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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 976: Impressed Elder Zhan Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing the words of the Nascent soul realm disciple, Lin Mu agreed.

“Very well…” Lin Mu said before tossing him a metallic token. “Take this,”

“What’s this thing?” The nascent soul realm disciple asked.

“It is the command token of the mayor of the Iron Bull city. If you have it, your authority is that of the mayor.” Lin Mu casually replied.

The disciple nodded his head and took the token from Lin Mu.

“Core disciple Fa is a good leader and has experience commanding and managing multiple people. He shouldn’t have much trouble in managing the city.” Elder Zhan assured.

“If you say so then, it’s really good.” Lin Mu felt better with a competent person taking over for the time being.

“I won’t disappoint you Alliance Leader Lin Mu.” The disciple named Fa said with determination.

“OH! Another thing… the Coal Fell village is no more, so I’d like you to deal with the villagers as well. They are homeless for the time being and have nowhere to go.” Lin Mu added.

“I’ll deal with that as well. Our disciples can handle something like that with ease, they have plenty of experience… though if it were any time, I would have preferred for them to not have to go through all this.” Elder Zhan stated.

“Oh?” Lin Mu said, feeling curious.

“It… it’s not the first villager or town that Gu Yao has eradicated. Or has been eradicated under the effect of Gu Yao. We’ve had to rehabilitate several places over the past two years.” Elder Zhan explained.

“I see… it truly is grim the level of suffering commoners have to go through for the plays of the cultivators.” Lin Mu muttered in a sad tone.


“The only thing we can do is stop Gu Yao and make sure that others don’t suffer the same in the future.” Elder Zhan stated.

Silence descended in the room for a couple of minutes after which they all looked towards each other.

Feeling a bit awkward, Core disciple Fa spoke again.

“I shall take my leave then, elder and Alliance leader.” Core disciple Fa spoke.

In the next second, he had left the hall and went to do his duty.

“I want to know more about what happened.” Lin Mu spoke, seeing that they had kinda left the earlier topic incomplete.

“Ah, yes… Well, after we got the request for help, we rushed here and found a small group of Gu Legion members attacking the outpost. We mounted out offense and quickly wiped out half of them due to our superiority.

But then, they suddenly got more reinforcement and the battle got tougher. We kept on fighting them again and again, while they too kept on bringing in more reinforcements.

With my cultivation base as the Dao Shell realm cultivator, I was able to stop them for the most part, yet some of the disciples still managed to die along with the merchants.

At the expense of their lives, our dispels escorted the merchants away.” Elder Zhan finished.

Lin Mu couldn’t help but clench his fist upon hearing this and he wished it had not happened at all.

“You said they retreated… how did that happen?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Umm, about that… we don’t exactly know. Though there were a few disciples who managed to listen to the conversations of the Gu Legion members and learned of something that had happened nearby to the Gu Legion’s base.

They hurriedly retreated, allowing us time to rest and recuperate.” Elder Zhan answered.

“The Coal Fell mine… of course!” Lin Mu exclaimed, having linked both of them.

“Yes, considering the information you’ve given me Alliance leader Lin Mu, the Gu legion members might have truly left because of that.” Elder Zhan spoke.

“But that also means that they can monitor the situation distantly despite the lack of communication jade slips working.” Lin Mu replied.

“That is something we’ve known for a while but were not able to tell what sprint tool they are using that allows them to talk despite the jamming formations.” Elder Zhan said with frustration.

“I’ll try and see what kind of a method they truly use as well as try to get that method.” Lin Mu spoke after thinking.

Elder Zhan was in agreement and felt better that Lin Mu was with him here.

The two of them discussed a bit more and Lin Mu learned the other things that had happened in the past two years. Elder Zhan was at the Dao Shell realm and thus had access to a lot more confidential information.

The two of them talked for about an hour, during which the elder told Lin Mu about all that he knew.

Right from the conflict that ignited after Lin Mu’s seclusion, to the rapid spread of Gu legion and the conquest of the Zither Wind alliance.

Even now the three sects of the Zither Wind alliance were suppressing the Long Cloud alliance’s sects making them unable to leave their sect’s territory. Only a few that were already out were doing missions.

Though if the need arrived, some were sent out using the teleportation gate.

This was one of the things Lin Mu was feeling fond of. The teleportation gates had already become a stable factor that had allowed the alliance to progress and protect the world.

“Right now, those that are at the teleportation gates convey the messages that cannot be send due to the communication jade slips being blocked. Though it also restricts the messages to be sent to those places that are already on the teleportation network.” Elder Zhan said.

“That’s good. Though we’ll have to find a solution to this blockage.” Lin Mu replied.

“Indeed… we have been looking for one for a while now. With you here, I feel like we now have a chance against them all.” Elder Zhan admitted.

Lin Mu nodded his head and took a pause momentarily before continuing the conversation and learning more about the Empire’s condition.

Another two hours passed in the blink of an eye doing this.


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