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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 120: Papa’s Good Girl Bahasa Indonesia

(Cai Hong POV)

Cai Hong looked at the big man tied up to the wooden post.

Is big man going to wake up soon? Cai Hong is bored.

Manami big sis showed me what the big man wanted to do to Papa. Cai Hong no like what big man wanted to do to Papa.

Lian Li big sis said Cai Hong can do anything to big man, but big man is not waking up?


Cai Hong poked the big man’s leg.

The big man mumbled something but continued sleeping.

Maybe if Cai Hong poked harder?

Cai Hong tried to poke the big man again but harder this time.

The big man shifted his leg but did nothing else.

So mean.

Cai Hong is trying to wake you up, you know? Papa would wake up after Cai Hong pulls his sleeve you know?

Oh, Cai Hong knows what to do with mean men!

‘Bwall Bwusting’!

The big man immediately woke up and made a lot of noise after Cai Hong ‘bwall bwusted’ him.

So noisy… Cai Hong ‘bwall bwusted’ him again.

Mnn! That made big man quiet.

But big man is groaning and bent over now… How is Cai Hong supposed to ‘play’ with him?

“Big man? Play?” Cai Hong asked innocently.

The big man looked at Cai Hong with a weird look, “Ughh… Huh… A kid? Where… What? Where am I?”

“Umm… Cai Hong’s playroom! Or at least that’s what big sis Diao Chan called it.” Cai Hong told big man proudly.

“Playroom? Er… Look kid… I don’t know why I’m hurting so much right now… But could you untie the ropes please?”

Cai Hong tilted her head, “Umm… But Cai Hong was told you are a bad man? Cai Hong was supposed to punish you…”

“No, no, no. This uncle ughh… My balls… Ughh… This uncle is definitely not a bad man. Er… Cai Hong is a good girl right?”

Cai Hong nodded. Cai Hong is Papa’s good girl after all.

The big man smiled at Cai Hong, “Well, good girls listen to what adults say right? Whoever told you I was a bad guy is definitely lying. Now why don’t you be a good girl for me and untie this good uncle?”


Manami big sis said that Papa also thought the guy was bad right? Is this weird man saying that Papa is lying?

Good girl?

Weird man wants Cai Hong to be a good girl for him?



I shifted into my recently perfected half form, my body enlarging to the size of an adult’s and retaining my human shape.

My horns grew out and curved behind my head while my tail and wings sprouted out from behind me. Scales appeared on parts of my face and limbs, their colour matching my hair’s.

The nails on my fingers and feet elongated into sharp points and my normally round pupils shifted into slanted irises.

I grabbed that piece of trash by his neck, forcing his head up to stare straight at me as I breathed onto his face.

His eyes widened at my visage, “Wha–“

My knee crashed in between his legs before he could get the word out, a satisfyingly loud crunch emanating from it.

His body heaved and he tried to curl his back from the pain, but a quick pull of his neck straightened him right up.

Ignoring the blood that was staining his pants, I growled at him “How dare you? I am my Father’s girl, I don’t just ‘be good’ for anyone but Him. And to even suggest that Father was a liar… Your death will not be swift, I assure you.”

“Ghhkk… Damn… Shape-shifting monster… No, half-dragon? What… Are you?” The trash groaned, struggling against my grip.

I slammed his head against the pole, breaking the top half of it with the impact.

“To even suggest my honourable Father could have a detestable monster as a child… You really want to suffer that much?”

“Ugh… I… I don’t even know who your father is…”

I pulled him away from the pole, tearing a few strands of his hair in the process. The rope that had been binding his hands behind the pole snapped with a loud crack, freeing him from his restraints.

He roared and tried to punch at my face, his fist impacting my skin with a loud crunch.

The crunch sound coming from the bones in his knuckles breaking, that is.

I let him drop to the floor as he writhed in agony, clutching at his now broken hand.

“My inexperience caused Father to be taken from right under my protection once… Never again shall that come to pass again.”

I pushed him to the ground by stepping on his back, forcing him to lie flat on his stomach, “Compared to all those horrors Father had to face back then… You barely qualify as the dirt that he steps on and you still dare to think about taking him away from us?”

He gave no indication of having heard me, opting to just cough and groan instead.

