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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 140: How Dare You Kill Steal A Yandere? Bahasa Indonesia

(Diao Chan POV)

“So… Both you and Lian Li have done this before?” I whispered, sneaking behind Manami and Lian Li.

All of us had waited until Master had retired to his tent for a while before sneaking out.

Cai Hong stayed behind just in case Master checked in on us late at night. She would distract Master with her cuteness while giving him the excuse that we were out doing something else.

I had originally wanted to crawl into Master’s bed tonight but Lian Li had told us to be prepared to move out once Master goes to sleep. I had thought she meant that we were to sneak into Master’s tent together but she told me to change immediately when I put on my ‘night battle’ clothes.

It was only after we snuck a distance away did Manami tell us the purpose of tonight’s secrecy. We would be finding and dishing out justice on those bandits that dare to disrespect our Master.

“Master had encountered bandits twice before this. Both times he had chosen to spare them after giving them money,” Lian Li explained. “Obviously Master is way too benevolent to harm these pitiful mortals but we, as Master’s disciples and believers, will cleanse the world of scum like them for him.”

“Even that time with the Dark Sect…” Manami continued. “Master granted them the mercy of a swift death. At that time… Even while he was executing them, his face was filled with such agony and sadness it pained us to even watch…”

Lian Li nodded, “Master had been training inside the Sect his entire life, untainted by the darkness of society. He only ventured outside in order to teach us and let us learn, or else Master could have remained within the Sect and live a comfortable life. Now that we know from his sister that Master has lost his childhood memories, we need to protect Master’s light from being sullied by the trash of this world.”

Master… To think that you shoulder such a heavy burden… This Diao Chan is ready for your use whenever you need to relieve your stress! You can tie me, whip me, and spank me however you like!

Mmmm~~ I really need to try that costume play with Master some time.

“Master has lost memories?” Kiyomi asked, rather surprised at the revelation.

Eris turned to the white fox, realisation spreading across her face, “Oh, that’s right, ya weren’t there when his little sis told us that bit of info.”

“Master was involved in an accident that wiped his memories of his childhood,” I explained to her. “It was through his little sister that we confirmed his Divine origins.”

Lian Li smacked her palm with a fist, “That might explain Master’s words on saying he is older than he really is.”

Now it was my turn to look confused, at least Eris had the decency to share my confusion as well.

“Apparently, Master has told my little Kiyomi that he is older than the age we know him at,” Manami explained helpfully.

“Oh, maybe Master has developed a Technique that speeds up his perception of time?” I suggested.

“This one thinks that is possible. This one does not think there is anything Master cannot do if he truly wishes to,” Eris pointed out.

All of us nodded as though she had said the most obvious thing in the universe.

Kiyomi crossed her arms, “Anyway, we’re going to find those bandits from before right? What are we planning on doing to them exactly?”

Manami just smiled and drew a line across her neck with her thumb.

“Fair enough, how are we finding them?”

My other sisters looked towards me, prompting me to fish out the mirror I kept within my sleeve.

“‘Seekers of Void, Watchers of All, I seek you to heed my call; Show me what I seek, without letting us leak. The ones most hated of all, the ones that shall fall. Let us know their resting place, so we can put them in their place! Mirror Locate!'”

The surface of my mirror shimmered, showing an arrow that pointed towards our south-east, meaning we would have to back track a bit.

“What was that?” Kiyomi asked, pointing a finger at my mirror.

“Ufufufu~ There’s still so many things for you to learn, my cute little Kiyomi. We’ll tell you later, let’s just focus on punishing some infidels first.”

“If you say so, elder sister.”

I followed the arrow on the mirror with my sisters trailing after me, all of us intent on finding the sinners who dared mock our beloved Master just the day before.

It turned out to be a little closer than we thought, the bandits were apparently not just plain bandits but slave traders as well. They had set up a base rather deep in the forest, an encampment that was surrounded by a wooden wall made out of logs stuck into the ground and had its tips sharpened.

We could see the orange glow of campfires just behind said walls.

Kiyomi sniffed the air, “Do you smell that, elder sister?”

Manami nodded to Kiyomi’s query, “Blood, alcohol and human waste. Perfect location for scums like them.”

Eris cracked her knuckles, “Do we just burn it down? Or do we kick down the door to say hi?”

I licked my lips, “Kukuku~ I want a few of them to play with~”

“Then let’s make sure they know who exactly they messed with,” Lian Li grinned.

Her eyes glowed golden as lightning gathered around her hands, the golden lightning that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing sparking off of our sister.

Our golden haired sister threw her arms forward, a giant bolt of lightning blasting apart the wooden walls in front of us into splinters.

Unconcerned that the blast most likely got the entire camp running to our location, all of us strode forward side by side, ready to commence our purge.

But instead of the panicked scene of slavers rushing to defend their camp, what greeted us was a giant eight legged spider monster feasting on the dead bodies of the slavers.

It turned to us to regard us with its eyes, stopping its meal for a moment.

“Ara, ara… It seems we were a little too late to teach them a lesson they deserve,” Manami sighed.

Huh… What are the odds of the bandit encampment being attacked by a monster right after messing with Master? This must be some sort of divine retribution for their transgressions right?

Still… The fact that we can’t be the ones to serve the punishment ourselves irks me a little… My whip is quite lonely now… Unless…

I cracked my whip on the ground, “Perhaps… This little spider can take their place? To consume them is to take on their sins as well, no?”

Eris unsheathed her blade, “This one humbly agrees. Its death shall not be swift.”

Kiyomi stretched her arms, “It’s been a while since I last had a good workout. Hopefully this one doesn’t disappoint.”

Lian Li’s eyes glowed again, “It will serve as a good learning material in case we need to punish monsters in the future too.”

We had a lot of fun with that monster that night.


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