Xi Family has to offer?”

The Elder gritted his teeth, “Enforcers! Form a line of defense! We’ll hold her here until the Elde–“

His head suddenly exploded into flames, disintegrating into nothingness.

“Ufufufu~ Did you think I’ll wait here and let you do whatever you want? How naive~ I’m here to kill everyone you know?”

I took a few steps back.

The more foolish amongst us gave a warcry before charging towards her, thinking their fate would be different from the footsoldiers that had died in vain moments before.

She gave a wave of her hand and multiple spears of fire appeared above her head, each of them impaling an attacker through the chest.

As though that wasn’t enough, the flames from the spear slowly spread itself outwards, burning the men alive as they screamed and clawed away at their chests in agony.

I took the chance to dive into a pile of corpses nearby, hiding myself under the arm of a guard with a giant hole in his body.

Am I disgracing myself? Maybe.

But keeping your face here won’t keep you alive against someone like her.

A few of the smarter ones tried to run back towards the main house but each and every one of them were mercilessly struck down by fireballs conjured from the tips of her tails.

“Ufufufu~ That’s right, all of you who were foolish enough to stand against Master shall be baptised in fire~ Now burn!”

She swung her arm in an arc and a wave of heat washed over the compound.

Everyone who had been standing at that point of time spontaneously combust into flames. Their agonised screams filled the courtyard as they tried to put out the fire fruitlessly.

“That’s enough out of you, demon!” A voice called out from the roof.

I chanced a look upwards, finding a middle aged man wearing Practitioner robes glaring down at the fox.

“Ara, ara? And who might you be?”

The man flicked his sleeve, “Hmph! Listen well monster! I am Luo Suo! A former Elder of the Sky–“

A flame spear blasted through his chest before he could even finish his introduction.

“Ufufufu~ I don’t actually care who you are. Everyone here is just combustible trash to me~”

The dead body of the Elder fell from the roof in a heap, joining the mound of burning dead bodies that now littered the compound.

I swallowed, trying to calm my quivering body. I really should have left this place yesterday…

The fox clasped her hands together in prayer while looking up into the sky, “Ah~~ The sounds of burning baptism! Master! Can you feel it? This heat… It’s barely comparable to the heat within me when I am near you~ Ufufufu~ For the perfect world that you deserve, this lowly fox shall raze these trash in your glorious name!”

This girl is mental…

Is this what a cultist looks like?

Oh wait… I’m actually part of one too aren’t I?

Right now I’m just hoping beyond hope that she moves on from this place without noticing me. Hopefully no one else shows up here so she will move deeper into the house to slaughter whoever is there and I can escape through the unguarded gate.

But of course fate had other plans in store for me.

The doors that led deeper into the house burst open, revealing a rather young man with an air of arrogance about him.

He took one look at the fox and sneered, “Oh? I was told that there was a very strong monster causing trouble at our gates so I came to take a look. Didn’t think it would just be a rabid vixen snarling at our door.”

A ball of fire immediately blasted towards his face.

But instead of burning him like it did the rest, the fire exploded on a dark shield that was erected in front of him, absorbing the fire into it.

“Heh heh, I’m one of the ‘Spears’ of the Dark Sect tasked to protect this place,” The man grinned. “Don’t think I’m that simple, little vixen. I specialise in negating any Elemental attacks! Your skills are useless on me!”

“Ara, ara? The trash is talking back? This won’t do…” The fox sighed, leaning her cheek on a palm. “Whatever should I do with non-combustible trash?”

“Heh heh, an arrogant vixen are you? Just because you have a little bit of power you think you’re able to trample on others? Feel my power and despair then!”

The man thrusted out his arms to his sides, prompting two balls of darkness to form.

Instead of being cautious about what he was doing, the fox just took one of her tails in her hands, busying with brushing the tip with her fingers.

The Dark Sect ‘Spear’ clapped his palms together, combining the two balls of darkness in front of him.

“All Blackness!”

The ball expanded outwards to cover the entire compound, snuffing out all the fires almost immediately.

An extremely uncomfortable weight settled on my back, pushing me hard into the ground.

Breathing became next to impossible as I struggled to stay conscious, the dead body on top of me was not helping in the slightest either.

“Ara? Was that supposed to do something?” I heard the fox ask.

“You… How?! How are you not affected?!”

“Ufufufu~ No need to be so surprised, I am simply stronger than you, that’s all.”

“Impossible! This is a Master level Technique! You’re just a nine tails!”

The fox clucked her tongue, “What an annoyingly loud trash… Well since I can’t burn you…”

The tail that she had been grooming shot forward, impaling the man through the heart and pulling out with the heart still beating on its tip.

The weight immediately disappeared, allowing me to breathe again.

The Dark Sect ‘Spear’ looked at his heart that was embedded on the fox’s tail with a blank expression, his hand reaching for it as though to take it back.

He only managed to take a single step forward before crumpling onto the ground, never to move again.

And here I thought he might actually stand a chance against her…

She flicked her tail to let the heart splatter against the wall, “How boorish… I had even expected him to have some form of protection in place for that… Oh well, I should move on to burn the rest of this place down then.”

I heaved a sigh of relief.

Until she turned towards me and looked me straight in the eye, “That is… After I burn everything here of course. Ufufufu~”

A fireball was chucked towards my direction.

I really should have left yesterday…


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