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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 125: But It’s Ok Because You’re On New Game Plus Bahasa Indonesia


Ok, I got a little careless there, I know.

But when the dude took out that orb and I sensed some kind of interdimensional energy from it, I got curious ok? Can you blame me for satisfying my curiosity?

Don’t tell me that ‘curiosity killed the cat’, that saying ends with ‘but satisfaction brought it back’ ok?

And I’d say I’m quite satisfied by what I’ve discovered so far.

If you can call meeting this giant tentacle thing that I’ve met before in my past life satisfactory, that is.

Why the hell is there a summoning sigil for it down here in the damn Earthen Plane huh?!! Isn’t this place supposed to be the easy mode? Why do we have all the top powerhouses showing up here?!

Don’t tell me they’re like the veteran players going back to the tutorial zones just so they can bully the newbies?

What pricks.

Hey, I’m different ok? I was originally from here. Totally different case.

“?EnO taerG siht snommus ohw” The thing asked, it’s voice similar to the sound of nails dragging across a chalkboard.

The Dark Sect Practitioner convulsed before vomiting blood, the thing’s presence obviously too much for him to handle.

I’m not sure how the fox youkai was handling it but she should be better off considering she has nine tails and she’s watching this from a very far distance away.

Good thing I made her leave the area just in case I had to battle another expert and go all out.

See? I can be careful.

A hundred eyes trained themselves on me, the only one that was still standing upright in this clearing.

“?Latrom ,uoy ti si”

I pointed my finger at the still spasming Dark Sect Practitioner, “Nope, he’s the guy you’re looking for.”

The Dark Sect guy looked up at me, his face now splattered with blood that was pouring out of every orifice he had, “You… Blurgh… You… Understand it?”

I ignored him, watching as the eyes on that thing turned towards the other guy, “?Em ekil enO taerG a denommus mih ekil gniht ynup a”

I nodded, “You got that right, so do whatever to him, leave me out of it.”

A ripple of energy washed through the area and the world went silent.

The Dark Sect Practitioner looked at me, his eyes wide open in shock.

His lower body started crumbling into dust, spreading its way up from his legs to his waist. The upper half of his body hit the ground first before it disintegrated as well, his ashes dispersing into the air until nothing remained.

The hundred eyes turned back to regard me, “?SenO taerG eht fo egaugnal eht wonk uoy taht ti si woH …uoy dnA”

“I’ve met your kind before,” I answered emotionlessly.

The thing lifted a tentacle to point at me, “.Eid os ,ereh denommus gnieb retfa doom dab a ni m’I …tub evil uoy tel dluow I …gnitseretnI”

A beam of light shot out from that tentacle, enveloping the entire clearing and burning everything caught in the light.

My entire vision went white.

(Kiyomi POV)

I gasped as that monstrosity fired some kind of light that seemed to disintegrate everything inside the clearing.

The kid had warned me the following fight might have massive collateral damages and advised me to watch from a far enough distance away.

Thanks to a little Technique that allowed me to view his location through a mirror, I could watch him clearly from a great distance away as though he was right in front of me.

But even standing at around ten kilometers away, I felt my entire body freeze up in fear the moment that monster came through the portal.

That thing was something that shouldn’t exist.

It took all of my willpower to not throw myself down in the dirt to prostrate myself before it.

It exuberated immense power, so much that the entire area was suppressed by its aura alone.

I had no doubts that if that thing so wished, this entire world would burn before its might and no one could stop it.

The ray of light that was being emitted from the tentacle dimmed, revealing the entire clearing devoid of any living thing.

Even the ground was dry and cracked, as though suffering from years of drought.

It was only then I remembered the kid had been there, no doubt burnt to a crisp by now.


I guess that means our little show will have to be cancelled, not that I’m complaining much.

This would be a good time to make myself scarce.

“I was hoping you would just leave… Guess I should have expected something like this from you…” A voice echoed.

It did not seem to be directed at me but rather, at the tentacled thing itself.

That was when I realised the kid was still standing in the middle of the clearing, his head tilted upwards to look straight at the tentacled monster.

Aside from the steam rising from his clothes, he was entirely unharmed.

“?Uoy era tahW .latrom erem on era uoY …gnitseretnI” The tentacled monster spoke in its gut wrenching voice.

“Me? You once took everything from me… Kept me around as your plaything and tortured me at your leisure. You had a lot of fun at my expense.”

The creature gave what could be a confused gurgle, “?Era uoy ohw wonk neve t’nod I”

“Not right now you don’t… But you will.”

The boy’s body started glowing as he rose into the air, even from this distance I could see his eyes giving off a reddish hue.

An insane amount of energy was gathering around him, the entire weather was changing rapidly as storm clouds began to gather.

Lightning and thunder struck overhead and winds began picking up speed, blowing through the forest to gather around the boy.

The tentacle monster reared up a few of its tentacles and lashed out at the boy, intending to strike him down before he could do whatever he was planning to do.

The boy just flicked both his hands and both of the tentacles exploded into particles of light before it could even reach him.

The area became even brighter and the previously cracked ground began restoring itself. The cracks melding together before fresh soil flowed into the clearing with grass sprouting on it almost immediately.

Saplings pushed their way towards the skies as each of them grew rapidly, maturing into adult trees in a matter of seconds.

“!?daed eb ot desoppus er’uoY !eb t’nac tI …oN …eno on tuB ?lasrevinU”

“Not sure if you’re talking about our past life together but I assure you I’m very much alive,” The boy scoffed, his voice now sounding like it came from multiple throats at once. “And since I’ve yet to test this out on anyone yet, you’re just the perfect thing for me.”

I could hear him suck in a breath and the world brightened for a second.

The clouds above him parted into a perfect circle, revealing a portion of the sky where countless stars were suddenly visible in the late afternoon sky.

A mixture of white and black miasma coated his body as he lifted his hand to point a single finger at the monstrosity.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood and I covered my ears just in time as the monster let out an ear-piercing scream, its tentacles writhing around in the air in obvious agony.

White and black fire exploded out from its body, burning away every inch of its body into nothingness.

The process was slow, it was obvious that the kid wanted that monster to suffer throughout the entire process. Though his face looked to be the picture of perfect calm, I could tell from the slight twitch on his lips that he felt great satisfaction from it.

“!Emit txen tnenamrep eb lliw htaed ruoy erus ekam lliw I !enO taerG a llik tonnac uoY …uoY !siht rebmemer lliw I” The tentacled thing screeched.

The boy chuckled, “I’m no longer afraid of you, you giant mutated hairball.”

It took a full agonising minute for the monster to completely burn away, leaving nothing behind to even suggest its existence.

To think this kid had some beef with that tentacled monstrosity that could potentially wipe out all living things… Not to mention the fact that he could understand the guttural voice that made my hair stand every time it spoke.

There was no doubt about it now.

Even if the kid told me he was some other dimensional godly unicorn that came to this world to spread rainbows and destruction, I’ll believe every word of it.

Manami… I guess you were right all along.

I’ll have to find her and apologise later.

In the meantime, I should prepare to greet my new Master.


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