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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 793: Adult Soul Stage And Approaching The Peak Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing Kong Hutao’s words, Lin Mu was confused at first but then understood his meaning.

“The spirit Qi… it is for me to use?” Lin Mu asked.

“Of course. It was meant as a reward to the person that inherited the minor plane. I was afraid that they might not be strong enough thus prepared this for them. Even if it was someone at the Qi refining realm, I guarantee that with the spirit Qi here, they will be able to reach the peak of the Nascent Soul realm as long as they absorb it diligently.” Kong Hutao said proudly.

This was one of the hardest things he had to prepare and he was happy that he made the decision. The formations set up to gather the spirit Qi were also modified in such a way that a certain amount of spirit Qi would be stockpiled every year.

This was in addition to the base amount that Kong Hutao had set up.

“It has been thousands of years since I set this place up, the spirit Qi that has been stockpiled should still be plenty. In fact, it should already be more than double the principal amount.” Kong Hutao added.

Lin Mu was even more surprised after hearing this.

“I’m already close to the Adult soul stage of the nascent soul realm, just how far would I be able to reach with this?” Lin Mu couldn’t help but wonder.

It was now that Xukong’s voice rang in his mind.

“Just focus on absorbing it now. Once you reach the Dao Shel realm, I have some things that I need to teach you.” Xukong stated.

“Oh? If you say so senior. I’ll absorb it for now.” Lin Mu said before sitting down cross legged in the center of the platform.

This was the place from where all the spirit Qi was rising out of and now it was directly being absorbed by Lin Mu.


With a single breath, it was as if Lin Mu inhaled a river of spirit Qi. The spirit Qi directly started to condense in the air and turned into dense vapor. This vapor was breathed in by Lin Mu and quickly absorbed by his lungs and the rest of his body. It spread through his meridians while nourishing them and finally reached the Dantian.


Unlike the usual process that Lin Mu needed to follow to refine spirit Qi wisps into liquid spirit Qi, the vapor directly turned into clouds in his Dantian and raised down the liquid spirit Qi.

If someone were to see this, they would be astounded. This was the same as letting the spirit Qi spoon feed itself to Lin Mu, with him having no need to put in any effort.

The rain kept on falling as Lin Mu’s Nascent soul directly absorbed it as well. Half of his Nascent soul was above the sea of spirit Qi while the other half was submerged into the liquid spirit Qi.

The bottom half bathed in the liquid spirit Qi that nourished the Nascent soul and faintly glowed. The more Lin Mu focused on it, the faster the speed of the Nascent soul’s absorption.

Lin Mu continued to cultivate and was soon lost in the process. Little Shrubby who was a short distance from him also sat down and absorbed the extra spirit Qi that went a little too far from Lin Mu.

He too was benefiting from it. Little Shrubby was already at the Adult Soul stage of the Nascent Soul realm and would need a while to reach the very peak.

But now this would help speed up the process.


Time passed and a week had elapsed.

Lin Mu had already broken through to the Adult Soul stage of the Nascent Soul realm and his nascent soul looked just like him. No longer was it the teenage form of Lin Mu.

This also meant that Lin Mu’s appearance would be largely stationary from now on. He would not age and the only changes that would happen in his body would be due to external factors such as damage or internal factors like growth.

The fountain of spirit Qi had not stopped yet and was still going at the same pace as before. But now Lin Mu had reached the bottleneck and was at the very peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he was already at the Pseudo Dao Shell realm.

The bottleneck between the Nascent soul realm and the Dao Shell realm was actually rather faint and could be overcome as long as one had enough spirit Qi to support it. The main problem that the cultivators actually had was to reach that point.

It was said that the amount of spirit Qi needed to go from the Adult Soul stage to the Very Peak of the adult soul stage was multiples of the spirit Qi needed to go from the Infant soul stage to the Adult stage.

Most of the time the cultivators failed in doing so because they either ran out of longevity, became injured and weak, were crippled, were killed by someone else or were simply too lazy to cultivate.

Of course, if someone wanted to cultivate steadily without the support of external resources they could still do it, but the time needed for that would be very long. Many people were still unable to do so with resources thus it was understandable that they could not without them.

And this was IF they did not encounter any personal bottleneck. Depending on the talent of a body, someone may end up with a bottleneck that would restrain their progress. For such people, they would have to depend on some luck to overcome it or need recourses.

Fortunately for Lin Mu, he didn’t have a major bottleneck during the Nascent soul realm and only felt the common one between two major realms.. But with the support of spirit Qi, he was steadily chipping away at the bottleneck and it wouldn’t be long before he got rid of it entirely.


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