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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1048: Suppression Bahasa Indonesia

Once the Roar came, the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Members, along with Daoist Hua and the five elders, felt like their world was shaking.

But this was merely the start of it all. Along with the roar came two auras. One of them was infused into the very roar itself, and was fiery like the fiercest of volcanoes. While the second was different. It was cold, sharp, and murderous.

If the first aura was beastly and represented domination, the second one was utterly terrifying and only meant to kill. All the people that were in the area felt their souls shaking. Even the disciples in the distance at the peak felt something change.

“Why am I getting this feeling?” Hua Er muttered as she saw the goosebumps on her hand.

Hua Yi and Hua San felt something too, shivering lightly.

“This… does not feel right.” Hua Yi muttered.


And just as he said that, everyone could witness a fiery explosion in the distance where the elders were.


The five elders witnessed the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Member who was about to reach them, being knocked away by a flaming claw. The claw let off scorching heat and if it were not for the Noon Moon Paling protecting them, they might have burned as well. The flaming claw sent the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Member flying while also injuring him.

His defenses were broken though and and his robes were burning now. The Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Member could not be seen due to the speed at which he had been sent flying. The senses of the elders couldn’t even feel it happening. Additionally, the spirit qi in the air was far too turbulent now, making it only that much harder to sense anything.


A rumbling growl could be heard coming from a small distance away from where the five elders were. Everyone looked at it and were stunned to see a large beast that towered over them all.

“The savior beast?!” The five elders recognized.

‘Was it this big?’ one of the elders who had seen Little Shrubby before could see the difference.

Little Shrubby bared his fangs at the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Members without fear. Even though he was still at the Dao Shell realm, he didn’t fear them at all. As long as he had his master by his side, he could go against anyone in the world.

“Wait, he’s not alone.” Supreme elder Hua Langya could sense the cold aura coming from the back of Little Shrubby.

It was clearly contrasting against Little Shrubby’s own, and as long as one paid a little attention, they would be able to see it too.

Daoist Hua was surprised at this sudden change of situation and was a bit afraid too. Not because that help had clearly arrived, but because he could sense something wrong with the help itself.


From the back of Little Shrubby, floated up none other than Lin Mu. His expression was still like the frozen seas and gazed upon the three Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Members that were left here.

“Little Shrubby, kill.” Lin Mu spoke in a low voice.


Little Shrubby instantly understood and flew away to the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Member he had sent flying earlier.

“W-who are you?” The Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Members left here were confused and anxious.

They could clearly tell from the spirit qi fluctuations that were coming from Lin Mu that he was merely at the Dao Shell realm, lower than them. And yet, they felt terrified of him. It was a deep feeling that came from within them. Even their Dao Embryos that were currently fused together were warning them.

The beast that had interrupted their attack too was similar and they felt a fearsome oppression from it, despite the fact that it too was at the Dao Shell realm. Still, their instincts told them that the beast could still kill them if not harm them.

But despite all that, the greatest fear they felt from was not from the fierce and dangerous looking beast. But rather from the young man in front of them. His still face was handsome, but it felt like the handsomeness of a devil that had come to reap lives.

“What does a brat like you want? Go away if you don’t want to die too!” The Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Members warned.

As much as they wanted to attack him directly, they couldn’t help but want to say this and see if he actually went away. Even though Lin Mu’s cultivation base was lower, they didn’t want to say that out directly either.

Firstly, they couldn’t tell who Lin Mu was at all. Anyone this young being at the Dao Shell realm was something that should be known across the entire Great Zhou Continent. Before they had set out on their mission, or even before that, they had been informed of all the well known experts of the continent.

This was so that they would know what they were to face. Especially considering they were attacking other top sects. They were bound to face such people. Additionally, Gu Yao wanted to get these young experts under his control too. He would much rather have them under him than get them killed.

And if they resisted too much, there was always the option of sacrificing them and their cultivation base in exchange for a new Reborn.

They would get the power of those young experts one way or the other. Resisting was futile against the Gu Legion and the Northern Tribes.

And yet… they were about to learn the meaning of that feeling today.

Lin Mu didn’t answer these men at all, and merely took a glance around.


His hair flew around as a powerful spirit qi wave spread from him. The very air shook as winds blew.. Lin Mu’s spirit sense spread around, revealing all the secrets they were hiding.


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