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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1305: The Deployed Beacon And A Little Refocusing Needed Bahasa Indonesia

“There we go.” Lin Mu said as he finished planting the last formation flag.

‘With this we should be able to finish our goal.’ Lin Mu thought.

Lin Mu’s work on the beacon was done relatively quickly.

Three days was all it took for him to integrate it into the existing Earth Fixing Array. And not just that, he even added some extra precautions to it. After all, the beacon won’t just pull the attention of the people of the Huyun Clan, it will do that for everyone.

Lin Mu made sure that their defenses were as good as possible. Even going so far as to reinforce the Earth Fixing Array with supplementary formations. With so many defensive formations ready, Lin Mu was now confident of defending against even a second tribulation stage immortal.

One might ask how he was confident of this?

It was simple. Lin Mu simply asked someone who was experienced with this. This person being none other than Kunzi.

Much to Lin Mu’s surprise, Kunzi was actually quite experience with formations. In fact, he was even capable of getting through Immortal arrays!

That was how he had stolen the immortal cultivation techniques as well as immortal Qi skills from the auction house. He had used several of his special tools to get through them despite being in the Dao Shell realm.

This was all due to the sheer amount of time he had lived.

Lin Mu got to know that Kunzi was actually over 1500 years old. His life’s start was somewhat similar to Lin Mu’s being born in a poor family.

Not having enough resources to cultivate, he had to struggle a lot to reach the point where he was at right now.

One could tell from this that even in an Immortal world at the level of the Rust Sky world, the struggles of people were almost the same. The only difference was the staging of struggle was at a different section.

Commoners in the mortal worlds struggled to reach the Qi refining realm, while the commoners of Immortal worlds struggled to reach the Immortal realm.

This was the same for Kunzi and Little Gian.

Both had teamed up due to the same goal of becoming immortals. They were similarly old too, with Little Gian being a hundred years younger than Kunzi. Which was also why he was called ‘little’.

Thus, with Kunzi’s observation, Lin Mu had managed to set up proper defenses.

This way, even if some unruly immortals arrived, they would still be able to deal with them.

Now all that was left was for the Immortals of the Huyun Clan to spot them.

‘Since they have been waiting for over a month to get it, they are probably restrained by a person from the Great Wave kingdom,’ Lin Mu thought.

The reason why Huyun Chuan was unable to bring any items into the Land of Exile was also due to the fact that the Great Wave Kingdom’s people had someone monitor him. They made sure that he couldn’t bring any resources or tools to help him there.

And from the information Kunzi and Little Gian had provided, there were indeed people of the Great Wave kingdom on the Island.

This was simply how the Land of Exile was run.

The eight kingdoms sent a rotating set of people to run the Land of Exile. This was to make sure that no single kingdom suffered a loss in doing so. After all, the Land of Exile was in a precarious and dangerous location.

But they still wanted to make use of it, and making sure that everyone had equal responsibility was the best way to maintain it.

This time around though, the Great Wave kingdom had volunteers to take over another kingdom’s turn. All to ensure that Huyun Chuan received the proper punishment. But even this had a limit. The Great Wave kingdom had posted their people here for nearly a year now.

Ned that was coming to an end. As soon as the people of the Great Wave Kingdom were gone, the people of the Huyun Clan will be able to bribe their way in.


The sound of steps could be heard while Lin Mu was pondering on how things would go next.

“You shouldn’t strain your mind too much, Noble Lin Mu. What’s written in fates will surely happen. All we can do is prepare the best.” Elder Niji’s voice could be heard.

“Ah…” Lin Mu found the words rather familiar.

“Someone… once told me similar words before.” Lin Mu muttered.

“They did?” Elder Niji asked.

“Indeed, and they were true.” Lin Mu replied with a nod.


“You’re right. I shouldn’t stress too much.” Lin Mu stood up. “Rather than that, I should put more effort in getting stronger.” He added.

“Mmhmm, our tribe will do the same. The stronger we are the better chance of us getting out of here.” Elder Niji agreed. “Plus now we have some more helpers with us.” He added.

“Kunzi and Gian?” Lin Mu spoke.

“Yes, the two humans are good. They are willingly helping out in the clan in addition to helping you.” Elder Niji replied. “At least better than that, Huyun Chuan.”

“That’s… accurate.” Lin Mu did find the two a better sight than Huyun Chuan.

Plus, Huyun Chuan had already told Lin Mu as much information as he knew about the Rust Sky world. Kunzi and Gian had yet to do that.

“I guess I’ll go talk to the two.” Lin Mu said, feeling a little better.

“Sure, do that. Our Tribe is also ready. We’ve already moved all the supplies into the storage tools you provided.” Elder Niji said, flashing the bangle and ring on his hand.

“That’s excellent. As soon as the people of the Huyun clan arrive, and I get to study their talismans, I’ll find a way out.” Lin Mu said with confidence.

“You surely will. We have faith in you.” Elder Niji said with absolute trust.

‘Back to cultivation then…’ Lin Mu thought.


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