Annoyed, I increased my pressure on my foot, snapping his spine in two with a crack that echoed throughout the room.

Unfortunately, the scream that came out of his mouth annoyed me even more so I relocated my foot over to slam his head back into the ground.

“Now… I’m here more than just to end your miserable life. We want to know who your clients are in your little side job, someone specifically locked your memories for that part and we can’t access it without risk of it deleting itself. The request we found for you to kidnap a little boy has extremely similar features to Father’s, meaning someone specifically targeted him. Who is it?”

There was some mumbling from the floor at where his face was.

I knelt beside him and pulled his head up with a hand, “What did you say?”

He glared at me, “I said… You can go fu–“

I slammed his head back down before pulling him up again, “I didn’t quite catch that, could you repeat?”

“Ugh… You bit–“

I slammed him harder into the ground, cracking it. Sticking one of my fingers out, I impaled my talon into his right hand, twisting it before pulling back out.

I chanced a taste of the blood on the talon before spitting it right back out. As expected, his blood tasted disgusting.

I pulled the pathetic trash’s head off the ground again, “You were saying?”

“Kuuuhh… Urgh… I… I don’t know… I just… Meet with this guy… He’s… My middleman… I don’t know who wants the kids…”

“And where is this middleman?”

“Jin… Jin city… The slums… Please… I don’t want to die…”

I lifted him up by his collar, “You are going to have to give me more than that, which part of the slums? Who is he? Who and what else do we need to know?”

“Wayford inn!” He gasped. “Second floor, last room… Answers to Finch! I know nothing else, I swear!”

“Good enough,” I muttered, throwing him against the far wall.

His body impacted the wall with a loud crash, his body sinking into the wall and staying there.

“Ughhhh… I… I already told you… What you want… Let me go… Please… Mercy…”

I extended a talon, running it across the left side of his face slowly. The blood that spilled out of the cut entirely painted his left cheek red before dripping onto the ground from his chin.

“You seem to be under some incorrect assumption,” I growled. “You were never meant to leave here alive.”

He tried to glare at me in a show of defiance, “You… Fu… Ugghhh… Damn monster…”

My hand stopped, “I see you haven’t heard me the first time. To even suggest my Father could birth a monster, you really are blind. In that case, you don’t need these.”

I extended another talon before plunging both into his left eye, pulling it out amidst his screaming.

I immediately stuffed the disgusting thing into his mouth when he screamed, doing the same thing to his other eye.

I slammed his mouth shut with my palm, severing the muscles that were still attached to the optical organ with his own teeth.

Tilting his head back with the same palm, I forced him to swallow it before letting go.


“Monster again, huh? Oh well, seems like an idiot like you will never learn.”

I punched my fist into his gut, ripping open his stomach to let his innards spill out.

He choked on his own blood as he struggled to breathe.

I waited for a few more moments when he was on the verge of death before I casted my Technique on him.

A flash of bright light enveloped him, restoring him to perfect health.

He blinked before looking down at his body.

“A dream?”

I didn’t give him an answer before I plunged my talon into his eyes again, digging the useless organ out of the piece of trash.

This time I crushed both the little balls in my fist while ignoring his incessant screaming.

Pulling him out of the wall, I dropped him on the ground before proceeding to crush each of his limbs underneath my foot.

As the finisher, I ran my talon across his neck, letting him drown in his own blood.

Right before he died, I casted the same Technique again, restoring him back to perfect health.

He looked at me and tried to say something, but I had planted my foot on his chest and pulled his arms with my full strength, ripping them out of their sockets before he even had the chance to mouth the first syllable.

“Please! Please! Mercy! Please!” He cried, flailing about in his armless body.

I snorted, smacking him across the face with one of his disembodied limb, “Father would have given you a swift death because of his benevolence. But unfortunately for you… I’m not as benevolent.”

I smacked him again with the other limb, “You will die. Again and again until you have fully repented from the sins you have commited. Until then… I hope you don’t break too soon.”

Not that it mattered, since I can heal his psyche as well after Father taught us about how the mind works to counter illusions. All I needed to do was just manipulate the right parts of his mind and he will be fine.

Now, let’s make his death count to at least a hundred before I have to leave him here to rejoin Father.

I wonder if Father will call me a good girl today?


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