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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 142: Everyone Did An Oopsie Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

Something was wrong.

We had just returned from obliterating the slaver camp when Manami pointed out movement from within our camp site.

It seems that taking a bath before returning allowed these hoodlums to enter our camp uninvited.

Well, the bath was unavoidable since we were quite soaked from head to toe in monster entrails and it took quite a while to get all of them out from our hair.

But for there to be cockroaches crawling all around the campsite where our Master is resting is an unforgivable blunder on our part.

I hope Master is still sleeping peacefully and undisturbed in his tent right now…

All of us snuck towards the edge of the camp, hoping beyond hope that Master was still safe and sound within his tent.

Cai Hong definitely could handle herself without any problems, but Master’s magnanimous heart might result in him being taken advantage of. Coupled with the fact that Master is still in his child form, scoundrels would definitely think him nothing more than a child.

I knocked on one of Master’s tent poles lightly, “Master? Are you there?”

No response.

I nodded to Eris while I stepped away from the tent.

Her blade flashed out and a human sized hole opened up on the side of the tent, revealing a distinctly empty bedroll inside to us.

Oh no.

To have our Master taken from us a third time is beyond forgiveness.

For our negligence and weakness to not only cause trouble for Master once but three times in such a short amount of time… We are not worthy.

We will baptise this land in their blood.

If I do not make these infidels sing praises and beg for Master’s forgiveness until the end of time, I do not deserve to receive Master’s glory.

I turned towards the centre of the camp, marching myself towards where a group of three of those things were gathered.

My sisters followed along beside me, all of them showing the same determination as I was.

One of them spotted us, his hand raising in the air to halt us, “Woah there, who are you? Are you the–“

I threw a lightning bolt that pierced through his leg, leaving a hole the size of a fist on his flesh.

The man screamed out in pain and collapsed while the others immediately unsheathed their weapons.

“Damnit! Enemy ambush! Call leader!”

Good. Call that leader of yours here. Get everyone here so we can round them up all at once. Then we’ll take our time to rip each and every one of you apart piece by piece!

The two infidels stepped in front of the fallen one, both of them holding a sword and shield as though expecting us to be intimidated by their weapons.

“Don’t worry,” Diao Chan giggled, her fingers curling around her whip. “We’ll wait for everyone to come here before we start.”

I let lightning course through my fingers again, fully preparing to strike down whoever was going to show up when someone tapped my shoulder.

I turned back to see the confused face of Kiyomi, “What are you guys doing? I get you guys being brutal with the spider monster from earlier since it wanted to eat us too… But we don’t even know if these guys are the ones who took Master away, why are you so hostile?”

I frowned at her, “Why else would armed strangers appear prowling all over our own campsite?”

She raised an eyebrow at me, “I’m not sure what you’ve been through but… Is there a need for everything to be so pessimistic?”

“Not without reason,” Eris commented beside me, her eyes never leaving the two men in front of us.

Kiyomi raised an eyebrow at her words but opted not to ask. Instead, she turned towards the two men, “Who are you guys and what are you doing at our campsite?”

The two men looked rather surprised at her question.

“This is your campsite?” The one of the left asked.

“Yes, we were away to… Bathe,” Kiyomi explained. “There should be two people here, one in each of the tents. Do you know where they are?”

The other one waved his weapon at us, “You just attacked us out of the blue and expect us to answer your questions? If anything, we should be the one interrogating you!”

I let lightning spark across my raised hand, “Answer her or the next one goes through your friend’s head.”

The one on the left moved so that his shield covered his downed friend, a rather admirable move but a futile one.

“Ok, let’s all just chill for a moment,” the thing pleaded. “In case you haven’t noticed Bratt, we’re the ones at a disadvantage here.”

“Ara? This one is quite a smart one. He might get far in life,” Manami giggled.

Seeing that we made no other moves, he continued, “We’re an Adventurer party that accepted a Request to get rid of some slavers in the area. We thought this campsite might have been an outpost of theirs so we were investigating it. I apologise if we might have intruded on your campsite but we have not done anything yet.”

My patience is wearing thin at this moment, “You’ve yet to answer our question, trash. Where is the occupant of that tent?”

He looked towards the tent I was gesturing to before raising his shield slightly, “I do not know but please wait a while. Our leader is on his way, he should be able to answer your questions.”

Well he better, or you might need to find another party to join. That is, if you’re still around after we are done.

As though on cue, a rather slim man wearing a dark set of leather armour appeared from behind them. A distinctive greatsword was strapped to his back, the handle poking out from the top of his right shoulder.

Noticing the trash that was still writhing on the ground, he asked one of them, “What happened to Krileen?”

“He was attacked without provocation that’s what,” The trash on the right spat.

The other one kicked him in the shins, “Bratt, shut up. Leader, this campsite belongs to the ladies in front. It seems we might have agitated them by occupying it. They’re looking for the occupant of that tent over there.”

The leader trash gazed at the tent in question before turning back to us, “That tent… I apologise but it was already empty when we reached here.”

My hand raised to strike him down but another hand caught me just before I did.

Kiyomi narrowed her eyes at me and mouthed the word ‘wait’, only when I nodded at her did she release my arm.

“Was there anyone else in the camp then?” I asked.

The leader nodded, “Two children in the other tent. The boy claimed that he was waiting for his sisters. I assume that refers to you all?”


That must be Master and Cai Hong.

Master must have gone over to check on us and stayed with Cai Hong after realising we were away.

But that means we… Oops…

Master is going to punish us isn’t he?


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