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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1115: The Gu Legion’s Hidden Plane Bahasa Indonesia

The person Lin Mu had just killed was not wearing the Gu Legion’s normal robes, thus he was unsure of who the man was. But after seeing that the man also had the muddy Qi that would occur due to the pills of grace, he didn’t give him a second to live.

”So they also have core condensation realm cultivators here.” Lin Mu discovered.

The man who he had just killed was at the core condensation. Even after the information he had gotten from Wu Hei and Jiao Fang about the hidden plane, there was no concerned information about the people that were actually here.

The information was highly restricted and even the higher ups of the Gu legion might not know it accurately.

’Gu Yao has gotten careful with how much information is spread to his subordinates.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.


His spirit sense spread out and quickly started to observe everything. The first thing Lin Mu found was that the room he had come out of from, was just one of the many exhaust rooms. There were over twenty such rooms along the corridor here, and all of them seemed to be linked to another hall that was some distance away from here.

Along with this, there were many other personnel working here. None of them were wearing the normal Gu legion robes, though. They were a different design of robes and were possibly workers that took care of this place.

This entire area was actually a single building that was contained within a large formation array dome. Lin Mu’s spirit sense was restricted from leaving it and he realized that forcefully breaking it will trigger other alarm and restraining formations.

”This place is armed to the teeth… and secure too.” Lin Mu said after checking the formation array in detail.

”It is the headquarters of a major force, so that was bound to be so.” Xukong replied.

”Hmm… Seems like it was wise to be cautious. If I had entered from some other place instead of the node, I might have triggered the other detection formations. But since this place is isolated separately to keep the impure yin Qi contained, it prevented them from sensing me.” Lin Mu said after thinking for a bit.

”Indeed. Also, Little Shrubby might not be able to enter here, if it is like this.” Xukong added.

”Oh yeah, that’s right. It is better if I keep him out.” Lin Mu nodded his head.

Lin Mu closed his eyes and send a message to Little Shrubby using their link.

”You’ll have to wait outside, Little Shrubby. The security here is too high. I’ll inform you if I need you.” Lin Mu spoke.

”Alright! I’ll wait here. Call me whenever you want!” Little Shrubby replied without an issue.

Lin Mu knew that he wasn’t restricted from opening a portal, and could call in Little Shrubby from pretty much anywhere. The only issue would be the chaos that came after that would be beyond his control.

Lin Mu quickly made his way to the border of the formation array, which was also the compound wall of the building.

”This’ll take a bit of an effort.” Lin Mu said as he got to unraveling the formation array.

He didn’t want to dismantle or break it, but simply make it so that he could phase through it.

It took Lin Mu ten minutes before he was able to create a vulnerability in the formation array that allowed him to pass through it.


Lin Mu activated Phase and passed through the compound wall and appeared outside in the midst of what looked like a city!

Lin Mu immediately sank into the ground so as to avoid anyone seeing him. His spirit sense had already picked up on many Gu Legion members that were going about on their duties.

’Thankfully, this building was built on the periphery of the city, or others would have surely seen me leave.’ Lin Mu thought to himself as he observed everything.

He moved around and checked the different buildings and found that most of them were protected by the same kind of formation array that could prevent spirit sense from entering it.

Lin Mu spent about two hours wandering around and hearing the conversation of the Gu Legion members. These two hours were enough for him to increase his knowledge about the Gu legion by leagues!

He got to see several documents and records of the Gu Legion that were pretty much kept in open. Lin Mu only had to bypass the formation array to enter the buildings and read them.

Five more hours later, Lin Mu now knew exactly what Gu Yao had been doing.

”A Yang Qi pool… He intends to balance the Yin Qi with Yang Qi and breakthrough to the Immortal Ascension realm and directly reach the immortal realm?” Lin Mu felt shocked up reading it.

”Is… is this viable senior Xukong?” Lin Mu was at a loss.

”Hmm… it is indeed viable. Though it would have been the same as any cultivator cultivating spirit Qi. He is definitely using something else as a catalyst for it all. Simply Yin and Yang Qi won’t help him make a breakthrough to the Immortal Ascension realm.

After all, he needs to comprehend Dao Traces from a Dao Embryo too.” Xukong replied.

Lin Mu thought over it as for a few minutes, when it finally struck him.

”The invader!” Lin Mu exclaimed in his mind. “He must be intending to use the same method he used on the Dao Treading realm cultivators he helped breakthrough!”

”That… might be it. If it is a Dao Embryo that is already derived from the invader like those cultivators from before, then he might really be able to do something like this. But this also means that the Invader might be on a different level than we thought.

Even for Immortals, helping a spirit Qi cultivator rapidly improve is not a simple task. They would still need to comprehend for years on their own.” Xukong explained.


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