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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1078: A World Fragment Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu’s ring had managed to open a rift in the barrier of the Sacred Land. This gave him direct access to the Lesser void outside and also allowed him to see all that existed beyond it.

Originally, Xukong only intended for Lin Mu to bask in the sensations of the Lesser void and improve his understanding of the Spatial element. Till before, Xukong knew that Lin Mu needed to comprehend what he had on his own.

Thus, even if he had gotten him to check the void, it would not be useful as his perception would simply not be on that level. It was the same as giving an elementary school student the work of a college student.

They might be able to read the content, but they would probably not understand anything. It was the same for Lin Mu. Until he learned and digested what he had already been taught, it would not be beneficial for him.

But now, it was the perfect time.

Still, Lin Mu ended up encountering something he had not expected at all, and neither had Xukong.

”Is that…” Lin Mu muttered in surprised.

”It is indeed…” Xukong confirmed.

”The remnant of the Oceanic world…” Lin Mu said as he observed the large fragment floating in the lesser void.

It was bigger than anything he had seen before, and dwarfed the sacred land, with it being less than 1% its size. It was the same as an ant comparing itself to a mountain range.

The fragment was perhaps about a third the size of the entire Xiaofan world and was greatly damaged. A part of it was curved, like it had been broken off from a sphere, and the other side of it was jagged and crooked, with deep valleys that ran across it and a dark abyss the depths of which could not be seen.

But that was not all, as half of the entire fragment was covered with what looked like ice. It was a bit hard to see in the darkness of the void, but Lin Mu’s spatial perception at least allowed him to see the outline of the world.

Lin Mu’s spirit sense extended and spread into the lesser void, but was unable to reach the fragment of the world. It was simply too far. Its large size made it look like it was close, but it was not.

”What do we do now, senior?” Lin Mu was at a loss for words now.

He had seen another fragment of the oceanic world in the past, when he was escaping from the broken fragment of the sacred grounds with Jing Luo. But that fragment was certainly smaller than this.

Another thing was that, Lin Mu could feel strange energy fluctuations coming from the fragment in front of him. He didn’t know what they were, as they were different from anything he had ever felt.

”Hmm… you now have a few options to choose from here. You can either turn back and return to the Xiaofan world and do what you have been doing till now; you can stay here and ponder on the void, and improve your understanding; or… you can step into the lesser void and go to the world fragment, test out your luck and gain some fortune.” Xukong suggested.

Lin Mu didn’t answer Senior Xukong right away. Rather, he sat down and thought about it. He stroked his chin as several scenarios went through his mind. He knew very well what the dangers of the lesser void were and also knew how risky it was to enter it directly.

But at the same time, he also knew the potential treasures that could be hiding in the world fragment. Lin Mu had not only heard about it from senior Xukong but also the Lost Immortal’s memoirs.

After about ten minutes, Lin Mu made up his mind.

”I’ve made my decision… if I am to grow strong quickly, I will have to take risks. Without risk and effort, it would be useless to wish for greatness.” Lin Mu stated.

”Very well… you chose well.” Xukong was content with Lin Mu’s choice.

’If he really finds that there… I might actually be able to do something when that time arrives.’ Xukong thought to himself, as he too looked at the world fragment.

This time it was different, since Xukong wasn’t looking through Lin Mu’s memories, but rather he was directly peering into the void. His eyes gazed across the empty expanse of the void and went past an unknown amount of distance to gaze at the same scene that Lin Mu was looking at.

”At least I’ve reached a point where I can observe the void directly with this avatar… but it also means ‘that’ will happen soon…” Xukong muttered to himself.

Lin Mu was unaware of Xukong’s thoughts and was preparing himself now. He couldn’t just jump straight into the lesser void and needed to prepare some things.

He first returned to the sacred land and raised his hand while the ring hummed slightly.


Soon, wind started to churn around Lin Mu and was rushing towards the ring on his hand. He stood like this for about ten minutes and only stopped when the surrounding area had basically become a tornado.

”That should be enough air for a few months.” Lin Mu muttered.

He knew that there wasn’t really much air in the lesser void and it was spread around very lightly. Even if he didn’t need to breathe for several hours after taking a single breath, Lin Mu wasn’t free from breathing entirely.

He would need to take a breath after some time, eventually. And since he didn’t know how long it will take him to reach the world fragment, he decided to be prepared.

”If something truly happens, I can always open a rift and leave this place. Though the location might end up being someplace random.” Lin Mu thought out loud.

He then checked the area around the rift that he had opened and ensured that there wasn’t any chaotic space that would tear him to shreds.


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