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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1230: An Explosive Birth Bahasa Indonesia


Everyone that was in the Haima Tribe heard a loud sound that was like an explosion. Soon they saw a pillar of black and white light shooting out from the place where the sound had come from.

“What’s that!?” The people of the Haima Tribe wondered.

To them, a light pillar like this was new and scary.

But their shock was only beginning as the light pillar continued to ascend eventually reaching the ceiling of the tribe.

“It’s gonna hit the top!”


The light pillar directly broke through the hard rock ceiling of the tribe, making the entire area shake. A few moments later, a hole could be seen in the ceiling, the brown energy of the Earth Fixing Array visible through it.


A loud voice was heard by the people standing at the secured perimeter.


They then saw a person shooting straight up. Some of them quickly recognized who it was as well.

“It’s Noble Lin Mu! Look!” some shouted.

There was no one who didn’t know about Lin Mu in the Haima Tribe now. Right from the children to the elderly, they had all seen him at least once. They also knew it was because his help that they were having such a safe time during the Large Scale Chasm Beast tide.

And gratitude towards Lin Mu was growing by the day.

Elder Niji who had been watching it all was shocked as well. He first saw the opaque dome barrier around Lin Mu’s residence shatter and the light beam that appeared next. Then seeing that it had already broken through the ceiling of the tribe, he gave out his orders.

“WARRIORS! TO THE OUTPOST!” Elder Niji shouted.

Meanwhile above the tribe, Lin Mu had just left through the hole that had been made in the ground.

“What the hell is happening?” Lin Mu was the most confused out of everyone.

He had seen the egg hatch in front of him, as cracks formed on it one by one. At first, it was slow, but all of a sudden the light pillar shot out of it. Lin Mu was caught off guard and before he even registered it, the light pillar had already pierced the defensive barrier he had placed.

This was greatly surprising to Lin Mu as the barrier was tough enough to stop the attack of a peak Nascent soul realm expert with ease. Even Dao Shell realm cultivators would need some effort to break it.

It was the strongest barrier Lin Mu could make in that short amount of time with the formation components he had left in spare. Besides he didn’t think he would need anything stronger as he certainly didn’t expect a newborn beast to cause such a phenomenon.

But that wasn’t all as the light pillar continued without a stop even drilling through solid rock. It was at that time Lin Mu understood, that the beast in the light pillar simply could not be judged with normal ideas.

‘Just like Senior Xukong said, the constant injection of Beast Qi has made the beast a lot stronger than it should have been otherwise.’ Lin Mu thought to himself as he chased after the beast hidden within the light pillar.

“It shouldn’t be able to go much far now—” But just as Lin Mu thought the Earth Fixing array would stop the newborn beast, he was left speechless. “No way!”


The light pillar was unstoppable and actually broke through the Earth Fixing Array as well!

The rust colored sky could be seen through the opening the beast had made. The long light pillar started to fade at this point, starting from the bottom.

“Shit! This is bad.” Lin Mu could not think of anything worse to happen right now.

The Chasm Beasts were plentiful outside the limits of the Earth Fixing Array and a loud commotion like this was bound to attract them in droves. And now the Earth Fixing Array was also damaged partially.

While it could repair itself after a bit, the damage was still there and might increase the danger they faced. Gritting his teeth, Lin Mu leaped once more, passing through the crack in the array.


Lin Mu landed on the ‘mountain’ made by the Earth Fixing Array and searched for the newborn beast. It wasn’t hard to find as it was literally like a beacon in the dim sky.


All this was enough to bring the attention of all the Chasm Beasts nearby. Lin Mu’s eyes darted around, watching for any Chasm Beasts that were larger than a certain size. These were the ones that were equivalent to Immortal Realm cultivators and also the ones that posed the most danger to him.

“It came to a stop?” But just as Lin Mu was wondering what to do next, he saw the ‘beacon’ stop in air.

Instead of a light pillar, it looked like a light orb and floated soundlessly for a moment. Then as if it had found something interesting, it moved towards it.

“No stop!” Lin Mu saw the Chasm Beasts moving towards the light orb.

And it looked like the light orb was also moving towards the Chasm beast. But then in the next second, something wildly unexpected happened.


The light orb turned into two ribbons, one black and one white. The ribbons twirled around each other while also flying forward.

They directly shot towards the Chasm Beasts and before Lin Mu could even think of the next step, he saw the two ‘ribbons’ tearing through the Chasm Beasts!


The two ribbons were like an unstoppable arrow, piercing through tens of Chasm Beasts at once. But after reaching the end of the Chasm beasts, they actually turned around before piercing through more Chasm Beasts.

Lin Mu simply stood there and watched it with his eyes wide open. The two ribbons were shooting across the land, piercing more and more Chasm Beasts, killing all of them in one hit.

Even the larger ones that were equivalent to Dao Shell realm experts were killed.


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