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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1043: Fueling Vengeance Bahasa Indonesia

The Dao Treading realm Gu legion member had turned pale after using his Dao Embryo and was visibly tired. He looked at his subordinates below and saw that barely ten percent of them were now left, the rest being turned to ashes by the Deep Blue flames.

“Dammit! We were supposed to win this…” The Dao Treading realm Gu Legion member said angrily.

This was the single biggest loss they had suffered in one blow ever since the start of the assault. All the others that had died were at least at the hand of an equal offense by the Noon Grass sect.

But this… this was all done by one man.

Though if the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion member were to know that several more Dao Shell realm members of theirs had also died under the hands of the same man that killed the subordinates, he would cry tears of blood.

Unfortunately for him, he was going to meet them soon.

“DIE!” Just before the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion member could recall his Dao Shell with his Dao Embryo, a cry was heard.


“GAH!” The Dao Treading realm Gu Legion member spat out a mouthful of blood.

He looked at his chest that was burning with pain, and saw a spear jutting out of it.





Several more cries were heard as four more weapons stabbed into his body. One went into his stomach, one to his spine, one to his lungs, and finally one to the skull.

Before the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion member could even react, his life was extinguished. Even his Nascent soul was destroyed at the same time with the power of multiple spirit weapons coursing through his Dantian.


The corpse of the man fell lifelessly to the ground as the Elders of the Noon Grass sect finally appeared. Their faces were red with anger and their eyes bloodshot.

“CURSE THEM ALL!” Supreme elder Hua Langya yelled in rage.

He spat at the dead Dao Treading realm Gu Legion member and looked at his fellow elders.

“Elder Pigu’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain, he finished the goal he set out to.” Elder Sun said.

All the elders wanted nothing more to shout, but they still had duties to do.

“Take the body of Elder Pigu. We will need to have the funeral later.” Supreme elder Hua Langya spoke.

One of the elders quickly went to take the burned and damaged body of Elder Pigu, that was lying at the foot of the peak. Storing it into his Spatial storage tool, he returned to the other elders.

The elders gazed at the remaining Gu Legion members with a cold look.

The disciples who were holed up on the peak had similar expressions too. They had after all, witnessed Elder Pigu sacrificing himself for them.

The other sects often thought that the Noon Grass sect was weak and was like greenhouse flowers, unable to survive in the true world. This was perhaps true on some level and Daoist Hua and other elders knew this.

The current generation was rather peaceful as compared to the past. Some of the elders had fought in the wars and knew how they truly were.

The newer generation had barely started to witness it after Lin Mu created the alliance and yet… they had not gotten the reality stabbed into their brains yet.

And finally… that was shown to them.

Maybe it was Elder Pigu’s goal as well, but that is something which went away with his life.

“Elder Pigu…” A few disciples said in low voice, their throats feeling as if they were being squeezed.

Hua Yi and his fellow juniors clenched their fists, their nails digging into their palm and drawing blood.

The lips of Hua Er trembled as she stared daggers at the Gu Legion members that were still left.

“KILL THEM ALL! LEAVE NONE ALIVE!” Hua Yi gave out the orders.

Then, in less than a second, the barrier of the peak was lowered as the disciples fearlessly rushed into the fray. They didn’t care that there were still stronger Gu Legion members left there. They simply wanted to kill and reap lives.

They wanted revenge! THEY WERE OUT FOR BLOOD!

The Gu Legion members were quickly overwhelmed by the sudden assault of the disciples and couldn’t even react. The elders of the Noon Grass sect watched their disciples fighting with great fervor for the first time.

“Elder Pigu might have given our sect more than we thought… he gave the new generation vengeance to pursue.” One of the elders muttered.

“Perhaps we might see the show of talent from many disciples… this should do them good.” Elder Sun spoke.

“Still… was the cost worth it?” Hua Langya asked, but none replied, for they knew the answer very well.


Another explosion was heard in the distance and pulled the attention of the elders.


They watched as one of the peaks in the distance started to move and finally collapsed.

“The third peak!”


The elders hurriedly flew towards it. They still had to support Patriarch Hua while the man fought against the four remaining Dao Treading realm Gu Legion members.

“HURRY! HURRY!” Supreme elder Hua Langya urged.

They knew that even if they were not a match for the Dao Treading realm Gu legion members, they still had to try and support the patriarch. Even if they couldn’t kill those Gu Legion members, they could at least take of some part of weight from their patriarch’s back.

Near the third peak that had just collapsed, a bloodied and skinny old man rose from the rubble. There were several injuries on his body and one of his eyes was gone as well.


Spitting out a few teeth he glared at the enemies in front of them.

“How long will you struggle Daoist Hua? Don’t you see? Your end is already here!” one of the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion members taunted.

“Never! The Noon Grass sect shall not perish to the likes of you traitors!”


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