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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1274: Rich Wood Spirit Qi And Growth Of Plants Bahasa Indonesia

The growth of the plants in the Sleepscape was a pleasant surprise to Lin Mu.

‘I knew that increasing my cultivation base seems to be the key to growing the Sleepscape, but this change is quite big.’ Lin Mu thought.

After thinking for a few seconds, Lin Mu realized it might have to do with the Dao Treading realm itself.

‘The Dao Treading realm deals with the Dao traces and makes one comprehend them. Only be deepening our understanding can we progress further. In this realm we don’t need to focus on spirit Qi as much as we have to do on learning.’ Lin Mu pondered.

In short, the Dao Treading realm was focused on a ‘Qualitative’ gain rather than a ‘Quantitative’ gain though spirit Qi.

Sensing the increased Wood elemental spirit Qi gave Lin Mu an idea at this point.


He flipped his hand, and a pillow appeared in it. But what was important was the object that was resting on the pillow, it was seed.

The seed looked like a bundle of vines and was rather strange. But it emitted a rich aura that seemed to be hiding something great within. If anyone looked at it, they would never realize that this was actually a dormant beast.

“Little Shrubby should have some benefits by staying in a wood spirit Qi rich area.” Lin Mu reckoned.

He placed the pillow with the seed near the Purple Sickle Amaranth, where the Wood elemental spirit Qi was the richest.

Upon doing so, Lin Mu saw the effect.

“Just as I thought…” in front of Lin Mu, the wood elemental spirit Qi gathered around the Purple Sickle Amaranth started to move.

It was slow at first, but soon it became faster. A major chunk of the wood spirit Qi directly clumped around the ‘seed’ and was pouring into it.

“That’s good.” Lin Mu nodded his head.

He didn’t know when Little Shrubby would awake, but Lin Mu wanted it to be as soon as possible. He had been missing him for a long time now and would like to hear his grown and feel his fur again.

Letting Little Shrubby absorb the spirit Qi, Lin Mu turned around and went to the Spirit apple tree. There he plucked the entire tree clean of spirit apples, both normal ones and wood attribute ones.

He had come to the Sleepscape after such a long time that basically every apple on the tree was ripe. That was not the case usually, as a few were small and unripe.

“Now is the best time to use them. The faster I can grow, the better.” Lin Mu muttered to himself as he kept the wood elemental spirit apples while storing away the rest.

His spirit Qi cultivation base might have reached a point where it didn’t grow through consumption of resources, but his Body cultivation was not the same. As long as he had enough resources, Lin Mu could consume them to further his Five Treasures Realm.

“I may as well continue to refine my liver. If I refine it entirely, I’ll have a body comparable to an Immortal Ascension realm cultivator.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

This was the biggest advantage that Lin Mu had over others. He cultivated the path of the body as well as the Qi, giving him far greater strength and durability. It allowed him to go against those of a higher cultivation base than them and made him peerless in the same realm.

‘Considering this is an Immortal realm, the resources here might be good enough that I can fully refine my liver without needing a proper wood elemental body cultivation technique.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

“But for now, I’ll just make do with the apples.” Lin Mu picked up the wood elemental spirit apples and started munching.

With four or five bites, he swallowed the entire apple, whether it be skin, or flesh. The spirit apples had no seeds in them, so there was no issue for him to eat it entirely.

This was something that had stumped Lin Mu, as he had not expected for a fruit to have no seeds. He had even asked Senior Xukong and got the answer that the spirit apple tree was unique.

Since it wasn’t exactly formed from a seed beforehand, it had no seed. In all aspects, the Spirit apple tree was constructed by the Sleepscape itself. Even Xukong didn’t know if it really constituted as a plant or not.

But the other two plants in the Sleepscape truly were plants. This created a clear demarcation between the plants that were brought in by Lin Mu and those that might grow naturally here.

As for what the condition for natural growth was, Lin Mu didn’t know.

~munch~ munch~ munch~

Lin Mu continued to eat the wood elemental spirit apples and finished all of them in a few minutes. His stomach quickly processed them and different energies were extracted by his body.

There was attribute less spirit Qi, Wood elemental spirit Qi, pure wood energy as well as Vital energy.

The vital energy was converted to Vital essence and stored in his stomach, while the attribute less spirit Qi and Wood Elemental spirit Qi entered his meridians before traveling to his Dantian and merging with the ocean of spirit Qi there.

The last remaining energy, the pure wood energy, was instead channeled into his liver. It traveled alongside his blood, bringing forth rich vitality with it.

“Mmm…” Lin Mu felt a refreshing feeling combined with coolness in his chest.

Little by little, the wood energy was brought to the liver and started refining it.

Previously, Lin Mu’s liver was about ten percent refined. This was the culmination of all his effort from the past few years. But now that number started to increase visibly.

10.1… 10.2… 10.3… 10.9… 11!

It increased an entire percent in less than an hour. But it didn’t show any signs of stopping there either.









Only when it more than doubled and reached the twenty-six percent mark did the refinement stop.


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