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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 596: Raising An Egg? Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing Lin Mu’s words, Xukong was also intrigued now.

“I actually can’t tell. Beast Qi in itself is something that is hard to find and seldom exists in free form like you use. Most of the Beast Qi that the beasts obtain is by eating other beasts and is thus present in their bodies.

Since eggs can’t eat, they can’t really absorb beast Qi like it would be possible for other beasts who are viviparous.” Xukong replied.

Lin Mu heard senior Xukong’s words and wondered what would truly happen. It was indeed a strange situation and he doubted many people got to see something like this ever in their lives.

Even the sects and cultivators who specially raised beasts for taming did not use beast Qi on them. As it was simply not viable. Thus for Lin Mu or most of the people in the world, this was uncharted territory.

“Will it be safe to give the egg Beast Qi?” Lin Mu asked.

“Since the Egg successfully absorbed Beast Qi before it was laid, and it has still not started developing giving it Beast Qi should be relatively fine. It may even boost its growth rate. You won’t know until you try it.” Xukong advised.

Lin Mu thought over it and came to the conclusion that it was worth a try.

Putting the egg down on the grass, Lin Mu chanted the Nurturing heart sutra.


The spirit Qi within his Dantian started to convert into Beast Qi and then flowed out to his hand. Lin Mu placed his hand on the egg and channeled the Beast Qi into the egg. Lin Mu had expected something to happen, but nothing really did.

“Hmm, did it not work?” Lin Mu wondered.


The egg suddenly trembled for a moment, which Lin Mu could feel. But just as he was about to observe it with his spirit sense, the egg calmed down. Now, except for feeling a bit warm, Lin Mu did not sense any difference in it.

“The aura coming from it is stable, so it is still alive. Looks like giving it Beast Qi did not harm it at the very least.” Lin Mu stated.

“Giving it beast Qi regularly may have some unexpected effect that we will probably only know when the egg fully hatches. If you want to you can keep on supplying it with beast Qi.

Who knows when the beast hatches, you may have another helper with you.” Xukong suggested.

Lin Mu thought over it and found his words to be correct. Little Shrubby who was his tamed beast and friend was a powerful companion had was now part of his own strength. Lin Mu understood how much another beast could help him.

One of the most difficult parts of taming beasts was controlling them, which could be solved by taking care of them since birth. But then this brought a secondary problem which was providing them with resources.

One must know that a beast was still a cultivator in a way and needed resources to become powerful. Even a beast with a good bloodline would need some resources to help in its growth. The stronger the beast got, the more resources it would require and sometimes it would also get harder to control them.

That was the reason why a lot of cultivators who dabbled in beast taming, preferred to tame already grown beasts. But doing that brought them to the very first problem, which was actually getting to tame them.

Failed attempts at taming would end up agitating the beasts and they may even end up harming the cultivator. This was IF the beast was even docile, for most beasts though the first part was to get them conformable with you.

But in Lin Mu’s case, he did not have either of these problems. The beast would be born from the egg and thus he would be raising it since it was a baby. As for the part about resource? Lin Mu had enough resources that he would make a lot of the sects jealous.

In addition to this, he had one of the best resources a beast could desire… Beast Qi. And he had it in an almost endless quantity too. As long as Lin Mu had spirit Qi he could keep on refining more Beast Qi.

Having thought of all this, Lin Mu finally decided that he would be taming this beast that was yet to be born. With this in mind, Lin Mu returned to his routine, which was now a bit modified.

Since Lin Mu was now finished with the Thousand Armament Blade Scripture and could not improve in it directly, he decided to switch to something else. There was a plethora of study material Lin Mu had obtained from the Tri Cauldron Peony sect that he could learn from.

One part of those materials was about Alchemy and Alchemical pills, and the second part that he obtained was about formations. While the Tri caldron’s peony sect did not have anyone that was considered to be a genius in formations, they still had enough manuals and records to make someone who had talent in it a formation master.

Plus in addition to this, Lin Mu had also received a copy of the formations that Jing Luo knew. He had given this to Lin Mu beforehand since he knew that escaping from this Minor world was not a surety.

Jing Luo had learned and researched quite a few formations in the fifty years he had spent here and had progressed in them. He did not want all this knowledge to go to waste and thus had passed it to Lin Mu in the form of a jade slip.

He wanted him to give this to Jing Wei and Duan Ke, in case he did not make it. But even if they did succeed to get back to the real world, Jing Luo still wanted Lin Mu to keep all the knowledge for helping him.

Had it not been for Lin Mu, perhaps Jing Luo would have been trapped here forever.


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