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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1161: Cloud Dragon Lift, And Battering Elder Gunkao Bahasa Indonesia

A stone shield had appeared in front of Elder Gunkao but was inadequate against Lin Mu’s punch, crumbling into fragments upon impact.

“Oh? You use Earth Elemental skills and spirit Qi too, huh?” Lin Mu sensed the earth spirit Qi from the man.

It was in a different state though and was a lot more condensed than him. But at the same time, it felt dull and mixed to Lin Mu. This was the second person he was encountering that could use earth elemental skills and spirit Qi like him, thus he was intrigued.

‘That petrification skill was of the earth element too?’ Lin Mu wondered if the man had it on him.

And While Lin Mu thought all this, Elder Gunkao had recovered and raised his hand high, summoning a rock hammer and slamming down on Lin Mu, who skilfully dodged it. Keeping up the momentum, Lin Mu stomped with his leg mid air and flipped, sending out tens of spirit swords to assault Elder Gunkao.


Even with the assistance of the sword intent, Lin Mu’s attacks were still being blocked, which showed the strength of Elder Gunkao.

Patriarch You Yi on the other hand had taken this period of respite to heal himself and restore his own condition.

It was at this time that Patriarch You Yi was contacted by patriarch Mingliang and was told to be careful of the petrification skill.

“Avoid that at all costs, I do not have another pill to heal that.” Patriarch Mingliang warned.

Petrification was a unique condition that could be inflicted by several methods, such as poisons, curses and even skills. While the method might vary, the end effect was often the same, causing the target to become rigid and stone like.

And depending on the degree of petrification, it might be on the surface level, such that it might just restrain a person. Or, it could be internal as well, causing them to die. The lucky ones might just lose their bodies and if they were at the Nascent soul realm and above, they would be able to escape with it.

But in the case of more severe petrification, it might even lock the nascent soul of a cultivator inside the body which had turned into a stone statue, and leave it to die slowly. It was a horrible condition and would be the same as imprisoning them in their own bodies.

That was exactly what Elder Gunkao was intending to do, as it would still keep Patriarch You Yi’s cultivation base intact along with his soul. It would be the best condition for the use of a sacrifice.

‘Can’t risk the same thing again, need to end this quickly.’ Patriarch You Yi thought as he took a deep breath.

Bringing his hands together, he touched them and spread them apart in a triangle such that only the tips of his fingers and thumbs were meeting. Then he twisted his hands with his thumbs as the axis and created a few runes.

Spirit Qi spread out from his body in waves as his aura rose rapidly.

‘Seems like I finally get to use it again after all these years.’ Patriarch You Yi thought as more smoke appeared around him.

The smoke started to concentrate and gather around him, and after a minute it had reached such a level that it now looked like clouds.

It was at this moment that Patriarch You Yi called out to Lin Mu. “Dodge now!”


Patriarch You Yi swiped up with his hands, as if he was flicking a wet cloth.

“CLOUD DRAGON LIFT!” The clouds around Patriarch You Yi rushed forward and twisted.

Turning into a vortex, they crashed into Elder Gunkao.

“What?!?” Elder Gunkao was caught a little off guard by this but still managed to erect a barrier around him at the last moment.


But surprisingly no damage was actually done to him. Lin Mu watched on in confusion, wondering why Patriarch You Yi had used such a skill. He got the answer after just a couple of seconds.

“Attack him when he’s at the peak. He won’t be able to move during that time!” Patriarch You Yi instructed.

Just like he said, Elder Gunkao was carried directly into the sky with the vortex of the clouds surrounding him.


The sound coming from the clouds was rather loud now and caught everyone’s attention.

“Is that what I think it is?!” A few disciples of the Long cloud sect spotted the clouds moving up.

“It’s the Cloud Dragon Lift! I can’t believe we get to see the peak signature technique of our sect today!” The disciples felt a little excited.

Cloud Dragon Lift was a skill that came with the cultivation technique of the Long Cloud sect. It was a complex skill that didn’t deal much damage, but was very good at trapping a person inside it.

The vortex formed from it would carry the target high up into the sky, even going up to a height of several kilometer!

But if this was all it could do, then the skill wouldn’t be much effective on those that could fly. It was the secondary effect of the skill that was the main killer move. The Cloud Dragon vortex formed due to it was full of turbulent spirit Qi that prevented the target from using any skills!

Even Spirit sense was useless, as it would simply be ripped apart by the vortex.

It was the same for Elder Gunkao as he found himself being sent flying without any control.

“DAMN YOU ALL!” He tried to struggle, but couldn’t get past the dense cloud vortex.

It was nearly a hundred meters thick at this point, and Elder Gunkao couldn’t even be seen clearly behind it.

And just when Elder Gunkao reached a height of over two kilometers high, Lin Mu was ready.

“That’s enough Patriarch You Yi.” Lin Mu said while in a stance as his hand thrummed with great power.

You Yi nodded his head and stopped the skill, letting Elder Gunkao fall.

Boulder Collapsing Fist: Third Form- Metal Sword Devastator!

Lin Mu punched out, and a ribbon of dense energy shot, illusory swords mixed with it!


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