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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1229: Uncertainty And Precaution Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu sat up from the bed and quickly took out the egg from the ring.


It continued to shake nonstop as if it would explode. Lin Mu furrowed his brows as he didn’t quite know how to deal with this. The behavior of the egg was not what a normal beast egg would have at all.

Lin Mu had read about a few strong beast eggs in the memoirs of the Lost Immortal.

This was an entry in which the Lost Immortal was traveling a vast sea. He chanced upon a small island there and found a nest there. Unfortunately for him, the nest belonged to a Dragon!

Just as he figured that out and wanted to escape, the solitary egg in the nest hatched. An energy, stronger than the Lost Immortal’s leaked out from the egg, making the man freeze in his steps.

And when he turned to look at the egg, he saw a moist head peeking out of the egg. The vertical slits-like eyes on the head glanced at him like he was prey and made him afraid.

The Lost Immortal forced his body to run and the infant dragon also rushed out of its egg. Breaking it apart, the infant dragon that was the size of a giant bull pounced on the Lost Immortal.

‘But even that Dragon egg wasn’t as restless as this… just how restless would the beast inside it be?’ Lin Mu wondered.

Thinking of the Haima Tribe people living nearby, Lin Mu’s brows furrowed even more. He left the residence and appeared in the yard outside.

“At least this area is still in the outer boundary of the tribe. I’ll inform Elder Niji to secure the area just in case.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

He took out one of the mirrors he had made and quickly sent a message through it. While the Haima Tribe people couldn’t use spirit tools, the mirrors Lin Mu had made didn’t really need spirit sense to control.

As for his current case, he was only sending a one sided message which would appear on the other mirror without the other party needing to do anything. Lin Mu didn’t just stop at this either, he quickly set up a small defensive perimeter around the residence.

He didn’t know what kind of a beast would be coming out of the egg after all. It had gestated for a very long time and it was certain that it would not be a normal snake beast. Even Xukong had told him so.

Taking the experience of the Lost Immortal as a warning, Lin Mu decided to prevent the beast from running away somehow. He wasn’t afraid that the beast would be able to do anything to him, but there were others that could be easily hurt.

While Lin Mu could forcefully restrain the beast, there was no saying if it would get hurt because of his strength. So it was best to use a lighter hand.

‘I don’t know if the beast would listen to me either.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

He had already intended to tame whatever beast that came out of the egg, but making the imprint would still need the beast to first be calm. And it certainly didn’t seem to be calm right now.

Lin Mu set the egg down and sat next to it, watching its every movement. He also tried to use his spirit sense to probe the egg and see its internal condition but found it to be the same as before, impervious.

Second after second passed by and Lin Mu only got more nervous. The Haima Tribe people living near Lin Mu’s residence were already ordered to get some distance away from there. Elder Niji had evidently acted quickly especially seeing the anxious tone of Lin Mu.

“Why were we told to leave our houses Guard Zuni?” One of the Haima Tribe members that lived around Lin Mu’s residence questioned one of the guards.

This was something that never happened, so the members of the tribe were very confused. From what they could see, there was no apparent danger either.

“I don’t know either, Elder Niji ordered us to do so.” The Guard named Zuni answered.

Many residents had the same question and they all looked toward their houses. The more time passed, the more confused they became. Some even wondered if Chasm beasts had entered the area or something.

The guards went to ask Elder Niji after seeing the growing concern among the people.

“Elder Niji, can the people return now? Nothing seems to be happening.” One of the guards asked.

“Not until noble Lin Mu specifically tells us. Otherwise it is dangerous to go there.” Elder Niji replied.

He was standing on the roof of his residence and gazing in the direction of where Lin Mu lived. There was now an opaque glassy dome covering the area, making it impossible to see what was going in within.

“But what is the cause of the danger? The people of the tribe are worried. Can we at least tell this to them?” The guards asked.

They weren’t minding the order itself, but rather the reason for it. If they knew the reason, they wouldn’t worry that much.

“I don’t know either.” Elder Niji shook his head. “Noble Lin Mu simply informed me that we need to urgently evacuate the people around his house since something dangerous might happen soon.” He explained.

“Noble Lin Mu said so?” The guard was surprised.

They had thought the order came from the Elder himself, but it was not so. The guard walked forward and looked in the direction of Lin Mu’s residence, noticing the opaque dome covering it.

“When did that appear?” the man was confused having not seen it since he was standing in the doorway before.


But then in the next moment, he was stunned by a short burst of light.


A cracking sound was accompanied by the light, surprising everyone. But the next scene simply left them shocked.


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