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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 938: A Peak Grade Spirit Tool?! Bahasa Indonesia

Saving one’s life in exchange for an eye was something most people would be more than willing to give. Thus, the True Gold Body Forging Arts was still able to compensate on some end for this flaw.

Though in the case of Lin Mu, he had additional protection in the form of the Mortal Strengthening scripture’s armor. It could defend against a certain level of attack and will break to dissipate the force, giving Lin Mu enough time to dodge it.

The defense of the mortal strengthening scripture was something that was now at a level that Dao Shell realm attacks and above could break it. Though it could also increase its toughness along with the cultivation base of the user.

Lin Mu didn’t know how long the Mortal Strengthening scripture will be able to serve him and when it will become obsolete. Though he hoped that there would be some other way he could keep improving on it.

Lin Mu spent three days to rest and recovered to his peak condition. During this time, he got used to his body as well and acclimatized to the increased weight. He was now more than ten times his original weight.

Thankfully, it was a weight that was nothing for his strength and didn’t really put much of a burden on him once he got used to it. Though it still made him wonder how he will be able to get used to the weight after the third stage.

At that time, he would be gaining more than sixty tons of weight. This was a weight that he could lift, but not do much with it.

‘The True Gold Body Forging Arts mentions that it would be a qualitative change at that point and one would know the difference only after the breakthrough. I can only hope that all goes well…’ Lin Mu thought.

He had the assurance that the technique had indeed been practiced by people before. If it were not for that, he would have not attempted it. Plus, Lin Mu was already many times stronger than the people who originally practiced the True Gold Body Forging Arts.

Thus, if weak people like those could handle a weight like this, Lin Mu was confident that he would be able to do the same as well.


Letting out a breath after finishing a short cultivation session to restore his spirit Qi, Lin Mu got ready to refine the gold for the third and final stage.

“This will take a long time.” Lin Mu said, seeing the large pile of the gold in front of him.

He compared it with the cauldron he had and knew that there was no way he would be able to fit all this in it.

“Have they not gotten the cauldron I asked for yet?” Lin Mu wondered.

He took out the jade slip and contacted the people who were supposed to bring the cauldron. It was then that he realized that there was already a message on the jade slip that he had missed.

“Oh? They already had it prepared?” Lin Mu was surprised.

It seemed like Lin Mu had not answered and the people thought he was deep in cultivation, which was true in a way and thus they didn’t disturb him anymore. Instead, they left the cauldron Lin Mu had requested for, in one of the storage cave.

“Little Shrubby, can you go and get the cauldron from the cave?” Lin Mu requested.


Little Shrubby who had been taking a little nap, woke up and looked a bit confused, but then nodded his head.

“Okay. I’ll get it, you just rest.” Little Shrubby said before standing up.


In just a few seconds, he burst into a sprint and disappeared into a red blur.

“I’ll go over the technique in the meantime… won’t harm to revise.” Lin Mu muttered and closed his eyes.

About half an hour later, Lin Mu could feel Little Shrubby’s presence and opened his eyes, noticing the red blur that approached from the distance.


Little Shrubby’s claws dug into the rocky ground, creating long marks as he slowed down before finally coming to a stop.


He withdrew the cauldron from the spatial storage belt on his neck and it slammed on the ground with a loud noise.

“Whoa…” Lin Mu said in a surprised tone.

The cauldron in front of him was the largest one he had ever seen, being over three times as big as the one he had seen in the Tri Cauldron Peony sect. But that was not all, as Lin Mu found a small note stuck to the cauldron.

‘Brand your spirit sense to it before using it.’ The letter read.

Seeing this, Lin Mu was a bit surprised. He had not needed to brand his spirit sense on the cauldron he had used till now even if it was a spirit tool, because there was no requirement for it.

If he was refining alchemical pills, he might have done it, but in this case it seemed to be an absolute requirement.

“Could it be?” An idea came to Lin Mu’s mind, and he quickly used his spirit sense to probe the large cauldron.

When he did that, a string of words and some information appeared in his mind.

“Thousand Ding Glitter Cauldron.” Lin Mu muttered as he heard the name in his head.

It was not just any cauldron, but rather a special cauldron that was a Peak Grade Spirit tool!

“They really gave me a Peak Grade Spirit tool?!” Lin Mu couldn’t help but exclaim.

Other than the ring that Jing Luo had repaired, Lin Mu didn’t have any actual peak grade spirit tools or weapons with him. Now this Thousand Ding Glitter Cauldron was his very first one.

‘Why would they give this to me though, when it would be best used in refinement at the Light Harmony sect?’ Lin Mu wondered until he learned the rest of the information.

A wry smile appeared on his face as he finally understood.

“No wonder… this thing is no less than scrap iron to them…” Lin Mu muttered.


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