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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 840: The Battle Heats Up Bahasa Indonesia

The whirring of a blade tearing through the air could be heard by Ku Waowen and her eyes went wide. She could feel goosebumps at the back of her head and immediately lunged forward while creating a scarf made out of the red mist around her head.


The short sword missed Ku Waowen’s neck, but managed to hit the red scarf. It was as if made out of iron wires and managed to trap the short sword.

“You won’t get me that easily, you’re a few centuries too early!” Ku Waowen said as she quickly made a hand seal.


The red scarf moved like a snake and wrapped around the entire short sword before reaching Lin Mu’s hand itself.

“Humph!” Lin Mu grunted and pulled on the Short sword, tearing it from the grip of the red scarf.

The old woman’s eyes darted around in a few locations before a smirk appeared on her face.

“The sects spent such a large amount of time and resources in nurturing you, it would be a shame if you died here.” Ku Waowen spoke.

But Lin Mu paid no attention to her words and curled his left hand.


The Axe that had been floating in the corner, blocked by Ku Waowen’s Red mist finally flew out and was clasped in his hand. The short sword went to float near his shoulder and started to attack the red mist on its own.

“Your talk is useless now… you will talk later when I want the things I desire.” Lin Mu replied and jumped up.

The Axe was raised straight up before being curled back along with Lin Mu’s hands. Spirit Qi swirled around the Axe before more of it was injected into it from Lin Mu’s meridians.

It soon changed color and a red hue appeared around him.

“FLAME SPLITTER!” Lin Mu chanted as a Qi skill was activated.

Since Lin Mu had gotten fire attribute spirit Qi in his arsenal now, he could use some of the Qi skills and techniques that he had in his storage. There were many that he had obtained and they were memorized by him.

Using them now was the perfect opportunity.

The Axe suddenly grew two times in size as flames bloomed on it. The flaming Axe slashed down, creating a long arc of fire that was at least thirty meters in length.


The red mist seems to have been affected by it and was burned away. Both the Axe and the Qi skill were high grade and thus were able to cause quite a bit of damage. Ku Waowen narrowed her eyes and pulled out a bottle of transparent liquid from her storage.

Taking a large gulp and downing it all at once, she spat out a cloud of frost from her mouth.


The cloud of frost was very cold and ice formed on the ground where it passed. The flames made by the Axe were suppressed by it easily while the red mist quickly retreated behind it.

Then something surprising happened that Lin Mu had not expected. The frost actually climbed over the Axe and reached the wooden handle. Lin Mu hurriedly let go of the Axe as he could still feel the chill from it despite the Mortal Strengthening scriptures armor.

‘What is this?’ Lin Mu wondered.

The Axe was fully covered in ice and fell to the ground lifelessly. Despite it being a spirit weapon, Lin Mu discovered that he could not control it. The ice was like a barrier that had forcefully disconnected his spirit sense link with the Axe.

If it were any normal person, they probably would have sustained some internal injuries due to this. But Lin Mu’s spirit sense was far too refined to break so easily. Thus, it was simply disconnected rather than being torn.



Lin Mu then saw the Axe shatter into pieces upon touching the ground.

“Eheheheeh! You think just because you have high grade spirit weapons, they are unbreakable. You are naive!” The old woman taunted.

Though it really was a bit surprising to Lin Mu. While the Axe wasn’t particularly a very strong spirit weapon even in the High grade weapons and could not compare to the Short sword in durability, it was still stronger than most other weapons.

It breaking like this was astounding to Lin Mu, and made him think about the attack that had caused it to become like this.

“That frost cloud… it’s not simple.” Lin Mu muttered.

His eyes gazed at the frost cloud that was still floating around. Though its size had decreased by half now.

“Seems like I need to punish you a bit before you will be willing to listen,” Ku Waowen said as she gestured with her hand and brought them towards her face.


Making an ‘O’ with her lips, she deeply breathed in the air. The red mist surged into her mouth while the frost cloud stayed as it is. Lin Mu put distance between him and the cloud just in case and tried to analyze what it could be.

‘It only appeared after she drank that transparent liquid. So that liquid must have something to do with it.’ Lin Mu thought.

When the red mist was fully inhaled by the old woman, her nails turned red and so did her hair.


She tapped her nails together and they made a metallic humming sound. The Frost cloud seemed to react to the sound and started to move. She then pulled on her hair and ripped out half of it in one go.

Ku Waowen moved her hands at a rapid speed, using her nails to weave the hair. The hair quickly stiffened in her hand and turned into red rods that looked like they were quite sturdy.

Her eyes glanced at the wary Lin Mu and a smile appeared on her face.

“I’ll ask one last time, will you heed?” She questioned.

“No,” Lin Mu replied.

With this response, Ku Waowen’s expression turned fierce and she threw out the red rods.

“Xieye Yun Frost Cage!” Ku Waowen chanted.


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