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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 618: A Tricky Technique Bahasa Indonesia

Upon being informed by Lin Mu, Jing Luo became even more alert and watched out for any sneak attacks. His wariness turned out to be right, as just after a few seconds, he could hear something approaching him at great speed.


“You can’t attack me that easily!” Jing Luo said before withdrawing a shield from his spatial storage.


The shield vibrated as it defended against the mist sword that had just attacked him. The shield was also a spirit weapon and was of high grade. Jing Luo had spent quite a few resources in making this particular shield after witnessing the power of Lin Mu’s attacks.

He reckoned that he needed better ways to defend himself than the ones he had before. Back then, Jing Luo did not have the access to the resources below the mountain due to the Earthen Depths Obsidian blocking his way.

But once he got them, he basically had a free rein over what he wanted to make. Thus, Jing Luo took all liberties and built the best shield his current skill and materials allowed. He was even sure that this shield could block Lin Mu’s Boulder collapsing fist’s second form: Piercer.

Though he had not tested it out against that yet. Still, compared to that level of an attack, the shield had no problem blocking the mist sword. The mist sword dissipated after being blocked and Jing Luo watched out for more.




One after the other, more and more mist weapons appeared from the mist and attacked Jing Luo. Lin Mu was having the same problem, but he was able to dodge most of them using just his speed.

And the ones that he was unable to dodge were taken care of by using Flicker and blink.

“You won’t be able to dodge for long! Sooner or later you two will run out of spirit Qi and become fish on my chopping block!” The first elder taunted.

Lin Mu focused on his voice and tried to sense where it came from, but could not do so. The voice was too scattered and even echoed, making it hard to distinguish its source.

“Dammit, without spirit Qi it will be very hard…” Lin Mu cursed.

But soon a solution appeared in his mind. He did not know if it would be effective, be he decided to try it nonetheless. Lin Mu closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them. This time, his spatial perception was in full effect and he was doing his best.

Slowly, the mist started to fade in front of Lin Mu and an empty space appeared around him. His eyes wandered around searching for the location of the first elder, but his body stayed in the same place.




Lin Mu could not move or use any of his skills as that would cause disturbance in the space which would prevent him from finding the first elder. Thus, all he could do now was let the armor made by the Mortal Strengthening Scripture bear it all.

Now he did not care about being knocked around and simply focused on using the spatial perception.

“HAHAHA! Seems like you have given up, good good! Just wait and die for me!” The first elders voice echoed once again.

“THERE!” Lin Mu suddenly said as he discovered some difference in the spatial fabric in this area.

While most of it was empty and stable, minor spatial fluctuation could be perceived from the distance which could only be caused by another person.


Lin Mu locked onto the location and used blink multiple times in succession. In less than two seconds, he was near the location of the First elder.


But just when he was within the hundred meter radius of the man, he slammed into what was a wall made out of mist.

“Ah!” Lin Mu reeled from the impact.

Even if he had not suffered from any injuries right now, the force of the impact was quite high due to him using blink. When his spatial skills met an obstacle they could not overcome, Lin Mu could potentially receive quite a lot of damage.

He had witnessed it when he used fade at the Tri cauldron peony sect while escaping and crashed into a random disciples’ house. That was one of the few things that could injure him right now.

Lin Mu gritted his teeth and looked at the solid wall of mist.

“How did you find me!?” The sound of the first elder came from the wall, confirming that he was indeed there.

The first elder was shocked that someone could find their way to him when they were in the weapon mist domain. One had to know that this technique had once succeeded in killing an Immortal Ascension cultivator in the past.

If even they could not find their way in here, Lin Mu who was many times weaker than that, should not have been either. But the contradiction was literally in front of him now. Even though the first elder knew that his power was much less than that of the real cultivator who had accomplished the feat of killing an Immortal Ascension realm cultivator using Weapon Mist Domain, he should have still been able to trap Lin Mu.

“It doesn’t matter! You won’t be able to break the defense of my mist fortress!” The first elder laughed out loud. “Taste the barrage of ten thousand mist weapons! Hahahaha!”




From the walls of the mist, which the first elder called as Mist fortress, thousands and thousands of mist weapons shot out. They were in various forms, such as that of arrows, swords, daggers, axes, spears, javelins, hammers, needles, and many more.

They all attacked Lin Mu and knocked him about half a kilometer away from the combined attack. While the brown armor was able to bear all of the hits with little to no loss of durability, Lin Mu had still lost his direction now.

“Drat! Gonna have to find another way…”


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