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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1091: The Unnerved Patriarch Bahasa Indonesia

The Sky Precepts sect had only recently gotten the information about the condition of the Ripple mist sect and it was utterly absurd for them.

”How can we have not known this at all? Where the hell is the patriarch!?” The patriarch of the Sky precepts sect almost yelled.

”I cannot say, patriarch. Though if I may assume, it is likely that we have been fooled for a while now. I cannot help but think that the Long Cloud alliance might have been correct that the Gu Legion is behind this.” High elder Han said in response.

The patriarch of the Sky Precepts sect went silent upon hearing this and no word was heard from him for a minute.

”Fine… I want a detailed investigation of it all!” The Patriarch shouted. “Not just the Ripple mist sect, I also want the information about the person who has attacked them!”

”B-but patriarch… there is currently no information about that person. We have already cross-referenced all that we could but there are not links at all.” One of the elders in charge of the intelligence gathering spoke.

The patriarch of the Sky Precepts sect did not take it calmly, though. “DIVINE IT IF YOU HAVE TO! I WANT IT BY THE NEXT WEEK!” He roared, shaking the entire peak.

The shock waves spread throughout the Sky Precepts sect and startled all the disciples that were present there at that time.


All the elders were wary after hearing the patriarch and knew that the man was truly infuriated at this point.

’The patriarch… reached Dao Treading realm?’ A few of the elders though sensed something else.

The one thing that was known about the Sky Precepts sect patriarch was that he was perhaps the only patriarch of the top ten sects that were at the Dao Shell realm.

And this was when he was literally the patriarch of the top 1 sect.

But this was due to the fact that he practiced a certain cultivation technique that restricted his cultivation base. This was what all had thought for the longest time.

’Did the patriarch really break through? Why were we not informed?’ the elders who sensed the power of the patriarch all wondered.

”We shall do as you asked, patriarch.” Head elder Han quickly spoke.

”The first elder has already been informed and he shall personally divine the whereabouts of the person behind it all.” Another elder hurriedly added.

”Hmm… I shall wait for the response.” The Patriarch said before closing his eyes.

Everyone in the hall left other than a couple of people that were personally trusted by the patriarch.


Days upon days passed and nearly half a month had gone by since Lin Mu had eaten the meat of the Glacial Shell Snail Queen.

Today, he finally opened his eyes as his body reached a new level.


Waves of frost emanated from his body as the entire outpost hidden in the mountain was covered with frost. Only the area taken over by little shrubby was safe as the heat coming from his body and spirit Qi kept it safe.


Lin Mu took a deep breath as he continued to cultivate. In the past fourteen days, he had let his body assimilate the energy from the Glacial Shell Snail queen and let his kidneys be refined passively.

Over the two weeks, his refinement level had finally reached the 99% mark.

But upon reaching this, Lin Mu felt like he had been obstructed.

’The final push will need all my effort…’ Lin Mu thought to himself as he forced his stomach to release all the remaining energy of the Glacial Shell Snail Queen meat.


Lin Mu’s body felt cold when the copious amount of energy was released by his stomach .

”Ugh!” Lin Mu grunted. ‘I can never get used to it.’ He internally thought as he let his body continue it work.

The stream of energy spread through his meridians and reached his kidneys equally, pushing them further on the path of refinement.

Lin Mu gritted his teeth as the pain only increased more. He had been feeling pain since the last week and knew that it was something he needed to overcome with sheer willpower.

Without a proper cultivation technique to further the body cultivation, this was Lin Mu’s best bet and he was willing to do whatever it took.

Time seemed to have slowed down as the cold feeling permeated Lin Mu’s meridians and froze the bottom half of his body.

He once again looked like an ice immortal, with his eye brows, eye lashes and hair having turned white due to the ice.

Lin Mu couldn’t tell if the time was even passing after a certain point, when suddenly…


He was woken up from his trance as a sharp and sonorous sound echoed in his ears.


An echoing sound was heard coming from Lin Mu’s body and even woke up Little Shrubby in the process.

The beast was a bit astonished, but continued to watch it all from the side, knowing that Lin Mu was at a critical time of breakthrough. Little Shrubby was also in a similar position and would breakthrough soon as well.

He was already in the Shell expansion stage and it was only matter of time before the Dao Embryo would condense for him. The same could be said for Lin Mu too as he was only cultivating in the Shell expansion stage as he needed time to form his own Dao Embryo and discover it.

Minute melted to seconds before finally, Lin Mu woke up.

”GAH!” Lin Mu let out another grunt as two stabbing sounds were also heard.


Lin Mu’s body recoiled back before the chilling receded back into it.


Lin Mu took a deep breath as he felt the newfound power surging through his entire body.

Looking at his hand, Lin Mu lightly clenched it, compressing the air and creating a jet that scratched the wall in the distance!


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