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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 759: Little Shrubby’s Breakthrough To The Adult Soul Stage Bahasa Indonesia


Lin Mu and Little Shrubby lounged around on the ground after having devoured the meat of the Bronze Tribe wolf in its entirety. The spirit Qi they had exhausted in the battles was easily replenished and not only that, but they had also gotten a nice boost over that.

Ahh~ that was really good.” Lin Mu said as he rubbed his bulging stomach.

The Bronze Tribe Wolf was the size of a house and the meat in it was enough to feed a thousand men easily. Yet Lin Mu and Little Shrubby had devoured it all alone. Over seventy percent was of course, eaten by Lin Mu since Little Shrubby could just not eat that much.

Even with the higher appetite as a beast, Little Shrubby still could not compare to that of the nameless technique of the Lost immortal. Lin Mu was on a different level like that and even now didn’t know what was the limit of this technique… if there even was.

The Lost immortal did state that it would allow one to eat as much as they could, but Lin Mu wanted to know if it really was true. After all, the Lost immortal never actually got to test the technique before and it had several additional effects that were simply not known of.

Lin Mu’s stomach had already changed its qualities many times over and was no longer that of a human. Even he himself could not tell what the changes were exactly as when he used spirit sense to observe it. His stomach was impenetrable to it.

It was as if there was a sheet covering it that was protecting it and no spirit sense could go through it. Even senior Xukong was at a loss and didn’t know just what it was that made it like that.

Though the technique did bring about many benefits, such as the fact that it increased the rate at which Lin Mu digested food and absorbed the spirit Qi and vital energy within it. It was also one of the reasons why he was able to speed through cultivation.

As long as Lin Mu had the support of the beast meat or other such energy rich foods, he would be able to continue cultivating at a rapid pace. Little Shrubby was in the same state and had gained a lot after eating the Bronze Tribe Wolf’s meat.

In fact, Little Shrubby was almost at the border of the Adult Soul stage of the Nascent Soul realm and might reach it before Lin Mu.

“Now I don’t know if the other beast meat we got will taste better or not.” Little Shrubby commented.

“Hmm… we’ll only know if we eat it later. For now, this is enough,” Lin Mu replied.

If it was up to them, they probably would not have eaten the meat of the Bronze Tribe Wolf and would have chosen to keep it for later. But since it was already cooked and the aroma was so tempting, there was little they could do to inhibit their desires.

“Ah,” Lin Mu grunted and forced himself to sit cross legged.

He started to assimilate all of the vital energy and spirit Qi from the meat actively. There was a massive amount of it in the meat, thus it actually took Lin Mu and Little Shrubby an entire day to finish assimilating it entirely.

And when the next day arrived, it happened…


Little Shrubby’s aura suddenly spiked as spirit Qi in the air started stirring. A vortex started to form over his body as the spirit Qi started to pour into his body.

Lin Mu opened his eyes upon noticing this and was surprised.

“Spirit Qi infusion? He already broke through?!” Lin Mu said in excrement.

His spirit sense probed Little Shrubby’s Dantian and there he saw his Nascent soul frantically sucking in all of the spirit Qi. Little Shrubby’s Dantian itself was empty since the nascent soul had taken it all in, but the spirit Qi infusion due to the breakthrough was actively replacing it.

Little by little, the Nascent soul that looked like Little Shrubby when he was at the core condensation realm started to grow. About ten minutes later, it had fully grown and looked just how Little Shrubby looked right now.


Little Shrubby opened his eyes as they glowed in a red light. An oppressive presence exuded from his body and a Bloodline Aura shot out. Lin Mu felt it clearly as well and knew that it was far more powerful than any beast he had met till now. The Great Slumber Bear and Senior Xukong were the exceptions, of course.

“Congratulations!” Lin Mu said, a smile appearing on his face.

“I broke though! I can now protect master better and help him!” Little Shrubby replied.


“That you will, of course,” Lin Mu said as he rubbed Little Shrubby.

It was a bit awkward since Little Shrubby was now the same height as that of Lin Mu himself. His size was quite big but still not as big compared to the Bronze Tribe Wolf. Lin Mu could tell that Little Shrubby was still growing, even now.

The only difference was that the speed was slow. He wondered if he would keep on doing so and just how bit would he become in the future.

“With the Beast Qi you are feeding him every so often, I won’t be shocked if he never actually stops growing.” Xukong suddenly said.

“Really senior?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Yes… Beast Qi is something each beast desires, and it is hard to find. That Bronze Tribe Wolf you killed might have only made about half the amount of Beast Qi you have given to Little Shrubby till now in his entire life of probably a thousand years.” Xukong answered.

“Damn… that’s not a lot.” Lin Mu replied.

“Mmmhmm… that is exactly why it is so absurd seeing how you can make the beast Qi with the nurturing heart sutra.. It is certainly not normal…” Xukong commented.


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