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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 657: Panic At The City Bahasa Indonesia

Upon hearing Jingming Shang’s message, Lin Mu suddenly realized something.

“Um… we forgot to inform Jingming Shang…” Lin Mu spoke.

“About what?” Jing Luo questioned.

“The three clans,” Lin Mu answered.

Jing Luo finally felt it click in his mind and couldn’t help but chuckle.

“And what’s he saying now?” Jing Luo asked, trying to hold back his laughter.

“He sounds quite nervous.” Lin Mu replied.

“You should go meet up, I’ll finish up the work here.” Jing Luo stated.

“Alright. Though watch out for surprises, we don’t know how the other members will respond and Gu Yao too.” Lin Mu said before disappearing.

It was a shock to the other members of the Mu clan to see Lin Mu disappear like this. Unlike Mu Tao and Mu Niu they did not know the reason behind it and thus were quite confused.

Alas for them they would not be getting an explanation anytime soon and thus they would have to speculate on their own.

Lin Mu reappeared in the sky above the Jiao Long city and observed the current situation of the city. There were people screaming and crying in a lot of places, with guards running around trying to control it all.

Lin Mu’s spirit sense spread around to see the scene of the three clans that he had killed and saw most of the people left there were terrified and crying. Some of the stronger members of the clans that were spared were angry and were wondering how it all happened.

It was now that Lin Mu heard something that made him smile.

“It must be the same people that killed the Mu clan! Only they can do something like this and get away!” Someone in the Shu clan said.

It didn’t take long for his words to spread amongst the survivors and from there to the guards of the city. Lin Mu calmly stood in the air while listening to the entire city’s voices. The commoners though were the ones that were the least bothered.

“Haha! It was bound to happen on day!” A middle-aged port worker said.

“This is divine retribution I say! What killers like Mu clan? Do you think anyone can kill all three clans at the same time without leaving any traces?

This is the judgment of the heavens!” An one eyed old man said out loud.

“Careful you two!” A man shouted.

“Watch your tongues! If the guards hear you, you two will be arrested and killed without much thought.” A woman near them spoke.

“Ahah! Do you think I care about that? Those three clans were the worst among the council and have been causing problems for a long time.

They sank my business, sold Ah Lau’s daughter and killed my grandsons too! They deserved it all!” The old man spoke out loud fearlessly.

Lin Mu had already heard about the atrocities of the three clans from Jing Luo but hearing it first hand was far more impressionable. He furrowed his brows and let his spirit sense move towards the other clans.

‘Where are the council members now?’ Lin Mu wondered unable to find them.

“Perhaps Jingming Shang will know better.” Lin Mu muttered to himself before going towards his residence.

In less than a minute, Lin Mu was at Jingming Shang’s beach side residence. He could already tell that the man was sitting inside while nervously flipping through registers and muttering to himself.


“EEK! Don’t kill me!” Jingming Shang yelped as he suddenly felt someone behind him.

“Calm down, it’s me.” Lin Mu spoke.


“Senior! You scared the life out of me!” Jingming Shang complained.

“Ah, sorry.” Lin Mu causally replied and sat down.

“Is the Mu clan with us now?” Jingming Shang questioned.

“Yes, they are allied with us now and we will be helping them solve some problems.” Lin Mu replied.

“I see… But we have a bigger problem at hand, it seems like Gu Yao has acted again. The Hui, Shu and Fei clans have had a majority of their members killed!” Jingming Shang said while trembling.

“About that…” Lin Mu was about to speak but was interrupted.

“I think Gu Yao has gotten impatient and killed the three clans because they did not join his cause with Shantung and has now sent a message!” Jingming Shang speculated.

“No wait, that’s not…” Lin Mu was interrupted again.

“I think we need to act quickly, if Gu Yao has already acted then he may be coming for me soon too!” Jingming Shang continued spewing his words.


Lin Mu shook his head and chanted the severing heart sutra.

“We shoul—” Before Jingming Shang could continue, he was sent into a daze and made to forcibly stop.

Seeing that he had shut up, Lin Mu stopped chanting the severing heart sutra and looked at Jingming Shang.

“Now then, let me tell you what happened. It’s not Gu Yao who killed the three clans, it was me.” Lin Mu revealed

Jingming Shang who had finally heard it all was surprised, to say the least, but the effect of the severing heart sutra did not let him display that on his face nor act on it. Lin Mu was at least thankful for that.

“You did senior? Why?” Jingming Shang questioned.

“Is that even a question? Have you seen what the commoners are talking about them? And do you know what they have been doing till now?” Lin Mu counter questioned.

Jingming Shang went silent for a bit before nodding his head.

“I understand… but killing all three without leaving any signs… that’s terrifying.” Jingming Shang muttered.

He finally understood what kind of a person he was dealing with.

‘Thankfully I’m on his side… or I would not even know how I died…’ Jingming Shang thought to himself.


Jingming Shang took a deep breath to calm himself down and looked at Lin Mu.

“So what are we to do now?” he asked.

“Well, you will be taking over the businesses of the three clans now that they are out of commission. I hope you can do that at least?” Lin Mu replied.


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