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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1306: The Wood Spirit Tulip’s Request Bahasa Indonesia


“More… More…”

“I need more…”

Lin Mu’s brows were furrowed while he sat cross legged. Rich wood energy and wood spirit Qi swirled around him endlessly. Some streaks of them would enter his body, while some would simply dissipate upon touching his skin.

Some distance away from Lin Mu, the Spirit apple tree could be seen. But right now it was barren, having no fruits and only leaves. It was evident that Lin Mu had plucked all of them before consuming them.


The swirling energies around Lin Mu stopped abruptly, creating a brief gust of wind.


“I really can’t absorb the wood energy without a body cultivation technique meant for that.” Lin Mu said with a sigh.

A month had passed since he had made and deployed the beacon above the Haima Tribe. So far, no one had approached it other than some Chasm Beast. Since just waiting would do no good, he decided to cultivate.

He had been deep in cultivation for a week now and decided to further his body cultivation.

If one looked at his liver right now, they would see that nearly 90% of it had been refined. Three out of four lobes of his liver were filled with great vitality, while over half of his fourth lobe were refined.

“Even the wood spirit apples aren’t helping now…” Lin Mu said, swallowing the last apple he had left.



A bust of wood spirit Qi and wood energy spread in his belly before being quickly absorbed by his body. They reached his liver, but no change happened to it after that.

Lin Mu had been hoping that he would be able to refine his liver with just the help of the Wood spirit apples, but he had reached a bottleneck. It seemed that the amount of wood energy contained within the apples was no longer enough to break it.

‘If only I had a body cultivation technique appropriate for this…’ Lin Mu dreamed.

He had even asked Kunzi if he had any such technique. But the man shook his head the moment he heard that Lin Mu wanted a body cultivation technique.

Apparently, a majority of the Body cultivation techniques were highly restricted in the Rust Sky world. Only the nobles could practice them, but even then, it was limited to the thirteen stages of the body tempering realm allowing them to obtain a Xiantian Physique.

After that, they simply cultivated the immortal techniques which were considered a lot more superior.

The Body cultivation techniques that would allow one to reach the five treasure realm were highly limited and in the grasp of a few noble families in the Rust Sky world. But even then, it was unlikely for Lin Mu to find something that would belong to the Wood Element.

But that wasn’t all that Lin Mu had learned about body cultivation from Kunzi.

According to the man, while body cultivation techniques were rare, there was still one place where they were abundant.

This place being none other than the Holy Topaz Empire of the Holy Topaz Continent. They were the oldest existing power of the Rust Sky world and had deep roots.

There were even rumors that the Holy Topaz Empire had a great influence in the Immortal Courts.

Kunzi even went so far as to say that the signature cultivation technique of the Holy Topaz Empire was actually a body cultivation technique!

And it was one that allowed one to cultivate all the way to the equivalent of the Seventh Tribulation Immortal.

“Will I really have to go to the Holy Topaz Empire to resume my body cultivation?” Lin Mu wondered.

After all, even if he got out of the Land of Exile and manage to obtain some resource rich in wood energy and fully refined his liver, he would still halt at that point.


The sound of something shifting could be heard, making Lin Mu open his eyes.

“Mm?” To his surprise, he saw the Wood Spirit Tulip right in front of him.

“Why are you here? Why did you move?” Lin Mu was confused.

~rustle~ Rustle~

The sentient plant shook its flower in response, as if nodding.

Lin Mu tilted his head in confusion, not understanding what the penitent plant wanted.

The Wood Spirit tulip shook its flower again, even using its leaves trying to say something, but Lin Mu couldn’t understand it.

“What do you want?” Lin Mu asked again.


As if frustrated by its attempts, the Wood Spirit tulip twisted its stem, letting out a strange whistling sound.


But then the whistling sound seemed to have triggered something as all the wood spirit Qi in the air started to rush towards the Wood spirit tulip.

Lin Mu became alert, wondering if the sentient herb was having a breakdown. But the more he watched, the more he realized it wasn’t a breakdown but rather a breakthrough.

Swirling wood spirit Qi gathered around the wood spirit Tulip, similar to how it was for Lin Mu.

“Are you… By any chance asking me to help you?” Lin Mu finally understood.

He quickly sat back down and used the basic method of gathering wood spirit Qi. But this time, instead of absorbing it himself, he directed it into the direction of the Wood spirit tulip.


With that, the absorption speed of the wood spirit tulip increased twofold.

A sweet scent spread from the flower on top of it before two more shoots appeared at the side of its stem. Not just that’s, but a tiny bud could even be seen sprouting on at the base of its giant flower head.


The vortex of wood spirit Qi got stronger, this time without Lin Mu’s help.

“It’s about to breakthrough!” Lin Mu understood this was all the sentient herb wanted.

He stepped back, letting the herb continue its work.

About five minutes later, the aura of the Wood Spirit Tulip rose by three times, and a new type of scent spread from it. This time though, Lin Mu spotted faint liquid appearing from its petals.

The source of this scent was this liquid.

“Wait a second, this…”


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