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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 968: A Swift End Bahasa Indonesia

Once the commoners were out, they couldn’t help but notice the large hole near their houses.

“What the hell? When did that appear?”

“And what was that cry?

“Forget that. Why did our houses crack?”

There were many questions they had, and they didn’t know if they were ever going to get any answers.

“Do you think we should check what’s there?”

“Are you crazy? There’s still some weird sounds coming from there.”

“Hang on! That’s old Lu’s shop!”

“Fuck, that’s Old Lu lying there too!”

A few people went to the unconscious shopkeeper that was lying nearby. They check to see if he was alive first and finding him breathing, they took breaths of relief.

“What the hell is going on today in our city?”

“I know, right? First, the barrier and fight happens, and now this…”

Many were lost and didn’t know what to do. They could only wait for the guards to appear, which they still hadn’t.

“Why are the guards not out yet? They usually come with one of the elders, right?” someone wondered.

His question made everyone’s curiosity peak, and they looked around, to not find any guard.

While the commoners were talking amongst themselves nervously, Lin Mu was checking to see what had happened to the humanoid mutant.

‘The attack certainly should have killed him and yet… I can sense some vitality.’ Lin Mu thought as he spread his spirit sense around.

The body of the humanoid mutant was broken apart into several fragments and pieces of flesh. Lin Mu looked around and found that the pieces that had landed in a puddle of the red and Grey liquid were still wiggling slightly.

Some of the larger ones were even absorbing the liquid and growing.

“It really is very resilient.” Lin Mu muttered.


A flame ignited in Lin Mu’s hand before he threw out several fireballs.


The intense heat of the fire burned all that it touched and the pieces of the humanoid mutant were burned. One by one, more of the fragments were reduced to ashes until one final one was left.

Lin Mu didn’t burn this thought. Instead, he picked it up and scooped up some of the red and Grey fluid into the box. Having put both inside it, he closed it and chanted a few words. His finger then moved on the box, drawing several runes on it.

About a minute later, he was done and the box shone with the glow of runes.

“That should keep it sealed.” Lin Mu muttered.

“That’s a good choice. As much as we have to eliminate the invader, we do need to know what Gu Yao has come up with.” Xukong chimed in.

“Yes, I hope that the others can figure out some things.” Lin Mu replied before storing it in the ring.

The seal was actually not to keep the fragment of the humanoid mutant contained, but rather to protect it from the environment of the ring. There was a great choice: it would die before they could test it, thus Lin Mu chose to seal it first.

There were many ideas that came to Lin Mu’s mind, the worst of which making him think that this was just a failed experiment.

‘If Gu Yao made something like this, there would be some benefit to him rather than just having an extra servant.’ Lin Mu reckoned.

Done with his work here, Lin Mu floated up and appeared in the vision of all the commoners.

“Look! Who’s that?” The commoners spotted Lin Mu.

Lin Mu saw the confusion, fear and anxiety in their eyes, understanding their thoughts. He took out a token from his ring and flashed it to the commoners.

“GUARDS!” Lin Mu called out.

The token shone with a faint light and just in a minute, several guards came rushing to the area. They were clearly shocked and scared and were not that dissimilar to the commoners.

At least in the case of the guards, there were several cultivators.

“Who among you has the highest rank?” Lin Mu questioned in an authoritative tone.

From the guards came forward a man. He was wearing a different helmet than others and had a cultivation base at the early stage of the core condensation realm. Lin Mu understood that he might be a captain or something.

He gazed at the guard, making him shiver.

‘Who is he? He can fly… and the pressure from him… plus the command token of the mayor…’ the guard had several questions, but he didn’t dare ask.

He could tell that Lin Mu was way stronger than him, not just him, but the commoners knew that very well too.

Though he was also confused about why no other official under mayor Tie Niu had appeared. Usually they should have been the ones to give them commands, but now there was not one of them here despite the fact that something big had happened.

Lin Mu’s spirit sense probed the guard, checking him to see if he was one of Gu Yao’s or if he had some influence on him, too. Even though Tie Niu had told him about all that he knew, it was obvious that Gu Yao and his people had kept more secrets from

The humanoid mutant was the best example of this. So Lin Mu wanted to be sure of it.

‘Hmm… he’s clean. And the others are too…’ Lin Mu confirmed.

“You are to maintain peace in the city for the time being. Someone else will come over to take over in a while. Till then just keep things running.” Lin Mu ordered.

The guard captain had several questions, but seeing the look on Lin Mu’s face made him not ask.

“A-as you command, lord!” The guard captain said while quickly kneeling on one knee.

“AS YOU COMMAND!” the other guards joined in as well, kneeling on one knee.

The commoners bowed their heads in respect as well, knowing it was for the best.. Them offending someone powerful just because they didn’t know them would never end well.


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