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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 908: Meeting The Long Cloud Patriarch Bahasa Indonesia

The reactions of the disciples didn’t go unnoticed by Lin Mu and the rest.

But they didn’t pay much attention to it and neither did they consider it since the current situation was rather grave.

Though someone was thinking about some other things.

‘If Senior Lin Mu was really part of our sect, it would be really amazing. Wonder if patriarch would go that route…’ Elder Boqin thought.

He peeked at the expression of Elder Sunsen and Elder Jinjin, finding them to be tense.


‘Only after we meet up with the rest, will we know how things proceed. Though it will be good if he can join our sect. Someone as talented as him is bound to become the patriarch.’ Elder Boqin thought. ‘Dammit! Why the hell did I even follow their orders and offend him at the start, should have just stuck with the normal way.’ He cursed.

Soon they crossed the inner court and entered the Core of the sect.


A thick barrier brought them to a stop, and they could not proceed.

High Elder Sunsen took out an identity token and flashed it at the barrier, which then opened up to give them a path.

“Continue!” He said and everyone followed.

Lin Mu and the rest were directly brought to the biggest building of the sect that was over two hundred meters tall. It was the grand palace of the sect and looked like it was made out of a variety of materials.

Though if one looked from the distance, it looked to have dragon scales and horns at the top. There were even whiskers hanging from the middle floors.

They landed at the bottom of the building and were met with several disciples standing guard at the gates.

“Welcome high elders!” The disciples saluted with cupped hands.

“Is the patriarch ready?” High Elder Sunsen asked.

“He’s been waiting for you in the main hall.” One of the disciples said.

Elder Sunsen nodded his head and entered the building, followed by the others. They quickly went up the stairs and went six floors above where the main hall was located. Lin Mu saw two large red doors that were painted with the figures of dragons, one on each door.


The doors opened up to reveal the interior where several people were waiting already.

“Patriarch,” High Else Sunsen and High Elder Jinjin greeted respectfully.

“Greetings patriarch.” Elder Boqin and the other two greeted as well.

“At ease,” the patriarch replied.

“We have brought the cultivator Lin Mu and his companions as directed.” Elder Boqin spoke.

This prompted the patriarch to look at Lin Mu, who was standing in the middle. He was rather eye catching as his spirit Qi fluctuations were in full display. He was no longer holding back.

Little Shrubby was the same and did not restrain his aura. Jing Luo’s spirit Qi fluctuations could not even be perceived between these two and were too muddled to sense anymore.

“So you are the man known as Lin Mu, one of the most wanted cultivators of our continent.” The Patriarch spoke.

“Hah! You surely jest. If you really thought I was who they framed me to be, you would have never let me come here or would have ordered my capture.” Lin Mu replied confidently.

“Who knows? I may have intentionally brought you here so that it would be easier to catch you. After all… I have the power of the entire sect at my disposal.” The Patriarch responded.

“I doubt you would be that foolish after the Noon Grass sect negotiated everything with you. Besides… I doubt someone like you would be unaware of all that has been happening.” Lin Mu said in a calm tone.

Silence spread in the hall and everyone other than Lin Mu and the patriarch felt tense. It was as if there was gunpowder in the air and a single word would spark it, blowing the hall into smithereens.

The patriarch glared at Lin Mu, and he did the same. Elder Boqin and the other junior elders felt nervous with each passing second and just like that, an entire minute passed.

“AHAHAHA!” Suddenly the Patriarch started laughing.


He slapped the armrest of his chair and laughed in an unrestrained manner. Lin Mu smirked upon seeing this, and the other just felt confused.

“Good! Good! Seems like for the first time in a long time, the Sky Precepts sect made a mistake! HAHAHA! JUST FOR MAKING THEM DO THAT, I LIKE YOU!” The Patriarch exclaimed.

“At least we are on the same page.” Lin Mu spoke casually.

“Indeed. Come sit,” The Patriarch gestured to a few empty chairs.

Seeing that it was going rather well, Jing Luo was a bit surprised. He was still a bit on guard, but seeing Lin Mu take a seat made him feel relaxed too.

“Seems like Patriarch Hua didn’t say everything when he talked to me about you.” The patriarch spoke.

“Well, we have some time to get to know each other. I am here for an alliance, after all.” Lin Mu replied.

“Very well. I’ll start first then.” The Patriarch said, “My name is You Yi, the thirteenth patriarch of the Long Cloud sect!” he introduced.

“And I am Lin Mu, this is my tamed beast, Little Shrubby and my companion Jing Luo.” Lin Mu introduce as well.


Little Shrubby let out a little growl, and Jing Luo cupped his hand.

“The Jing clan?” Patriarch You Yi raised his brows.

“I am the grandson of Jing Wei, patriarch of the Jing clan and Grandmaster Weapon forger.” Jing Luo proudly stated.

“I see… so the blood of Jing still lives on…” Patriarch You Yi muttered.

“Of course, we cannot perish unless our enemies are reduced to dust.” Jing Luo said staunchly.

The patriarch and the other elders watched on with strong gazes, as they could technically be considered under what Jing Luo had just said. After all… the Long Cloud sect had also participated in some of the attacks against the Jing Clan.


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