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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 792: Anchor Transfer Completed Bahasa Indonesia

The rune kept on changing as the formations were modified. By now Lin Mu had gotten a better grasp on everything and was doing better than before. He knew that as long as he kept this up he would be done with the entire thing soon enough.

“Just a little more…” Lin Mu muttered as he reached the final step of the process.


The ring on his hand startefinalayd to hum and he knew the time had arrived.

“Void Anchor linking!” Lin Mu said as he spread his fingers apart.

Rune lined up like a string and wrapped around his fingers before joining up on the ring.


The waves of spirit Qi started to change as Lin Mu felt the attribute less spirit Qi in the air morphing into something different. His eyes flickered, and he used spatial perception for a few seconds.

‘It’s working…’ Lin Mu thought before stopping his usage of spatial perception.

He had not yet rested his eyes enough to be able to use it for long enough and just wanted to check it for now. He didn’t know how this would all go and with the involvement of space, one couldn’t be too careless.

Lin Mu had sensed several small openings in the space when he used spatial perception and had seen the runes entering the space as well. For a few seconds, he had even seen the void beyond the world and the spatial attribute spirit Qi that wandered there.

The runes would link up with the outer formation arrays that covered the outside of the minor plane and kept it safe from the void’s forces.

What Lin Mu was currently doing was basically changing the anchor of the Wandering sinkhole from the Hong Lin Kingdom to himself. The anchor reality was stuck in a very obscure location of the Hong Lin forest and the sinkhole could wander around like a boat in the sea.

Even if a boat was anchored, depending on the length of the rope, it could still bob and move around a bit. That was exactly what made the Wandering sinkhole ‘Wander’. But now once the anchor was transferred to Lin Mu, he would be able to move around freely and so would the minor world.

The rune changes needed for this were very different and no one would be able to come up on their own easily in this world. If it were not for him noticing them on the altar in the ring, he probably would not have been able to do this.

Even if he got the ownership of the entire place, he would still have to come back to the Hong Lin kingdom to enter the minor plane.

Watching all this, Lin Mu was reminded of his own Sleepscape. In a way it was airmail to this minor plane and was linked to him. Though with the Sleepscape there was a fundamental difference.

It could allow the mental world to affect the physical and yet keep things the same in the real world. There were many restrictions on the Sleepscape as well as Lin Mu couldn’t really affect it much other than the tree and the spirit stone source vein that he had introduced.

Other than him only Senior Xukong and the Grey egg could even appear there. But with this minor plane, Lin Mu knew that he would be able to overcome those problems. Though there was still the issue of it being attached to him at all times.

‘Then there is also the fact that this minor plane is still a part of the Xiaofan world and cannot be detached from it truly. Even if I have the anchor, I still can’t move the ‘boat’ from the ‘sea.” Lin Mu thought to himself.

Pushing these thoughts out of the way for now, he focused on the task at hand and reached the end point.


Finally, the runes stabilized and the space around the platform got stable as well. Lin Mu felt a weight on his body that was not there before. The sensation lasted for about ten minutes before it faded away.

It felt like he was carrying a hill on his back, but he bore it while just gritting his teeth.


When the weight finally faded away, he felt a scorching pain on his back.

“Dammit, what is it now?” Lin Mu cursed.

Using his spirit sense to observe his back, he saw several runes appearing there. The characters were those for binding and ownership.

‘So this is the binding runes of the anchor…’ Lin Mu finally understood.


Once the runes were etched onto Lin Mu’s back, they disappeared as well and he lightly stumbled.


“Finally… it’s over…” Lin Mu muttered.


But it seemed like he had spoken too soon and a spring of spirit Qi rushed out of the platform. It was like an oil well had been struck and the jet of spirit Qi sprayed out, filling the entire hall.

“Now what is this?” Lin Mu said in confusion.

“You actually managed to do what I failed to do before… you changed the plane’s anchor.” Lin Mu suddenly heard a voice in his head.

“Huh? Senior Kong Hutao? How are you in my mind?” Lin Mu questioned.

“When you finished the transfer of ownership, you were linked to the entire fomentation nexus of the minor plane, and this includes hat various other formation arrays that are linked to it.

This included the spirit portrait of me as well. I can speak to you as long as you are in the minor plane directly now.” Kong Hutao answered.

“I see… but what’s happening now? Why’s the spirit Qi leaking out like this? Did some problem occur?” Lin Mu asked feeling concerned.

He was wondering if he had broken some secondary layer of the formation array that caused this leak.

“Ahahah!” Kong Hutao laughed out in response to Lin Mu.

“This isn’t a problem.. This is your reward… Now just enjoy!” Kong Hutao Stated.


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