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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1227: Changes In The Haima Tribe Bahasa Indonesia

The effect brought on by the Earth Fixing Array was soon witnessed.


Lin Mu waved his hand and a translucence window appeared in the air. Elder Niji and Head Warrior Kulo were intrigued by it as it looked quite different from anything before. Then in the next moment, the plain white scene in the window changed to that of the outside.

“Is that the area outside the array?” Elder Niji recognized.

“Indeed. This way we can observe what is happening outside without needing to go there ourselves.” Lin Mu confirmed.

The Earth Fixing Array had basically buried the Haima Tribe even deeper into the ground with the new mountain on top of it. This meant that they could not see anything and there was only a faint light from the swirling runes here.

Elder Niji and Head Warrior Kulo watched the window and saw a few Chasm Beasts on it. These were the common Chasm Beasts that were small and were roughly equivalent to a core condensation realm cultivator.

They were like the ones that Lin Mu had killed earlier.

Currently, these Chasm Beasts were wandering aimlessly, but had soon come close to the border of the Array.

“Seems like we’ll get to see the defenses of the array first hand.” Lin Mu spoke.

Elder Niji and Head Warrior Kulo watched intently, not wanting to miss anything. A minute later, the Chasm Beasts eventually stumbled into the protected area of the Earth Fixing Array.


Several spikes automatically rose from the ground, piercing the Chasm Beasts. The process was very fast, and it didn’t stop. More and more spikes rose until the Chasm Beasts were basically shredded.

The array then detected that the intruders were dead, thus the spikes started to change. They first widened at the top, before joining and covering the corpses of the Chasm Beasts. Then they retreated into the earth, pulling the corpses with them.

Once they were gone, the ground looked as natural as always, with no sign that a few beasts had just died here or that hundreds of spikes had appeared. It was the cleanest scene of slaughter.

“Amazing.” Elder Niji praised.

Even Head Warrior Kulo was stunned to see something like this. They were worried a little upon hearing that spikes would be attacking enemies. After all, the appearance of spikes will make the area look ‘unnatural’ thus attracting attention.

This was the one thing they were trying to avoid. But now that they saw that the spikes were rather ‘smart’ they were relieved.


But then a few seconds later, they saw something else. Black dusty smoke automatically rose up from the earth where the Chasm Beasts had died. This was the same smoke they released when their bodies dissipated.

Lin Mu raised his brow, as he had not expected the smoke to be able to escape even after being restrained by the array.

‘Certainly need to learn more about them.’ Lin Mu thought.

With the little demonstration done, Lin Mu decided to return to the Settlement below. He needed to rest and recover after all.

“Noble Lin Mu, will we be able to watch the exterior area like this in the tribe, too?” Elder Niji asked.

“Yeah, I’ll make some observation mirrors. You should be able to use it effortlessly then.” Lin Mu replied.

Since the Haima tribe members couldn’t use formations, Lin Mu didn’t teach them the method of operating the array. If they could do that, making a window like Lin Mu did would be as simple as waving a hand.

But now Lin Mu needed to make a secondary tool for them to be able to do the same.

‘It shouldn’t take much though.’ Lin Mu reckoned.

After returning to the tribe, Lin Mu first recovered his spirit Qi for two days and then made the mirrors that he had talked about. The mirrors were simple and were made out of spirit glass that was inscribed with the linking formation that allowed one to use the observation feature of the Earth Fixing Array.

Lin Mu made several such mirrors just in case. Two would be used by Elder Niji and Head Warrior Kulo and a few extra would be kept as spare. This was Lin Mu’s first time making them and there was no saying if they would break.

Plus, the Haima tribe members were also using items like these for the first time, so there was always a chance of them making a mistake and breaking the mirrors.

With the mirrors in their hands, Elder Niji and Head Warrior Kulo now had the new task of watching them all day.

‘This is so much better than letting the scouts observe from the outpost. A lot safer too. We can prevent our people from dying.’ Elder Niji was very grateful.

In times of large scale Chasm Beast tides like this, staying alert was very important, thus they always had someone keeping an eye on the Chasm Beast. That was a dangerous job and only a few did it.

But now they could do the same thing while staying within the safety of their tribe.

The other members of the Haima Tribe soon got used to the Earth Fixing Array and its changes. They were told to stop expanding the underground area of the tribe for the time being and to simply focus on other tasks like growing food.

Besides, it was not like they could continue to dig with how tough the walls had become. A few of the workers who were working at the time of the Earth Fixing Array’s activating simply broke their tools.

The other tribe members soon learned about the new rules about what they could and could not do during this time period.

Thankfully there wasn’t much of a change than their usual life so they had no issues.

Now the only thing they wondered was just how long this Large Scale Chasm beast tide would last. From the past records, the period varied greatly between four months to over a year.

No one knew how long it would take and in the blink of an eye two months had passed since the large scale Chasm Beast Tide arrived.

In this time, several small changes had happened in the Haima Tribe. Excluding the new rules that were to be followed, the people of the tribes found a few new things to do in their time of ‘seclusion’.

But among these tasks, there was one that greatly interested everyone. This was the task of attending the class organized by Elder Niji.

In this, they would learn about the Chasm Beasts and how they actually behaved. While each and every person in the tribe knew about Chasm Beasts, their understanding of the Chasm beasts varied a lot.

Only the warriors and older members of the tribe actually knew about them in detail. There were in fact, many members of the tribe who had never actually left the tribe and stepped onto the surface.

This was the theme since many years ago, the Haima tribe members would be born in the tribe and die in the tribe without even seeing the sky.

It could be perceived as a very bad life, but over the many generations, they simply knew nothing else. Even the warriors who went out on the surface felt a lot more comfortable underground in the tribe.

But with the observation mirrors Lin Mu made, Elder Niji could now show the Chasm Beasts to the rest of the tribe.

Every day, they would gather in large numbers and watch it in a wide circle while Elder Niji talked about the beasts. He taught them the different sized Chasm Beasts and what their strengths were like.

But after a few weeks, Elder Niji had run out of things to teach about the Chasm beasts. While the tribe members still liked to come and watch the beasts wander, it was not that useful.

Even children had mostly learned about the Chasm Beasts now and some could even recite Elder Niji’s words from memory.

Instead of simply reverting back to their usual duties, Elder Niji decided to do something else. Under the books provided by Lin Mu, he started to teach the clan about the world of cultivation and the basics that one needed to know if they were to live in the outside world.

Elder Niji too learned some things from Lin Mu as he couldn’t figure out all things on his own and needed some help to understand.

Lin Mu found his efforts to be commendable and he could see that Elder Niji was definitely one of the smartest people he had met. While he might be restricted by his environment, the drive to learn was still there.

There was a reason why he was the one who had become the Elder of the Haima Tribe.

As another two months passed by, Lin Mu realized that perhaps he should take a different path in finding a solution for the Haima tribe. This was the solution for them to be able to cultivate and be able to control the spirit Qi and use Qi skills.

Of course, Lin Mu was still unable to come up with a proper cultivation technique for the people of the Haima tribe, but he reckoned that there was still something they could learn to do.

Thus, he taught Elder Niji the method to sense the spirit Qi within them and around them. This was one of the most basic exercises that compromised of a breathing method taught to children in cultivation sects and clans.

It was harmless, and pretty much anyone could practice it.


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